Monday, January 7, 2013

Being the Biggest Loser Out There...

Just a few snapshots of my effort to eat healthy...I really love almonds...

In my efforts to be healthy and make better food choices I finally bought a scale today. I'll admit I'm scared to go on it tomorrow morning. The holidays  it me hard and from running here and there I've had more fast food than I am physically comfortable with having. But, I started my weight loss/healthier life journey a few weeks ago before the January 1st start date so I'm hoping for a good number on the scale.  

As a routine type person, I've been so excited for January because the cookies exchanges are gone, I'm actually home at night so I can cook my dinners, and the tasty aroma of a traditional holiday dishes has finally left my nostrils. Also, I don't want to see a turkey or a ham for at least a month or two... Additionally I've been looking for motivation to keep going on this journey and not fall into "I'm too tired today" or the "I'll start again tomorrow" and my personal favorite vice, "I'll do an extra hard workout next time."

One of my biggest motivators besides all of your amazing comments and photo proofs of results, is the TV Show "The Biggest Loser". There is a new season that started today or yesterday? It hurts to see someone upset that they only lost 9 pounds in a week for fear of elimination when they should be happy, but I love seeing the beginning of the episodes where the trainers really get inside the heads of the contestants and truly see how to help these people out. Be it fear, comfort zones, or lacking confidence too many times I, myself and others have said, "Yup...I've been there."

In tonight's episode Jillian motivated a woman that I'm not sure her name yet to keep going because as  a trainer people aren't inspired by her yelling and screaming, no the viewers are inspired by the contestant's progress, determination, and will to succeed. That is absolutely true. I wish them all the luck in the world this season. 

I've been also watching the Zumba informercials because you can see the drive in those people to succeed. There is something called the Insanity workout too and the infomercial is crazy motivating. 

This is a photo of me last week on New Year's Day.  Pardon the spotty mirror... =)

I hope to one day have the pants I'm wearing in that photo be loose. It's a small goal that has nothing to do with numbers, but real seeable & tangible proof.

What are your Fitness/Health Goals this Year? 

Everyone wants to lose 10 pounds or so, but honestly do you have a pair of pants you'd like to get back into? Are you a thinner person but realizes that you don't eat healthily? Also, Why do you want to lose the weight? What's your motivator...

I'd love to hear. =)


  1. I want to stop looking pregnant.

  2. i'm going to send you a huge email about this and the steps i took to go from a size 8/10 pants to a size 2. i did it the healthy way (clean eating and exercise only).

    while the biggest loser is great at promoting a healthy lifestyle, keep in mind that the folks on this show are in the gym up to SIX HOURS A DAY and have all of their meals and workout plans catered to them... they just have to eat properly and exercise but the trainers are there with them. they do this to compress the timeline so they are eating thousands of calories because of their gym time. no one has that kind of time (who isn't on the show) so expect results like theirs not to be in a few weeks but up to a year... that's how long it took me to get back into a size 2.

    anyway, i'm thrilled that you're on this journey!!! if you need a support buddy, let me know. i started my journey last year january 1 and still going strong!!

    email is on the way :)

  3. forgot to answer your question:

    fitness goal for 2013: get a bit more definition in my abs then do my boudoir photoshoot :)

  4. fitness goal is to build more stamina so i don't tire out easily and get rid of some flab! also hopefully working out will also translate into me having better posture. i look like the hunchback of notre dame most of the time.

  5. and good luck to you on your fitness/health journey!

  6. Good for you! I wish I could say I'm doing okay health wise, but truth is, I never lost all my pregnancy weight and I weigh 15lbs more now than I did when I got pregnant.

    I try to eat healthy but I really slack on the exercise. Bah.

  7. I think that when you feel incredible, you radiate incredible-ness to everyone around you. When I'm healthy and fit, it translates in my personality; when I feel blah in my body that's obvious in my personality, as well. I suppose that's my main motivator for staying in shape and eating healthy. :)

  8. the best workout videos i've found are jillian michaels! she's a great motivator and doesn't let you quit.

  9. I love the Turbo Fire Videos. They are so motivating. I am so proud of you for having such great health goals. I really need to get to the gym again today. I feel like I am in a slump. This post was very motivating for me. xx. McKenna Lou

  10. Good luck, darling! I know you can do it. My workout is pretty much about swimming and I just started to run again - which is a big deal for me as I am not a fan of running - giggle. Happy New Year, darling. xoxo

  11. I really need to start doing this in 2013 too...thanks so much for the much-needed inspiration!

  12. I told my coworker to make me a fitness schedule. I don't mind my curves but I'd like them in the right places, lol.

    Good luck lady!

  13. I want to keep dancing to get more toned. And I love dancing, so that shouldn't be too hard! ;-)
    Good luck on your journey to healthier living!

  14. That is a wonderful goal Chloe!
    Ronnie xo

  15. I want to have a steady work out schedule. Aswell as use the personal trainer program at my school. anyways, you got this girl!


  16. You go, girl. Those are awesome ways to motivate yourself. I totally dig the Biggest Loser, too. It's one of my favorite shows. And I'm so glad that Jillian's back. Not gonna lie, she totally scares me and she's the biggest intimidator, but she can also be super sweet and and becomes such good friends with the contestants. And she helps produce major results. I like your idea of "no numbers" just "physical evidence." That's a good way to think of it. Working out produces muscles, which weigh more than fat. Numbers aren't always accurate in terms of how fit you are. And I have a goal to get back into the jeans I wore when I was first married. I'm just a few sizes up, but I tried them on the other day and my hips went numb, haha. I got some more work to do.

  17. You can do it! What worked for me is the "working out for ME" mentality.Focusing on doing it for no one else but Me. Eating what you want in moderation. I incorporated weights with cardio, plus cut my dairy intake in half. It helped me. Good luck!

  18. I think you're beautiful just as you are but at the same time I can totally relate. As much as I'd like to say that my "health" is a motivator (and as much as I'm suppose to say that when I'm coaching people) my biggest motivator at the moment is vanity. Why lie?! :D

    The insanity work out is harddddd (which is why I stick to a light jog, lol) but you are young so it will be easier for you! Supporting you all the way!

    PS- check out Sunshines Journey on FB

    She is extremely motivating!

  19. Keep at this journey!

    I had my son two years ago and lost all of the baby weight within a few months after by being busy and practically starving myself. Needless to say, it was an unhealthy way to lose weight and I ended up gaining it back, depressing!!!

    I want to lose this weight to fell better about myself, prove to myself I CAN do it the RIGHT WAY, and to have more energy to be the best mom/daughter/partner/friend/coworker/etc. that I can and should be :)

  20. I mostly just want to be more toned, that's my health goal this year. It's too stressful for me to focus on losing weight (besides, muscle weighs more than fat anyway!), and for myself I feel like that's not the aim I should strive for.

    This is a great goal--you can do it! I hope this is the year for everyone, the year when everyone can become who they want to be.



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