Sunday, November 11, 2012

One My Way to 27 Dresses: Dress #2 Picked!

Me in Bridesmaid Dress #2@David's Bridal

Recap: I had a bridesmaid fitting in the morning for my best friend's wedding in the morning and my friend Brian's wedding at night. At first I was like, Ahhhhhh!!

Tonight I am definitely letting out a sigh of relief that this wedding & bridesmaid dress fitting weekend went off without a hitch! I wound up being stressed out over nothing and everything worked out great. Whew! 

First sigh of relief is because my best friend Helen picked the bridesmaids dresses on the first appointment. Thank you David's Bridal for having multiple sizes & styles and a full range of colors that really make the selection process easy as pie.The above picture is me wearing the bridesmaids' dress and honestly I really like it. What is odd that it's actually purple but is showing up as a dark blue?!?! Weird... But it fits, it's long, and it was only $140. Not bad. I am really shocked Helen looked at it and said, "Yes that's the one!" I'm grateful too. Her sister & cousins both like the dress too. It's a win-win situation all over.  Woohoo!! 

Also because Helen bought her bridal gown at the David's Bridal we went to they gave us $20 off each Bridesmaid dress. How awesome is that? I'll take any form of discount. What also rocks is that I tried the dress on in multiple sizes and the 14 actually fit perfectly. Maybe I'll be able to pull it off without having to pay for alterations?!?! Maybe!! 

Here's the outtakes & extra photos from literally the EASIEST BRIDEMAID'S APPOINTMENT EVER!!

This the Bridesmaids' dress in the wrong color. I tried it on for size...I fits me like a bell. Love it!

I really love the beading on it...

We tried on other dresses but this one did nothing for any of us...It was WAY too Poofy!

The other bridesmaids and the bride...

This is actually the dress chosen for the Maid of Honor but I'm not a big fan of it. It looks better on the Maid of honor tho. I'm too short to pull it off...

I do like the above bling on the maid of honor dress but I'll pass. I'm glad to just be a bridesmaid. =)

All in all I'm glad the 1st half of my wedding themed weekend went great and this part of being in my best friend's April wedding is over. 

Stay Tuned for tomorrow's post about the 2nd half of the wedding weekend. Craig and I's friend Brian's wedding. It was beautiful and awesome with tons of personal touches. Can't wait to tell all you guys!

  Until tomorrow...


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