Monday, January 21, 2013

Little Changes...

Side Note: When on Pinterest, resist the urge to click on that cute kitty picture or a wedding-esque will be there clicking for an hour or more...this is bad when your trying to write a blogpost. 

Little Changes can go further than the eye can see...

1. Christmas 2013 Saving - I know this mention is SUPER early, but I'm starting early. I tallied up my spending for Christmas/Hannukah/Office gifts and it was a lot of money spent over November & December. Well, how do I help my future self? Easy... I've been good so far with only eating out for lunch once a week, soooo Each Month I will be putting a minimum of $25 cash in an envelope labeled "CHRISTMAS GIFTS". It doesn't seem like much to save each month, but after saving for 12 months that is a total of $300. I probably will go over that amount next year...inflation sucks, BUT I will have a good head start!

2. Proper Salad Lunch Containers - Ikea "Reda" $2.99 for a set of 5 containers all different sizes. I purchased a set and they are awesome. Is it weird that I'm more motivated to eat salad if it's in a circular container?!? BUT, I will say that eating out of the biggest bowl makes me feel like a gorilla at a zoo...I will stick to the smaller ones. =P

3. Saying "Hello, How are you" to Others - At my job there are unspoken divides between sales reps, the accountants, the customer service girls, the client service team and then me who is a lil bit of it all, minus sales rep, being the only marketing analyst. There is a lack of communication between us all, but I've noticed my "Hello's" instead of the awkward half smile or pursed lip smile can actually go a long way. I've noticed people answer my emails a little faster, I can get post-its whenever I need them, and I even can put my lunch order on the accountants order which is like sin to the client service team. Who would have thought kindness would break the divide?!?! (*Insert Sarcasm here*)

4. Sleeping 7-8 Hours a Night- I'm a coffee addict, but the other morning I got up, did my mini work-out, got dressed etc...and walked out the door. It wasn't until about 10 o'clock where it dawned on me I didn't have my almost involuntary cup of coffee. My energy was up, I was conquering the world one email at a time sorta speak, and didn't need it. I'm hoping to grow out of the need for coffee one day at a time. =)
5. Quality over Quantity -  ASOS Leather Scalloped Edge Shopper - HERE 
I want to purchase this bag in the future...and I'm super proud of myself for not just putting it on a credit card. I'm going to save up for it. I feel like a teenager saying that, but it's all part of budgeting! =)
I saw it today on the blog, "Note to Self" here.

6. STOPPED READING DIET BOOKS! - I imagine some of you will disagree, but if I read one more book where it's someone who was never been overweight, or never struggled with a weight issue trying to tell people how to overcome the struggle I will scream. I would be more happy if they started out the books, "This  is how I maintain my healthy weight" but some of these books I literally think are just published so there is a book on the shelf, nothing more. Also, pictures are needed. I want to see pictures of the recipes, pictures of progress, pictures of hope, etc. Diet books have become textbooks...and sorry to say that is no fun for me.

7. Work on my Listening Skills - Worth it's weight in gold...

What Little Changes Have You Done So Far in the New Year? 


  1. I always get distracted on Pinterest! hahahaha

  2. nice goals!!! esp the christmas saving. we have a budget every month for gifts...becuase even bday gifts here and then can add up, so usually by the time xmas rolls around we have some extra there that helps!

  3. i love these goals...they are actually realistic and doable! the christmas saving is genius! and the hellos at work...i can definitely relate to that!

  4. i love this list. we hvae those ikea containers too... i love that they're BPA-free.

    i agree with you on the diet books... i've never read a whole one before but i have browsed through them when i was in bookstores... a lot of times, the information is so out there or fad-ish or vague. in my opinion, diet books aren't needed if you have google and the internet! i'm so happy that you're finding healthy eating and working out to be your daily energy source :) i wish i could say the same for me these days... i've been sick for nearly 2wks now, unable to workout because of stupid cold/illness and i'm DYING to get back to it! :(

  5. Seems like a pretty legit list there. I so wish there was an IKEA near me. I think I'd go crazy shopping there. Those bowls look perfect!

  6. #3 and 7 - those are big ones for me. I notice that when I say hello to others that seem indifferent, they're quick to warm up. A smile goes a long way, as does sincerely listening. :) Excellent post!!!

    PS- I'm going to try your savings plan.

  7. wow wonderful post, so many topics to pick from, lol @sounding like a little girl i guess that makes the two of us, i love saving too, in fact i got a big saving tin to save for the year but sometimes i go back stealing from it. I also agree with you about the diet books lol its sometimes useless, its the same thing like having exercising machines or tools at home and having a big size of burgers beside it, humm.. i understand that saying hello is absolutely beautiful it goes a long way, well done sweets lurv reading your post.

  8. I love your goals and they all sound like they will pay off if you stick to them. That's such a great idea to start saving for the holidays now. I've been making an effort to smile at people more and I'm also trying to get at least 7 - 8 hrs. of sleep a night. I feel so much better when I do. Good luck getting off coffee!

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  9. I love your Christmas saving idea!


  10. quality vs quantity is SOOOOO important - and i like ur savings plan - i'm doing a MAJOR savings plan as well

  11. What great advice for us all. Especially about listening more to each other. There is far too much focus on personal gain and not enough for the needs of others.

  12. Love that first image - so true! I'm starting to become a big fan of quality over quantity - especially when it comes to things like bags and shoes!

  13. I keep complaining that I need a vacation but never do anything to actually go on one. So I just opened a savings account and any extra money that the boyfriend and I have is going into our vacation account. It's so fun watching it add up and I cannot wait for the end result!

  14. That bag is sure pretty!!! xx. McKenna Lou

  15. thanks for your sweet words on my blog - we're so excited! great work on your goals! i'm trying to save more money too by also packing my lunch. and working out in the morning is tough, but always makes me feel better the rest of the day!


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