Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Um, Hey Christmas Red...Your Pink?!?!? A Cupcake Post...

Me with my lil Wreath Cupcake...pardon the nails...=)

Well, my Cupcake class that I teach ever Wednesday at my local high school was quite interesting this evening. I had all my ideas all ready and my "Christmas Red" Wilton coloring gel all ready to be mixed into the buttercream and um made a little discovery. It comes out a pink....Has anyone ever had this problem before with using coloring gel or paste and not being able to get a vibrant red?!?!

After using half the mini bottle of Christmas Red coloring I gave up...the picture does not do it justice. It is in fact pink...

Let's just say the we were not supposed to make wreaths & santas. =)

My Santa and wreath..

Ergo, we made it work.  But my class had a fun time making the lil wreaths and there was tons of Awes for the Santa. 

Here is a lil Picture Tutorial on the Wreath...

Tips used: Wilton #106 for the white swirls & Wilton #18 for the green wreath & Wilton #5 for the bow & buttercream icing.

Here is a lil Picture Tutorial on the Santa...

I thought the santa came out cute but I think I should have added another color to the beard to make it stand out more. I wish I had black icing for a mouth, but I think it still works. I used the same tips from the wreath. 

I have two more cupcake classes to go...hmmm...I have no idea what I'm going to do next week!! =P

P.S. Thank you ladies for your comments on yesterday's post! I needed the honesty! Big Hug!


  1. thats so cool you make cupcakes, love these ones!! my friend on facebook came up with a ferrero rocher cupcake with hazelnut filling. maybe thats sonething you could make?? xx

  2. Oh yum those are so cute! I so wish I was more talented with baking!

  3. Cute! Although they're "pink" I think it adds a new twist to christmas colors :)

  4. Pink or red, they're adorable and look -really- good!

  5. I think the cupcakes look cute, whether pink or red! You still get the Christmassy feeling :)

  6. oeeh yummy!

    X Jenny

  7. Those are awesome! Great job..... they look very profesh. :)

  8. These are so cute!! I love the santa. I really enjoy decorating cakes but I don't have a lot of tips for decorating. Maybe that needs to go on my Christmas wishlist. xx. McKenna Lou

  9. These are so cute! Well done. I definitely need to practice my icing piping, I'm so bad at it currently and have a fear of the piping bag!

  10. The little cupcake wreath is so cute! Teaching a cupcake class sounds fun

  11. These cupcakes are super cute and so festive - love them!!


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