Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Essentials EveryOne Should Have!!!????

    I have made the pledge to make 2013 my year and one of my goals is to not feel less like I’m a total mess 99.9% of a day. I would LOVE to look like that lady in the picture but...I'm going to stick to attainable smaller goals. My car is a mess (I haven’t seen my backset in at least a year), I have one clump of my bangs on the right side of my head that sticks straight up constantly, when I hit the pillow at night I’m out like a light, and I’m really feeling the disadvantage of having a small apartment when it comes to actually finding my belongings. BUT alas, I’m making a list and checking it twice (Sry, I’m still not over Xmas yet) of Essentials people should have so I can cut out all the excess crap to feel less stressed.

This is not a new topic to anyone especially today on the radio station Z100 on the Elvis Duran Morning Show and some of their answers really got me thinking. It’s so hard to call into that station so I’m going to post my answer here on my lil blog. Everyone seems to have this re-occurring goal of getting your shit together sort of speak too so I thought a running list would be something fun and nice to do today before I unload a whole mess of drama that luckily isn’t mine on you all. (Remember my friend who texted me about her breakup a while back, well there is an update…More on that later…)

People called into the station & the hilarious folks in the morning show gave the normal responses of Little Black Dress, a trench coat, a good pair of sunglasses, an extra pair of flats etc, a sewing kit, an extra toiletries bag in case you stay somewhere etc… But besides the wardrobe essentials what are things a women really need?
1.       A small thing of Hand Sanitizer to Keep in your Purse
(Anyone see Contagion?)
2.       A Safety Net Amount of money in your Savings Account for Emergencies.
-          I keep 5,000 in a separate savings account that I don’t touch. It’s for Emergencies
3.       Bag Clips
-          I know this sounds silly but I use them on everything from bread to fruit to bags of hair accessories
4.       Feminine Products for that Time
-          Speaks for itself, if your a woman reader
5.       A Phone Car Charger
-          It sounds lame but this was one of my gifts to anyone in my family who didn’t have one. It has really come in handy
6.       A List of Every Credit Card &/or Bank Account Information
-          From Hurricane Sandy, it got me thinking. What if you lost that lil piece of paper you wrote your Kohl’s password on or you lost your card etc…I know you can just call up the company, but wouldn’t it be nice to NOT have to change your password EVERYTIME you pay your bill?
7.       At Least One Real Good Frying Pan
-          Speaks for itself
8.       A Default Every-Season Dress
-          The little black dress sometimes doesn’t work for every occasion or season. Finding a ¾ quarter sleeve dress or a strapless  dress where you can easily pair it with a cardigan is a must have.
9.       Have a Close Family Member have a Second Set of Your House & Car Keys
-          When I recently lost my keys at the mall I panicked. Luckily my mother had a second set of everything. Whew!
10.   A Romantic Comedy or a TV Show That No Matter What Makes you Laugh/Cry/Motivated
-          We all have our bad days…I feel it’s so important to have that one movie or multiple movies you can pop into the DVD player and it will make you relax and chill out for a lil while

 I'm still a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan...She kicked ass, it's oddly still motivating!

Okay, those are my essentials I feel every Women should have & some can apply to Men as well…

I'd love to hear!


  1. haha - love this! - i think my list would be lengthy - but gotta add chap-stick and stain remover penn

  2. I think I've got all of these down apart from an all-seasons dress - time to start the hunt! xo

  3. in my purse, i have tissue, polysporin/bandaids in a ziplock (for my accident-prone kid), a USB key (actually, 2), lipbalm and hand cream.

    in my phone, i have "sister", "husband" and "mother" listed. in case i'm in an accident, my ID is gone and/or i can't speak, rescuers can quickly locate my family to call them.

    when i travel, i keep a photocopy of my passport and all credit cards in my suitcase in case i ever lose them.

  4. Great list! I always keep hand sanitizer with me where ever I go!

  5. I love this list.
    It's all so true! I keep hand sanitizer hanging from my rear view mirror in my car. (:

  6. This is a great list. :) Mine is similar! Definitely hand sanitizer, totally agree about the savings and phone car charger! I guess I would add a camera. I take a lot of pictures on my phone but I always carry around my point and shoot. It's just something I have to carry around with me to just document! Odd? :)

  7. oh my gosh, i love buffy (and all joss whedon shows). i have all the dvd's and just put them on in the background when i'm cleaning up or doing stuff on the computer. so funny but glad to hear i have a kindred spirit!!

  8. oh, you're not the only mess around here! i always feel like i have a huge running list of things to do and can never catch up with it haha. but i like your list- especially the frying pan part!! i now live back at home and my mom has no non-stick pans and it makes me CRAZY. i hate adding in oil!

  9. You're not a mess! I mean, I'm a new follower but I don't think you're a mess. Great post! Thanks or sharing.

  10. A very good list if I do say so myself, I think you've covered everything!

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



  11. I need to make your essential list my essential list, it's perfect!

  12. these are so true! i have a small bag in my purse that i carry with emergency things- tampon, hand sanitizer, tide-to-go, nail file, etc.


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