Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Birthday & A Few Things for the Weekend!

Taken June 28, 2010 the day Craig asked me to be his girlfriend...

Tomorrow is Craig, my boyfriend's birthday so I'm going to do my weekly links now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRAIG!!! He is turning 31 and honestly meeting him was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love him with all my heart and through the goods & the bads I love him with all my heart! =)

This week past in a blur, but I was mostly trying to get over being sick. I did make some Little Changes in my daily routine, which are totally paying off - Blogpost HERE  & I successfully made a batch of French macaroons - Blogpost HERE. I also desired my "Wish List" a little too much and bought the adorable Bear Cookie Jar - Blogpost HERE. Next week I'll be back full throttle! =)

If your snowed in or just have that extra blogging time this weekend check out these links!

- This very cool DIY Wire Love Ring by SWELLMAYDE. Perfect for Valentine's Day!


- I have never seen these before, Microphone Cupcakes, by Kick at the Pantry Door.

- A quick DIY Pom Pom Bookmark by Shakee Shakee

- A Gorgeous Mint & Gold Wedding on the blog, Ruffled. 

- Ooo a 52 week project I really can get into to! 52 Lists by MOOREA SEAL

- Beautiful personal touches to a lovely Baby Shower - from Jane at Our Life on the Big Computer Screen

- I need to make this for breakfast! Egg & Proscuitto in Toast Cups by The Soho

Have a great weekend!!  I'll be back Saturday with the EASIEST DIY EVER!!!! Well it could be named the LAZIEST DIY EVER!!!! 

Did you find any new blogs or cool posts this week? I'd love to hear! 


  1. You have a wonderful blog so glad I found it. I'm your newest follower. Would love it if you could follow me back :) xo

  2. Ah, the egg and proscuitto toast cups look so yummy! Happy Birthday to Craig.

  3. Oh birthday wishes for him and a lot of love for you both :) You look cute together .
    PS : Advance valentine wishes? Damn I can't go to fast ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. Thank you soooo much for the mention! I'm so glad you liked the cupcakes :-) have a great weekend and happy birthday to Craig!
    Ps definitely trying those prosciutto egg cups this weekend ... Yummy xx

  5. Happy Birthday to him from me! I just discovered your blog and really, really like it - keep up the good work!

    Have a lovely day,

  6. Happy birthday to Craig!!! And the egg and proscuitto toast cups look epic.

  7. Happy birthday to your boyfriend! Hope you have a great time! That is a cute picture! :) And those cupcakes are so cute! Thanks so much for the mention! I had a smile thiiiiiiis wide! Happy weekend to you!

  8. Ooh, I LOVE that ring! I have a similar one in silver from Forever 21 - wear it all the time!

    Happy, Happy Birthday to Craig! :)

  9. awww how cute!! happy bday to your bf. i love that ring too :)

  10. hope you guys have a nice weekend celebrating (and stay WARM!) that ring is so cute and looking forward to seeing your diy!

  11. Awww, this is such a sweet post! Nice job on the macarons. Those are really hard to make. I've attempted several times and only been successful once! Very cool! Hope you guys enjoy your weekend!

    xx. amber

  12. Happy birthday to your boyfriend!!
    Hope you guys have the best weekend ever!!

  13. Happy happy birthday to Craig! Have a sweet time celebrating and a wonderful weekend! You two look adorable together.

    Rowena @ rolala loves
    Enter my Shabby Apple Necklace Giveaway!

  14. Hope you both have a wonderful time this weekend celebrating his birthday!!! And congrats on the macaroons! I'm off to check those out now! ;-)

  15. WOW lovely post, january 25 ai also Daddy Lele B-Day ...... agree beautiful men.....

    xo from Italy, xo from Lelli Family

  16. happy bday to him! and those breakfast cups look incredible.

  17. What a great photo of you two!!! You both look over the moon happy! I have a few photos with John when we first started dating - you can't fake that kind of happiness! :) Off to check out your links and I love the little "love" trinket!

    Happy Birthday to Craig!

  18. What a sweet photo, Chloe. Happy birthday to your man!
    I'm off to check out Jane's baby shower.. :)
    Ronnie xo

  19. That is such a sweet photo of you two. Btw: happy birthday to your boyfriend, darling! Hope you both had a wonderful weekend:) xoxo

  20. The pom-pom bookmark is actually pretty cool! Hmmm. I may make one of those someday...or at least make them for someone else? You could also turn them into sort of a "flower" bouquet as well. I have tons of mason jars and such sitting around, and a handful of those would look good in a jar like that. Also, that wedding on Ruffled is gorgeous! I love the gold. Her dress is so stunning. I love things with color. Anyway, happy birthday to Craig! (He's the same age as my brother.) I hope that you guys did something special to celebrate.


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