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My [Untitled] Short Story or Novel...PART II

{It's crossed my mind that I will never get my feet off the ground if I don't get these ideas out of my head and onto paper or onto this lil blog of mine. This is a story that has been in my "Saved" documents as "New Story" for months...If I have deadlines I will write more...Please join me every Sunday as I continue my tale...}

 To Read the 1st Installment Click Here: PART I

Darien forgot to use his mind tricks on her, but gratefully didn't have to use them. He stared at her big brown eyes clouded with lust and her kiss plumped lips almost in agony. He reached up to caress her warm cheek, which she moved into like a cat begging to be petted. He opened his mouth to speak, but Molly interrupted him.

"Darien, let's go to my place. We can talk there. It's almost midnight too and the snow should be coming down harder now. Please, come home with me. I want to be with you tonight." Molly smiled meekly & quickly looked down at her feet, attempting to hide her desperation. Darien was the first guy she liked in a long while. She hoped he wasn't married. 

Darien bit down on his lip to remind himself of his responsibilities, but alas he was too tired of running anymore. The years were killing him slightly with each tick of the minute hand. It was just a silly song, she couldn't possibly know. He was too fine toned at his existence to reveal too many cracks. He had a week left to live. Molly would do nicely to complete this path. 

"Okay, baby. Let's go before you get any colder." Darien gave in. Molly looked up and smiled brightly. She let out a shaky breath of emotions, but then pretended to shiver due to the cold to cover up her anxiety. As Darien helped her into her coat, her brain began running a marathon of possibilities of his awkwardness. "He must have a kid, he must be married, he's in debt, he has a job right?" she thought to herself. 

Darien crooked his elbow out to her like an old time movie, and kissed the top of her forehead over her furrowed lines. "Stop worrying, cupcake." He said. A shiver ran over her at his cold lips. "Maybe he has bad circulation," she thought. 

The couple walked out of the little lounge bar to a coating of fresh snow blanketing the mini mall parking lot. The snowflakes came down softly but it was only a matter of time before the forecaster predicted the storm. They had seen the update in the bar part of the lounge moments before Molly sang. 

Darien beeped his camry unlocked and opened the door for Molly to get in first. His gentlemanly touches were not unnoticed by Molly. It made her chest hurt over her heart for a moment at the looming talk approached. He's perfect, flashed into her mind. He closed her door and through the tinted windows she saw him wink at her. The aroma of vanilla sugar flooded her nostrils as he left her sight. She looked briefly around the car for the little tree he must have hanging but it wasn't in sight. Darien opened his door, got in, and began swiveling around his ipod. "I'm going to take the boulevard. What would you like to hear, Molly? I got tons of stuff on here." 

Darien turned the car on, waiting for her answer. "Um, hmmm...Surprise me!" She said lightly, leaning in to give him a brief kiss on the cold cheek. His lips curled into a half smile, and said, "Alrighty. I got a great cover of a song, don't look." Molly smiled back at him. 

Right away she knew the song that boomed from his speakers, but the artist was unbeknownst to her. The telltale claps and beat was unmistakable. A female singer began to sing her favorite childhood song, "I think we're alone now."

"Oh, I know this! But who is this singing? It's darker, I like it." Molly asked. 

"It's by The Birthday Massacre. Ever hear of them?" Darien replied. 

"No. The lead singer has an awesome voice." 

"Yeah, she's pretty cool. They're called Bubblegum goth pop." Darien shrugged his broad shoulders. "I have no fucking clue what that means." He laughed towards her. 

"Haha, Okay." Molly laughed too, grateful for the lightened air. Darien began to drive out of the lot towards her apartment. Molly hummed the tune, and tried not to run her hands through hair anxiously. She hated driving in snow. It never was kind to her. It an ongoing battle each year in New York. "Shit, Darien. It's starting to really come down. Whew! Thank God I'm not far." 

"Yeah. It's just snow, babe. No worries. It's a pest, but it'll be gone before you know it. It always leaves when you've had enough of it." Darien commented. 

"True." She loved how Darien spoke in riddles and metaphors sometimes. It's like he's an old man trapped in a 27 year old's body. This must be what an old soul is like. He must have the oldest. 

The stop light before her apartment hung ahead shining red. Darien leaned over to her and sang in his low sexy voice, "The beating of your heart is the only sound." He kissed the corner of her mouth teasingly. 

Molly pulled back, smirking, and retorted, "Um excuse me, Mr. self-proclaimed Karoke Champ, who wouldn't even sing for me tonight, that's the wrong lyrics. It goes, 'The beating of OUR hearts is the only sound.' Hmmm? What do you have to say for yourself"

Darien clenched his hands on the straightened stirring wheel and without looking at her said, "You so sure about that Molly? You sure your heart isn't the only one that's beating?" Darien's smile was gone and he stared blankly at the now green light. 

Molly giggled nervously at his sudden change of tone she still couldn't place and said meekly, "Sorry. I'll look at the lyrics when we get to my place. I could be wrong..." She paused and then really thought about what he said. Her smile faded to nothing and the pain in her chest piked sharply. "Wait...What? Say that again?" 

Darien closed his eyes tight before he started moving the car again, hunched his shoulders up and let out a strained breath he was holding. "We have to talk, Molly. Now or never."

- To be Continued...


  1. What?! One week to live?! You can't leave me hanging!!! :)

  2. Not Fair!!! I tease I tease. It's actually a heck of a story-telling device, the ole cliffhanger. I can't wait to find out what happens. Molly and Darien are fascinating characters :)

  3. oh my goodness!!! so so so good!!

  4. You know how to spin a compelling tale Miss Chloe! Looking forward to more!

    Rowena @ rolala loves


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