Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Becoming a Writer...A Process...

As I flipped through some old notebooks and papers to organize my apartment I found more of my zombie novel that has taken a BIG back seat in my life. I think all the cupcakes replaced it... Have I mentioned my zombie novel idea before?  I'm not exactly sure... Probably just in passing...

This zombie project/novel is something I started writing I'd say 5 years ago. Unlike my untitled mini vampire story that you can read HERE so far... I am not going to post my zombie novel on my blog. I will write about it from time to time though. The poor thing is all in pieces strewn all over my current computer, my last computer, my work computer, and a few dribs and drabs I've scribbled over the years tucked away in folders and binders. In the beginning I was hoping to write a whole bunch of scenes and then weave them together, but easier said than done.  It is everywhere and no where near finished. This is completely my own fault too and I take full responsibility. 

Please remember that 5 years ago when I started The Walking Dead, Warm Bodies, or Zombieland did not exist yet in the major public eye. Also there was no guy named Nick on New Girl who is writing a zombie novel too. Vampires were all the rage and zombies were not mainstream. I didn't get the idea to copy and revamp an already pre-existing movie or idea either. I got the idea from my Mom's old job that was sold and it just so happened I had been hired to help "Finish" the work. Every month or so, the company let go department after department...person after person. I would pass the empty cubicles and I started to notice that the "Let Go" employees had left so much stuff!! One woman left her checkbook, another man left an extra tie in his desk drawer, and people left all their loose change, CHECKBOOKS EVEN, and money stashes. It was incredible what they left as if they were coming back. It was like as if there was a zombie attack and no one was ready for it.  Let's just say this event sparked my imagination

But I'm not a writer. I'm definitely a reader, but not a writer...or am I? I love making my blog posts and putting thought provoking content here, but DOES it make me a writer? Maybe my tendency to create haphazard snippets is because I have a Math degree and not a professional writing background? Maybe my inexperience with writing novels or lack of acknowledgement that I am in fact a writer holding me back? I'm not sure yet...

 I have a dream of one day to have a complete medium length short story or book that someone, even if it is on here, to say, "Omg I really enjoyed your book. When is the next one?" It is a dream I hold dear to my heart and I hope with these first steps of identifying whether or not I am a writer will move me  forward with my goals. 

So please...Help me out here...

Do you Believe Lifestyle Bloggers are Writers?
I'd love to hear your thoughts..

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  1. I loved "I think all the cupcakes replaced it"!

    And I totally think bloggers are writers!

  2. thank you so much for your comment on my blog sweety :)it really means a lot to me!
    you do a great work on yours dear!

  3. i do think all bloggers are writers to some degree; some take it more seriously than others. but instead of putting a label on it, i just take it for what it is - a creative way to express yourself...isn't that what writing is all about?

  4. You're definitely a writer. You have different types of styles, the one that you exhibit here which pulls all of us in and the one that you exhibit in your fiction (which pulls all of us in). :)

  5. I think you will become a writer someday if you try really hard, of course not everyone who has a blog has a writer inside, have you see all those empty fashion blogs?
    But of course some of them are or try to be, if you are gifted and hard working could become a writer someday, from my point of view if you have something good to say it will come out in anyway... I am also a reader but I would love to be a writer, of course I don't know are we ready? so let's keep up on blogging.
    Best Luck Chloe

  6. Oh - you're definitely a writer. Think about how much you've written (just on your blogs) in the past years. Insane, really.

  7. I think that blogging and noveling are two different processes but I do believe one can help to stretch the muscles of the other.

    Just keep at it lady! If you love it then keep doing it.

  8. I think you have to be able to write to a degree to be a blogger but that doesn't necessarily translate to being an author. Having read your fiction, you have a talent for it and you should definitely go for it Chloe!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. I believe that anyone who puts pen to paper {or finger to keyboard} is a writer. You simply need to know how to harness that writing ability into the channel you want - novel-writing, blogging... :)

  10. good luck! if it's something that you enjoy, you should keep writing, even if your end goal isn't to get published. it can be a fun hobby that will maybe turn into something bigger in the future!

  11. I think setting a small goal a week may help instead of tackling it all at once, unless of course inspiration strikes you ;) You can definitely do it!

  12. Someone once said that if--regardless of whether anyone ever read your work or anything "came" of it--you still wanted to write, you still HAD to write, then yes, you're a writer. I bet you qualify, and I think the zombies would agree. :)

  13. Yes lifestyle bloggers are writers and you are definitely a writer! I look forward to visiting your blog on a daily basis! :)

  14. I've always wanted to write a book too, and I ask myself the same questions, then I look at E L James - she can hardly string a sentence together yet still made millions off 50 shades lol.
    I like this quote too:
    "you could write once a day, once a week, or once a month. one person could read it, or one million people could read it. the important thing is that you tell your story. the important thing is that you don't forget. the important thing is that you wrote it all down so your kids can read it all one day. the important thing is that you share what you're passionate about."
    :D xxx

  15. I became a lifestyle blogger BECAUSE I am a writer, and I am always looking for new ways to get my writing out of my brain and out into the world.

    I think if you love writing, you can work to become a writer! Even if you start with a blog!

  16. I love how you found inspiration to write a zombie novel! You are obviously a really imaginative and creative person. I started blogging because I really enjoy writing, and wanted to keep doing it in my free time since I was out of school. I was even just writing for myself in the beginning - I have two years worth of blog posts that I never promoted and then barely anyone has read them haha.

    I hope you make time to really get back into your writing, I'm looking forward to checking out your mini vampire story!


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