Monday, February 25, 2013

It's Not the Years It's the Mileage...

Today was a productive Monday, but alas a pretty boring one. I sent my emails, sent out my marketing analyst worksheets, and listened to my ipod to drown out office noise. Yes, noise. There is NO reason for people to blow their nose like an elephant and whistle and sing and...let's just say my cubicle walls are not sound proof or high enough. I spent most of the day in my head, dreaming of what dress I would choose if I ever went to the Oscars. I would definitely though have a dress train attachment for my hand. It might look stupid and get me a D rating but I'm sure I'd rock it. Anywho...

But like many other days, this morning I noticed a slight change in me that I'm not sure if I want to embrace yet. A few strands of my 27 year old head are becoming rebels and choosing white/gray as their color to wear. I am NO stranger to getting older, but I'm only 27!! Come on! My parents are 66 and 61 and they only started going gray & stark white in their late 40's. But alas, at 27 I'm seeing the strands weaving their sneaky way in. I...Hmm...I don't think I'm ready to have grays or whites yet. Hmm...Or should I embrace it?

An ex-friend of mine named Debra used to dye her hair every few months at a salon to keep her faux blonde streaks in her brown hair, but when she reached 24 she had to go back to her brown hair because her bangs and front strands of hair were turning white. She asked 24 year old me if she should color them or leave them because she felt it made her look wiser and more interesting. I think I remember telling her to dye them because she was too young to rock the gray. It was so haphazard on her that it didn't look good or perhaps I just wanted to see it not look good because it would in fact mean, high school and college was over and real life had begun. Perhaps...

I'm trying so hard to be an adult these days and put one foot before the other, but I'm not sure if I can handle the responsibility of having white hair. I was at a girl's night a few weeks ago and one of my younger friends asked me all these relationship questions and career questions and I just stuttered all my answers. Being older they thought I would know so many "things" and I think one of them was a little disappointed I couldn't give her an direct "this is what you need to do" answer for something that I should know because of my age. I felt bad but I told her ask me again when I was 30...but can you really put an age on something like this? I don't know...

Maybe I'm just freaking out over a few white hairs and making it more than it is, but it's symbolizing a whole heck of a lot for me. I'm in the last age I can say that I'm in my mid 20's. Yeesh, okay I think I am going too deep. I'm going stop here where I still make sense, hopefully!

When Did You Go White or Gray Haired? Did you Keep it or Dye it? 
Did You feel Different Upon making the Discovery? 

I'd love to hear...



  1. This is so seriously how I felt! I was in my mid-twenties when I started to see white strands. I have so many now and it's still so stressful to see and deal with. I never used to dye myself but I started to a few years back. I'm hoping that one day I'll just come to terms with it but it's still hard to see all the greys (I call them the communities of grey hair on my head). Sigh~~

  2. i would dye it if you get lots of hairs just because it looks more youthful :) x cute post, i was daydreaming about oscars dresses too.. xx

  3. Now I'm scared ha!

    I would just dye it if you start noticing more, that's what I'm going to do! :)


  4. Maybe they're just albino hairs?? :)

    Seriously though, some people to have a few grays unusually early. I think it makes a person more interesting.

  5. early onset of grays runs in my family so i saw them popping up around the same age as you. now that i'm closer to 40 (GAH!) they're all over the crown of my head so i have to dye my hair every 4wks to keep them away.

  6. My husband is two years younger than me and he is started to gray. On him, it's hott, so we aren't dying it.

    However, if I was going gray (even at age 32), I'd probably dye it. But that's just me.

  7. i don't have any - my parents didn't get any till late late 50's ... so i'm thinking i'm OK - but i would ROCK THEM hard core!!!

  8. I found a few recently but they were on the underside of my hair so I'm not worrying too much right now. My husband started getting them a few years ago. It runs in his family. Fortunately it looks good and I'd rather he go gray than bald any day :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. Okay... so... I'm 44 (albeit a very young 44) and I'm just now starting to see grey hairs popping up... And I.Do. Not. Like. It. I've never colored my hair and I'm less than thrilled about the prospect of starting. The hairs are few but gradually growing in numbers.

    In your case, wouldn't worry too much about it, though. A grey strand every now and then at a young age is normal. Just pull it out and then block it out. :)


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