Tuesday, February 5, 2013

52 Lists: Week Five...List What You Are Grateful For...

Me Writing my list...

Once again I'm linking up with MOOREA SEAL to give you this week's list. Here is my Last Week's List: Week 4. For Week 5, she chose "List What You Are Grateful For" this week. From the turning points that my life is right now, this is exactly what I wanted to write about in my journal. I started my journal about a year ago but like way too many other things lost flavor...from the lists and somehow actually remembering to bring my journal with me to work I find myself writing more and more. It's a feeling I'm grateful for...

Snippet of My Week 5 List

I could write a novel about how grateful and lucky I am to be living my little life, but I'll share with you all a few lines...

I'm grateful for...

- Finding love, real shoot for the stars, crazy love
- My family, especially my parents. If I didn't have my Mom and Dad didn't help me out I wouldn't have been able to get my condo and for my Mom always getting me a pizza dough when she is at the  bakery.
- My last job. They allowed me to work Part-time so I could finish up my Bachelor's in Mathematics degree. It was the break I needed and I still let my previous bosses how grateful I am.
- My patience. I think I should have gone crazy years ago...
- Having friends that pick up the phone every time I call, even if it's at 2am 
- Having the chance to meet and remember my two great grandmothers. They were feisty women. One 100% Dominican and the other 100% Italian. I knew them until I was 8.
- My memory. There are things I just can't and will not forget. 
- The ability to see outside the box. I struggle with it, but when it works, I'm ever so grateful.
- My lil life. I'm grateful that I'm 27 years old with the whole world in front of me with all the chances the eye can see.
- That I see the glass as half full. 
- That I had some teachers in my pretty much 19 years of schooling that cared about really teaching their students. Some of them were the best!
- That my grandmother got to teach me how to play the piano.
- I'm grateful that my family says "I love you" every time I see them or leave them. 
- All of you AWESOME READERS!!
- That tomorrow is always a new beginning. =)

My List Continued...

What are you Grateful for?
I'd Love to hear...

If you like these lists please check out Moorea Seal's Lists and join in on the fun! =)


  1. we need to do this with our daughter. i'm starting with, i'm grateful for my little home. thank you posting!

  2. What a great list. I need to do this everyday!

  3. i love this list. thank you for the inspiration! xox

  4. it's important t be grateful in life. I a, also grateful for a lot of things in my life!
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  5. I enjoyed this list too. I've been making a conscious effort to focus on gratitude this year and it is making a huge difference. I love your attitude. You do have a lot to be grateful for.

  6. What an inspiring post! We must indeed be grateful for d good things in life.

  7. I know I've said this before, but I love that you physically write these lists out. it adds more meaning to them doesn't it?

  8. Awesome list. You do have so much to be grateful for. Keep 'em coming!!!!

  9. I love #1 on your list. Love is so important! When you have found it, hold on for dear life. What a great list of things you are thankful for. I should make a list myself.
    xx. McKenna Lou

  10. This is a great list! It's so important to reflect on what we're most thankful for in life - this was a good reminder for me to do so!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  11. This is a great list! I especially like that your grandmother taught you to play the piano, that's really sweet. :)

    I go through phases where I keep a gratitude journal (learned it from Oprah haha) and this reminds me that I should start it up again!

    I am really grateful that I live in Portland, OR because I absolutely LOVE this city!

  12. I am grateful for many things and I really think its soooo important to make a list like this to keep your spirit high, especially mid week!

    -my beautiful, HEALTHY son- words could never express what he means to me
    -my unconditionally loving partner- who made the first thing on my list possible :)and as cliche as it is, has made me a much better person
    -my mom- who is a single mom, but provides more then I could ever imagine 2 parents would be capable of (you rock mom!)
    -my maternal grandparents- who raised me as if I was their own, and the fact that they are still around to see me have my own family
    -my cute little dog- who puts up with my 2yr old's antics
    -long distance friends- when we talk or finally meet up, we pick up right where we left off :)
    -my job- even though its tough sometimes, I know it would be a lot tougher without it

    I am finishing off my list with a great big smile!!! I feel great after taking a few minutes to be grateful, THANKS!

  13. It is always nice to do such list. I will do that sometime soon.

  14. so lovely! what a great reminder to be thankful! :)


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