Friday, November 9, 2012

One Way to 27 Dresses & a Wedding!

I love how in life there is never just one thing you have to do in a day...Never. I have a bridesmaid fitting appointment AND a Wedding all in the same short little Saturday. Thank God there is Redbull. lol.

I'm the girl who has dreamt of her wedding day ever since I saw the first Disney movie princess wind up with Prince Charming at the end on VHS. All the color arrangements, the flowers, the people, the dancing, the dress, the glow, the...I can't wait for my wedding day. Well the dream is there, but I haven't exactly been to the most perfect weddings and I have one Bridesmaid Experience and dress under my belt & it was truly a scarring experience. That infamous tale of my cousin's wedding is for another day.

I did once go to a wedding, where the groom sang his vows to his lovely bride and the bride hand wrote a little note to her friends on the table card thanking us with a personally. It was beautiful. I'm hoping for that type of wedding one day and wishing it will be like that tomorrow. The wedding is for my friend Brian, the guy who accidentally helped Craig and I meet. I waved at the almost groom 2 and a half years ago in a crowded bar and Craig saw me instead. I'm so grateful for Brian to be in the right spot at the right time & not be paying attention. hehe =) His bride-to-be is a delight and even though she doesn't know me well made sure I had great time at her bridal shower. There will tons of old friends of mine and new friends of Craig's at the wedding. It should be a lot of fun...

But before the wedding bliss, I have to go try on Bridesmaids dresses for my best friend's wedding and I'm a not as excited as I should be. I blame my cousin's wife for starting me off on the wrong foot almost a year ago at their wedding. Let's just say, tiny dress shops have one size per style. If your not a size 6, you might be shit out of luck. A gorgeous dress on the hanger may not look good on you even though it looks good on the other girls or could look like hell on everybody. You are literally at the bride's whim. My extra anxiety is also fueled by the fact I had told my best friend don't pick tomorrow because I have a wedding...She naturally picked that day. Oh and her Bridesmaid reveal party was the day of Brian's fiancee's bridal shower, another day I said please don't pick. I give up sometimes...I really do. lol.

All in all I hope tomorrow goes off nicely. I can't wait to dance with Craig at the wedding. I love when he twirls me around...

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  1. Being a bridesmaid already sounds stressful! But I think there's a magic moment in every wedding, as stressful as the preparations are :)

    I hope you had a really good time!


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