Sunday, February 10, 2013

Living Together + Cupcakes...

My cupcakes all decorated and ready to be eaten!

Well it's officially been a week since Craig and I have moved in together and hasn't exactly been a piece a cake. I knew it wasn't going to be easy but damn something had to give. I never knew how hard it was going to be living in a such a tiny space with two people who were used to their independence. BUT, I have never been happier that we waited to make this decision, because we are at a point in our relationship where talking about it the fixable issues can & DOES help the situation. Whew!!

Craig and his adorable kitty, Angel

I think that's my favorite picture of the two of them. There are so many positives of having these two in my life right now that I'm really the happiest I have ever been. For starters, I have never had a pet before. I know, weird right? I'm an only child but somehow just didn't have a pet. But I'm sort of happy  I never did because Angel is getting all the lovin' she could ever want. Another thing is that one of my favorite things Craig does is wrap his arms around me when we fall asleep.  I get that every night and those sappy love songs about never sleeping so soundly are all true! Craig takes out the garbage without me asking, we have been cooking dinner together and my favorite new thing is a random kiss or a hug or whisper of sweet nothings in my ear. Grade A cheese I know, but I love him and I'm proud of us for making this big step forward.

Every coin however is double sided... I feel like I'm constantly in the kitchen doing dishes, I've realized that I desperately need a new hobby because sometimes you actually read all the blogs in your reader and then your like, 'fuck now what?',  instead of having his huge guitar/bass amps by the window we could have put a clutter reducing piece of useable furniture, & I've come to terms with the fact that I have WAYY too much body wash, shampoo, & deodorants. I blame coupons for having too much stuff I secretly know I got for free with extrabucks or something, but in all serious even if I applied deodorant 5x a day I'd still have too many of these things. I never realized how LONG Craig takes in the bathroom each morning. We had to switch who got ready first. Oh and supermarket shopping is a problem...I think that will be a post all in it's own... But these are all workable issues, which honestly I'm grateful for, very grateful.

Oh yeah and apparently I can't make cupcakes for someone's *Cough* (Craig's) *Cough* job without someone getting into my cupcake batter...

I did have his permission to post this picture, but seriously I yelled at him because the batter totally had eggs in it!!!

Craig did get into the remnants of the cupcake batter but it was okay because he did help me put the cupcake inserts in the pans and measured out the oil & water for me. I say I'm a cupcake decorator and that is true, but I'll admit that I sometimes use the box mixes. Oh well...

My favorite thing is to make roses...I could make them all day!

Life is a learning process & I'm constantly reminded of this lil fact. I'm sure the issues will be discussed and routines will be formed. I always thought that if we survive the first week we'd be good...I'm still sticking to that logic! =) Here's hoping we keep it up!! =)

Until Tomorrow...


  1. My goodness, your cupcakes are adorable! Glad to hear that in moving in together, your life had seen more joy than pain. I hope that the two of you continue to grow in your love.

  2. it sounds like you have a wonderful relationship! and wow, you're amazing at making frosting roses! :) i'm impressed!

  3. Pet's light up a person's life! Congrats on your first week of living together :)

  4. Glad the transition is going relatively well and you're handling the hiccups great!

    And those roses are award winning! Wow.

  5. I am so happy that it's going well with you two and his cat is really adorable:) What a sweet photo. Btw: Your cupcakes are amazing! Muah, sweetie.

  6. Those are some pretty cupcakes! Now I want to know how to make roses with icing! :)

    I like how you shared both the wonderful and the not-so-wonderful experiences you've had so far. I'm
    sure that y'all will get into a groove and those little things will work themselves out for the most part. How fun it would be to cook with my guy all the time and hang out with such an adorable kitty!

  7. Beautiful cupcakes, and it sounds so great that you two are happy living together :) Definitely workable issues but otherwise, sounds heavenly!

  8. very pretty cupcakes! you got more talent than i do girlie!
    xo Jessica

  9. You seem very happy... Good! :D

    PS- I'm drooling over those cupcakes!

  10. Your cupcakes look totally amazing. I wish I had some and I wish I had that decorating ability. The cat is so adorable.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  11. Great cupcakes! You're very talented!

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  12. wow, you made those roses on top?! You are so creative! The closest I came to that was making a flower on top of a cupcake by use half marshmallows. I like this way better :P

  13. Yay for moving in together and those cupcakes look amazing! So much talent!

  14. The first year wouldn't be easy. Adjustments and all but once you've survived the first year, it's going to be very smooth. I have been living with my man for 5 years and yes to happiness!!
    BTW, those cupcakes are so inviting...they look sooo cute!!


  15. those are pretty pretty cupcakes! and i'm sure all the wrinkles of living with another person will smooth out soon!

  16. Oh moving in together with your love is indeed both amazing and challenging/crazy/difficult! Love I wouldn't trade it for anything but it does take a little while to adjust.
    Anyways it seems like you two will be perfectly fine :) you are so cute! and so are your cupcakes :D

  17. Oh gosh living together is such an eye opening experience isn't it? When my husband and I first moved in together it was such a learning curve. Suddenly, habits that were unnoticed before are always noticed now and learning how each other like to do things vs. not do things is a big lesson. Glad to hear things are going well overall though!


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