Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Cupcake Class & A Mini Wish List

One of my sunflower cupcakes...

Since I've started blogging I have mentioned that I have been teaching a cupcake decorating class at nights at my old high school's adult education program. I've taught for three semesters in a row and it has been such a rewarding and wonderful experience.  Decorating cupcakes is one of my bigger hobbies and it really has become a big part of my life. Today I got a letter I was really upset to get. What would have been my spring semester class to teach is not going to be running due to insufficient enrollment.  There was only two people signed up and I needed at least 5 for it to run. I would be lying if I didn't say I wasn't bummed out. It used to be a nice relaxing outlet for 8 awesome Wednesday nights and I was all ready to rock out with my new KitchenAid. Le sigh...

On a positive note...The administration promised they wouldn't forget about me and my little class, so they assured me they would ask me to teach in the Fall.  My mom was upset too, because it was her class before me, but there is more light at the end of the tunnel. My Mom and I have decided that every two or three weeks we are just going to bake cupcakes together and try to advance my techniques and my skills for the next semester. Maybe even use fondant!!  Also I can share with all of you my progress. Also the Cake Boss, famous "Buddy" just opened up another bakery near my job and I'm going to see if I can take a class or two if he is offering to learn yet more skills. I maybe out of the game for a little while, but I will NOT GIVE UP!!! I love cupcake decorating WAYY too much!

I wish I could go on a Retail Therapy Trip to feel better, but alas I'm still budgeting, happily though! I have continued putting aside at least $25 per month for my 2013 Christmas budget and already have saved $60 towards it. This is money I cannot touch unless it is for Christmas presents. I refuse to scramble in December for extra cash again! 

But...If I was to go on a retail therapy binge I would want the following items! 

My Wish List

1. Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake Kindle case - $15.95
(Shh...I would use it for my Nook)

2.  Handpainted Florie Measuring Spoons - Anthropologie - $18

3. Ceramic Bowl in Black and White Hearts - RossLab - $28

4. Tiger Animal Pillow, Organic, Screen printed, Jungle Decor - Sass & Peril - $40

5. 3-Pieces Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters - Crate & Barrel - On Sale - $2.50

I picked up the bear from my last wish list...I think I'm going to pick up the heart cookie cutters tomorrow. They are only $2.50 and completely within my Fun Miscellaneous Purchases Budget. When I do wish lists I think I'm going to always try to get the items under $50 just in case something grabs someone else's eye too! =) 

I hope you all are having a goodnight! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!! Whew! 


  1. Oh Chloe that's so sad for you :-( you'll have to post up some tutorials on here and we can all be your students! :-) xx

  2. Such a lovely cupcake! The sunflower design is gorgeous, dear!

  3. oh man, is that an oreo on a cupcake?! heaven!

  4. Krystal took the words right out of my mouth...oreo + cupcake = heaven

  5. You have the right attitude. Hang in there and keep learning, exploring your options so that by the fall you're ready to blow everyone out of the water! Cookie cutters at $2.50 is a great deal! Those hand painted measuring spoons are super pretty!!!

  6. That's a bummer but it's great that they'll offer the class again in the fall where hopefully you'll get a bunch of students. In the meantime you can learn new techniques and enjoy baking with your mom which actually sounds pretty awesome! Way to be positive girl :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. Sorry for the class but that's great what you've got planned with your mom! I can't wait to see your decorations! Loving the positive energy! Have a great weekend!

  8. I love looking at your cupcake creations. I was just thinking that I need heart shape cookie cutters. I could use them to cut hearts out of Tay's food (sandwich, cheese...). I think that would be adorable!

  9. So sorry to hear that not enough people signed up for your class. That sounds like so much fun! I have no idea how to decorate cupcakes or to bake in general. I'm terrible, ha ;)
    xo TJ

  10. The sunflower cupcake is so cute! I'm sorry to hear what happened with the class. :(

  11. Dearest Chloe. Don't be sad. I wish we lived closer to each other so I could take your class. I hope you do get the chance to teach this Fall. You should offer an online course. I know people would love to learn little tips and tricks. I would. Don't give up.

  12. That sunflower cupcake looks gorgeous and mouthwatering all at the same time! I wish someone would do a cupcake class where I live, I've always wanted to learn to make pretty ones :)

  13. You are too cute! I am sorry that your cupcake decorating class was cancelled (how cool that you do that!) but it's pretty awesome how you rolled with the punches and figured out an alternative plan. That's pretty great. I hope that you really are able to learn a whole lot more before the fall and get in some classes with the Boss! :)

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend girlie!

  14. That really stinks! If I lived closer, I would SO take that class! It sounds like a blast.

    On the other hand, that cupcake is so pretty! Awesome piping skills you have there :)
    You should do some cupcake decorating lessons here on the blog -- that would be so fun!


  15. That cupcake looks much too cute to eat...

    but i think i could do it.

  16. That sunflower cupcake is absolutely adorable! I could go for an oreo right now :)

  17. Bummer abou the cup cake class, but how cool that you're finding some great ways to keep learning.

    Maybe you could do some vlogs - I need so much help on how to ice cupcakes! Have you seen Melbourne on my Mind and my attempts at icing cupcakes? NOT GOOD.

  18. A cupcake class would be so lovely! I'm so surprised that more didn't enroll - if it was at my school I definitely would have!

  19. That's so cool that you're teaching. How fun! I need to start saving for christmas money, too. It seems early, but I know I'll want it come November or December, haha!

    I love that kindle case! So cute.

  20. That will be so nice to just bake with your mom! Takes some pressure away and you get to have a lot of yummy cupcakes! ;-)

  21. I love that saying and that mug :) I would love to participate in a cupcake class how fun and yummy!!!


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