Tuesday, January 29, 2013

52 Lists...Week 4

I'll admit it, I've already failed one of my resolutions. I hoped to take a picture everyday, but alas I stopped halfway through the month. I kept thinking my camera in my pocket was my phone, I kept leaving my camera at work/home, and it caused me more stress to take a good picture. I gave up. But I've been on a roll with trying new things, like my french macaroon making & my savings, so I knew deep down I had to replace the picture goal with something else. 

The very talented lady at the blog, MOOREA SEAL, is coming up with 52 Lists as a yearly project. Each week there will be a new category/question/list to do. I immediately fell in love. You awesome readers know that I love sharing information about myself to try to somehow give you a real idea of who I am in my little world and I think this is a great structured (Sorry guys I have major ADD when it comes to my blog) way to convey the inside scoop on my inner thoughts. Also I get to write with a pen...not a computer stylus pen, BUT a real life click the top pen. * My heart is dancing with glee*

My Week 4 list (Yes, that's my handwriting) : List your Current & Future Goals & Dreams

There is one thing that I wish never to forget how to do. It's hand-writing. I unashamedly love my handwriting. When I was younger, when computers were still only in really rich people's houses, before Windows 95, I had to write pages and pages of penmanship and cursive in school. My favorite letter to draw was a cursive S. I had to write all my essays, book reports, letters (yes, letters), and all my little notes. It was my favorite past time. I still can't part with some of the pages. I love my handwriting so much Craig let me be the official Card Signer in the relationship! hehe... Silly I know, but I wear that badge with pride. 

Here are a few things off my Week 4 List... 

- I hope to finish and publish my zombie novel
- Travel to Paris
- I want to learn how to speak fluent conversational Spanish
- I want to be a Mom one day
- I secretly want to be a bridesmaids as many times as possible
- I hope to keep an open mind always
- I want to meet as many people as I can from all over the world.
- I hope to take dance classes again in the future...
- I hope to be Craig's wife one day
- I hope to be healthy & fibroid free
- I hope I always have the ability to love...
- Maybe one day I hope to get a Master's Degree
- I would love to be in a movie
- I hope to keep this lil blog as long as possible and be true to myself always in my posts. 
- I want to walk down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
- I hope to be the best Cupcake Decorating Teacher I can be
- Land a job that will make me happy and have the chance to come home and say "I'm proud of my work today" 
-  I hope I will always make my mother proud =)

I can't wait until next Tuesday for a new list! 

Linking up with MOOREA SEAL
Go check out her blog for past lists and see if you want to join in on the fun! =)

I'd love to hear...


  1. What a cool idea, thank you for sharing! I love your list, especially the bridesmaid goal- that made me smile. :)

  2. I love the list and I LOVE that it's hand written :)

  3. What a cool idea. Looking forward to reading your lists!

  4. Yay to being the official card signer (so cute)! I used to love writing but somewhere along the way my handwriting became really really horrible. I recently had to write about 40 thank you cards and oh boy... I was worried that people wouldn't be able to read what I wrote! But yours is lovely~ so neat!

  5. beautiful list!! i think the list idea is awesome too.

  6. I love this list! It was so fun learning a little bit more about you. xx. McKenna Lou

  7. you should definitely spend time in paris! its so beautiful and not too expensive!

  8. I love Moorea's project too, so glad to hear you're doing it!! Love your list :) :) :) Audrey - This Little Street

  9. What a lovely idea. It keeps you in tune with yourself, and it helps us get to know you a little better. I'd say that all of your goals are definitely possible; don't give up on yourself, and you can definitely accomplish things. And your handwriting is quite lovely. I have weird writing ... it is hard to describe. I don't write in cursive anymore (though I used to all the time), but I keep the "curlies" with letter. I loved writing the letter "s" too! My favorite, however, was probably "z." Didn't get used very much, but it still had some nice loops. My least favorite? "v." Had to be "v."

  10. What a fun list... I need to write out a list myself, I find myself veering off course a little bit these days.

  11. My post today is about "resolutions" too. I love your list. I'm a pen and paper person too. I have to check out the blog you talked about.

    Happy New You! (referring to my post...and yours)

  12. i'd love to go to Paris as well! and it's so cool that you teach cupcake decorating! great list!

    haley @

  13. it's a lovely list! :) I totally forgot to include that I hope to keep my blog as long as possible as well. at least I want to see my first blogoversary for now. good luck with your dreams and goals!

  14. this is such a great idea. i would love to write a novel or book of some kind. im waiting for inspiration for a story to strike xxxx


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