Tuesday, February 19, 2013

52 Lists: Week Seven - List the Things That Make You Feel Healthy

So what happens on a Tuesday where you are bouncing in your seat waiting for the perfect list maker to update her blog project and then you realize you forgot your notebook where you have dedicatedly written your previous lists at home? You use what is at hand in your little cubicle world...Post-its. No I cannot stake claim for inventing these awesome things and I promise not to stake claim to them at my 10 year high school reunion in a few months...but I have to say they can really come in handy. I used them to write this week's list...I swear my boss must think I'm nuts because I had them everywhere today!

This week's list, originating from MOOREASEAL'S 52 LISTS PROJECT, was just what I needed to write to keep up my hopes of more self progress this week. I think she read my mind just a little bit...

Snippets of my List written on Post-its...Feeling Healthy

People constantly talk about the need to lose weight, toxic relationships, and all the negatives that can turn your day sour. I'll admit it...I do too. What we don't dwell on is what can make it more positive and make us feel more Healthy instead. Yes I maybe around a good solid 20 pounds overweight, but you know what? I think I'm the healthiest I've ever been in my life. I have no fear of seeing a doctor, I am actually in a positive and healthy relationship with a man who makes my heart flutter by sweet kisses on my cheek, my nails are growing, my hair is growing back from a nervous twitch I had, and I'm able to smile & laugh at a new joke. I see it as a gift...that ability to laugh and giggle like a school girl. I see health as a gift that I am very happy with right now. 

So What did I write on my List of things that make me feel healthy? 
Here are a few things...

- Drink more water
- Continuing to communicate, not fight, with my boyfriend
- Taking walks at lunch for exercise and to reboot in the sunshine ( I need to do more of this!)
- Passing by Chiptotle and Qdoba Burritos WITHOUT stopping
- I gave up soda for Lent - 
(I'm actually drinking more tea, not coffee instead!)
- Being able to resist the free goodies left in the kitchen at work
- Scheduling doctor's appointments when I'm supposed to...
- Eating less cheese...I need to work on this...
- Understanding the signals of my body...Actually eating when I'm hungry, sleeping when I'm tired, and not holding in anger when I'm furious. 
- Getting a full good night's sleep
- Take moments to not rush around all the time...chill out in one spot.
- Making Lists and checking things off of them
- Dreaming...never forgetting to dream.
- Adding a salad to every meal without adding Olives or Fattening dressing
- Cutting out processed sugar...JUST when they introduced Mega Stuff Oreos...ugh...
- Days where I laugh and smile so hard my laugh lines take longer to fade

Please feel free to check out Moorea Seal's other Week Lists and perhaps join along in the fun!

What are Things that Make You Feel Healthy? Mind, Body, & Soul...
I'd love to hear! 


  1. list making is such a good idea.
    so much makes me feel healthy, obviously amazing nights sleep, good diet.. but ive also found that getting up early and taking time to ease yourself into the day is really good for the soul. also being in nature, calming music and surrounding yourself with loving, positive people :) xxx

  2. The one about listening to your body is excellent!!! So is the one about dreaming! You are a very wise young woman! I feel you on the nervous twitch/hair loss thing. My ex husband caused me so much stress that I dealt with both of those things --not good--. Also why he's an ex! ;)

    I'm happy that you're in a positive place! :D

    PS- Olives are actually good for you in moderation, they're packed with vitamin E, just watch out for the sodium.

  3. I definitely need to drink more water. As far as eating less cheese...I think that may be something I'm unable to do :)

  4. What is up with all the delicious free food at work? It makes it damn near impossible to refuse!

    And cheese - oh how I love cheese.

    I'm with ya, gf.

  5. Such a great list and thank you for reminding me that I need to drink more. That is something I really need to work on. Kisses, sweetie.

  6. waking up at 445am and working out every day, even on days when i'm tired but i do it anyway and i never regret it afterwards :)

  7. I need to get into the habit of list making. It's good to meet you, Chloe! :)

  8. Getting a full night's sleep has been a struggle lately. Spring needs to come so I can burn more energy and get tired!

  9. Writing down your goals and the things you wish to change is such a great idea! I love making lists of things to do just for the sake of being able to cross them off, so this is pretty much the same concept. Love it!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. that sounds like a great list..
    i like to add salt pepper and lemon juice to my salads.. no need for dressings or vinaigrette

  11. Awesome list! I can relate to it all! Especially the one about CHEESE ;) xo

  12. I am all about healthy, positive relationships this year, that's what makes life good!

  13. Lists are such a good way to organize your thoughts and tasks. I've also been making an effort to drink more water and get more sleep. It really makes such a difference. Your body won't really miss sugar once you cut it out for awhile and it's one of the best things you can do for yourself. I'm also trying to cut out refined carbs and that's proving to be a toughie.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  14. Such a good, inspiring list! I'm with ya on the cheese too.

  15. This is GREAT! I love that it's about health and being healthy instead of losing the pounds! You go woman!

  16. I really need to work at drinking more water and getting a better (longer) sleep each night.

  17. what an amazing list! and i think you could argue that eating MORE cheese might make you HAPPIER - and, in turn, healthier in spirit :)

  18. Olives and cheese...mmm mmm mmmm. Resisting the treats at work (or anywhere, for that matter) is definitely a challenge. Keep it up, girl!



  19. I like your list - especially the part about the laugh lines.


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