Saturday, November 3, 2012

Please Come With Me... See What I See...

"I refuse to become what you call normal." 
- Alphaville, 1965

Hi everyone and welcome to the beginning of my little blog. I'm Chloe and it's so great to be here. I've been putting off starting a blog for ages now, but finally I'm ready to take the plunge. I can thank the adorable movie, "Julie & Julia" based on Julie Powell's blog as well as many other bloggers and magazines for the delightful inspiration. Thank you! So where to start? 

I’m your typical random 27 year old with her mind too far up into the clouds. Geez, I’m 27…that crept up on me way too fast. I have brown hair, brown eyes with a red & blue rim, and all throughout my life I’ve been told I look like Britney Murphy in Clueless. I’m obsessed with movies, reading, cupcakes, collecting old trinkets from tag sales & antique sales, concerts, meeting famous people, coupons, candles, writing and I am the queen of procrastination – just ask all the many projects I’d love to start that are lying and waiting in my studio condo. Yes, I'm lucky enough to own a studio condo in Rockland County, NY, which is smack dab between New York City, the Tv Show Suburgatory, & the New Jersey Housewives. I’ve even met several of those interesting NJ housewife ladies. I wish I could afford a bigger place or make my place a little more livable for me and possibly two, but that’s where parts of this blog will come in…I’m obsessed with coupons and don’t worry I’ll share my biggest tips.

I have a boyfriend named Craig and he is everything I didn’t realize I was waiting for in my life. How we met is a romantic comedy I feel I'm just destined to write one day. We are currently in serious crossroad of our relationship of 2 and a half years. In the next few weeks we are going to move in together and then who knows... We've reached a point of no turning back and it's either going to work or not, plain and simple... I never thought I would meet someone who tells me they love me every day without me saying it first. It's wonderful and I will fight for it...

So why the name Ergo you ask? Well, it’s my favorite word. It’s a Latin word meaning “therefore”. Life changes, therefore you have to adapt, even if you’re kicking and screaming or walking quietly on. Wow that motto is true & suiting for my life right now…I’ve had to change so many times I think my head is still spinning. My past is a thundering roller coaster of drama in every facet of life. But, I’ve been searching long and hard to finally find the true me I am inside and maybe just maybe I’m getting closer to finding out one day for sure.

Since this is the beginning I have no pre-determined plan but my goal is to write at least 5 days a week with a variety of topics ranging from cupcakes, saving money tips, randomness, struggles of my dieting, relationships, trying to stay sane in this crazy world and start building as I go. I hope you join me in my random ride through life. Have a great night, see you tomorrow! =) 

Title Quote from the song "Ordinary Day" by Vanessa Carlton

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