Friday, February 8, 2013

It's a Snow Globe Over Here!!

Snow, More Snow & then an Adorable Kitty I watched sleep all day...

One thing people learn about me fast in the winter months is that I don't drive well in the snow. I had the time coming to me so I took a personal day off. I knew I would have been able to get to's just the unknown of when my job would be letting us go home that scared the hell out of me. Living on the border of New York and New Jersey we have been told anywhere from 6inches - 12 inches or the worse 12 inches - 18 inches. Well, all I know is that it started snowing at 7:45am this morning and hasn't stopped since. Oh boy!

This week was so fast that I really didn't grab hold of it at all. My checklist is still full of things to do and only made it to the gym once this week. Next week is a brand new week and I already can't wait for it to begin and can't wait for the snow to finally stop. 

If your going to be snowed in like me or have a few spare minutes in your weekend craziness here are a   few other blog posts from various awesome bloggers that I really enjoyed: 

- Looking for some new music? Check out at The Effortless Chic  - "What to Listen To Now" 

- Are you addicted to Thrift Shop Shopping? Feel Free to check out & Join in on Young Heart - "The Weekly Thrift" every Tuesday! People find some amazing things!

- Do you love Online Magazines? At the Blog Lovely Clusters, check out the new issue of Fiore Magazine Issue #2!

- Once upon a time I wanted to be a fashion designer. Did You Ever Have that Dream? There is a great  blog post at  A Beautiful Mess - "Fashion Sketching for Beginners" to show you the easy way to draw fashion models! 

 Source - Blog:You are my Fave  - "Smash Cake"

Perfect to make for Valentine's Day... At You Are My Fave - "A Valentine Smash Cake is my Fave" . It smashes open to have even more treats inside!

Are you a New Blogger or Just looking for some good tips? Check out at Bright Bazaar - "Bright Bazaar's Guide to Blogging  Infographic" 


Will it ever stop snowing? Seriously! There was supposed to be a few hour break in between which totally never happened. Oh's an excuse to have hot cocoa! 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Great links! Thanks for posting =]

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  2. Happy Weekend. Time to visit and follow.
    Visit from Friday blog hop.
    I'm your new follower.
    Would be great if you stop by and link up your blog.
    Have a nice day.

  3. I want to be there to experience all this snow!!! We're only getting rain here in KY. Trade?

  4. I'm also not a good driver in the snow! My boyfriend thought it would be better and faster if he drove me instead haha.

  5. Thank you for the tips! I'm off to check out a couple now as it is quite gloomy outside here too! ;-)

  6. Thanks for the shout out!!! :) I like your snow pics! I can't imagine what it's like to drive in so I don't blame you for taking a personal day. Off to check out your links.


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