Sunday, November 4, 2012

Apparently, I'm an Even...

"May the odds be ever in your favor."
-Hunger Games, 2012

Have you ever wondered how authors get these crazy ideas for stories like the Hunger Games? Today I think I've stumbled on ways how an over-the-top thought of separating the world into districts and food rationing could come into play. 

Hurricane Sandy hit New York and the northern Eastern Coast like nothing I've ever seen before in my life over the past week. Trees down, driving under power lines, bricks being ripped out of the wall by the power lines, exploding transformers, and flooding up to your knees. There have been after effects that are truly boggling my mind. For example I never thought getting gas would be an issue. Water, yes...Non-perishable food, yes...Cash, yes...Gas, No. Waking up at 7am this Even day morning to wait in line for 40 minutes while my car's gas tank idled on E for 35 of those minutes was an experience I never thought i'd have. My boss joked on Thursday about how she remembers the Even/Odd Days of the gas shortage in the 70's. Well that is exactly what is going on now, 40 something years later. 

In my journey of self discovery I learned today that I am an Even Number and can only get gas on even days in this current gas rationing system. What odd information to know about yourself huh? Luckily I was able to fill my tank because I went to a larger station on the garden state parkway. My Aunt's gas station in the same county was only allowing her 5 galloons at a time after she waited for at least 40 minutes herself. If this was in fact the Hunger Games world I would definitely have put my name in the jar at the reaping for more than one ration of gas. 

No one knew how colossal the damage would be in this Frankenstorm Sandy but hell, this was nuts. I was really not prepared enough. I'm not going to become a paranoid every time there is a storm but I need to get my important information more accessible in case of emergencies too as well as fill up my gas tank. Oddly my mother bought me a safe deposit box for Christmas last year. I need to make better use of it. I think my social security card & my passport are the only things in there. That needs to change. I'm definitely going to keep more important information so I don't have to change every password under the sun just in case I have to evacuate my home. Hopefully this Nor'Easter on Wednesday won't be as bad. 

I am truly and utterly grateful to have gas, heat, electricity and my home on this Sunday night. 
*Knock on Wood*

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