Friday, November 16, 2012

Too Early or Too Late?!?! You Choose...


Holidays - Check!
Stress - Check!
Dress for the Holidays - Check!
Enough Points for a Free Turkey at Shop Rite - Check!
Actually knowing What, When, & Where I'm Spending the Holidays - Priceless

It is that time of year and honestly it blindsided me this year. Hurricane Sandy kinda swallowed Halloween and the first half of November blinked by worrying about how much gas I had in my car & what day I could go get more. I'm usually a little bit more prepared. Not this year. After tons of questions of what, when & where Craig and I were going & doing for Thanksgiving we have come to an agreement. We are going to my mother's place, which is actually across the street from me. Did I mention that yet? lol. Then we'll go to my grandfathers in the next town over.

This experience has taught me one BIG thing. There is a big difference between Craig's family and my family when it comes to the holidays. HUGE Difference really...

My Family:
 My family usually figures it out the week before or sometimes the night before. I don't have a big immediate family, never did, and we are very much in a weird space of time where it's okay if we don't see each other. Well, I tell myself it's okay that we don't see each other...but none of my cousins have little kids yet, & our grandparents are getting older so we choose sides & try to see each other in the Black Friday madness, sort of.

Craig's Family
Craig's family well...they planned the Christmas Day everyone will get together back in August. YES, AUGUST. We have to decide whether we are going to one house or the other for Thanksgiving in September. It's like taboo to go this long without knowing where your going for the holidays. Last year we got the Secret Santa names in early October. Frankly I think its too early and it drives me crazy! I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow night but I have to plan months in advance. I can't. Life happens, ergo you adapt. If you don't' give an answer in their time bracket, EVERY TIME you hang out with the family you are asked until that respective holiday what your doing. Ahhh!!!!

 {Movie - Four Christmases - Source}
But Craig and I have made some decisions and it's a breath of fresh of air. Whew! Finally. I think it's great that in our relationship we can work together to come to a conclusion too. Now all I gotta do is worry about fitting into that holiday dress...hmmm...=)

Are you an Early Planner or a Spur of the Moment Person when it comes to the Holidays?
I'd love to hear...

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  1. I would have to say I am right in between. We usually plan out the holidays about 3 weeks in advance. All of our family is driving distance so we don't have to worry about plane tickets so that makes it nice. xx. Lou


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