Thursday, January 31, 2013

Once a Bridesmaid, Always a Bridesmaid...

Cinderella, 1950

I have a confession to make that I admitted in fast in my 52 Lists this week. I secretly want to be a Bridesmaid as many times as possible. I love trying on the dresses, going to the weddings, and above all I want to plan as many things for the bridal showers/bachelorette parties as possible. I really think it is from watching too many romance movies that I am addicted to everything wedding and true love. The 1st wedding I was in was a nightmare (I will tell this story one day), but this next wedding I will be in I get to actually have a voice in the planning of the bridal shower. I am so excited!!

From the first picture I'm sure you've guessed the theme...Yes, Cinderella. Helen has found her Prince Charming. I didn't realize Cinderella was made in 1950...WOW! This Saturday the other bridesmaids and I are meeting up to discuss possible ideas for the shower that is in late March. I'm so stoked that we have MORE THAN ENOUGH TIME to plan out some things and if needed have the DIY parties to complete little projects. I'm a big person for personal touches that scream the personality of the person so I'm sure there will be a lot of purple and a lot of cinderella-esque things!

I was always been a Sleeping Beauty Girl, my sorority name was even Aurora, but I dusted off my VHS copy of Cinderella and watched it in my old bedroom at my parent's house because they are the only people in the world who STILL have a VCR. lol. My mind is reeling of possible ideas... 

I saw this quote on a blog and I'm going to brainstorm around it... Here are some of my possible ideas...

- No one really knows people at a bridal shower so perhaps we'll have Glass slipper name tags or place cards?

- How about a Barbie/Dress cake? I could make the dress pale blue like Cinderellas?

- Photobooths are expensive so how about a Makeshift one with Heart Garlands or stars to be midnight in the background? I have a tripod I could use!! =)

- I'm going to see if Disney sells the little character sets of Cinderella and maybe if I can't make a dress cake have the little characters around the dessert trays? Especially the adorable little mice like Gus Gus?

- I have to rack my brain as to where I saw it but maybe have little drink stirrers that are magic wands like her fairy godmother had?

There is so So much we can do...I really can't wait for Saturday's planning session!!!

For those of you ladies that have had Bridal Showers or have planned them...

Is there Something We ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE at the shower? 
I'd love all any tip you'd like to share!

"So this is love..." 



  1. these are such cute ideas!!! i was watching real housewives and one husband gave his bride a set of glass slippers because she was his princess. it was really cute :)

  2. Little wish jars full of small silver paper stars. :)

    I love your ideas- so much that you're making bridal showers sound fun (something I've never gotten into). Have you ever considered doing this as a side business? You're good at it!

  3. Your ideas are amazing . Lol I was always a Cindrella of my own without a god mother ( well it always happened when Mum scolded me) .
    Glass slippers and blue dress would be enough I guess ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. Wow - how fun!!? I love the glass slipper name tag idea. I don't think I've ever been to a Cinderella themed shower before. Very creative.

  5. alcohol! - and GOOD food! - and a candy bar! - and no silly games!

  6. I think the invitation should say Bippity Boppity Boo, some fun awaits you, HAHA or something like that... that isn't too childish haha

  7. These are all amazing ideas! I am going to my first ever hen-party this May and I am NERVOUS


  8. Love these ideas! I didn't have a bridal shower - it was all a bit too much for me to deal with. This sounds like so much fun though. And I love gus gus.

  9. Ok so I've been bridesmaid 8 times (never was the saying always the bridesmaid never the bride more true!) and I can assure the best hen parties were the ones not too forced, just a group of girls having fun and being silly. Also you should watch The Slipper in the Rose, a beautiful musical version of Cinderella (I'm named after the leading lady, random fact there).

    Hope that helps :)

  10. chloe i love love love this, what a wonderful idea!!! :) definitely use glass slippers, and perhaps all of u could wear cinderella tiaras..

    games are important at bridal showers, and something lovely that my friends husband did for her, was record a video to be played at the shower. it was him asking her questions about himself e.g. 'what is my favourite colour?' and she had to guess. it was a real surprise for her and very funny for us!

    i love everything wedding related too. oh cinderella :) xxxx

  11. I have no idea what goes down at bridal showers etc as I have only been to one family wedding! Love the theme though :) xo

  12. Haha if I ever get married again you can be in my wedding... I don't really have girl friends so I worry I'll have no one to stand with me =-(

  13. Wow, I can't believe Cinderella was made in the 1950's either!! That's a bit surreal.
    Ronnie xo

  14. Ahh Chloe you are so sweet. Those ideas sound wonderful. I am so excited for you! I'm also a huge fan of Cinderella as well as 27 dresses ;) good luck with the organising!


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