Monday, April 29, 2013

Lil Victories... The Defeat of Popcorn, Pretzels, & Donuts

Today at 3:51pm
We heard the determined footsteps right before we saw the head of accounting sniffing the air in the middle of our cubicle block. He peered into my cubicle, the girl's one diagonal from me, my bosses one, and even the empty one that completes the cube. 

"What's up Roger? You lose something?" my boss asked. 

Roger scratched his head in wonderment. "Did any of you make popcorn? The accounting side smells so bad of it, yet I can't find out where the hell it's coming from." 

I sniffed the air and there wasn't a trace of popcorn smell. Roger, defeated, left our cubicle block & we heard his still audible footsteps march to the next block to inquire there. 

Well...the word got out that the head of accounting was in need of popcorn. My boss sent out the mass email that they will be indeed making popcorn from the carnival popcorn machine that even after two years of working there I still can't get a straight answer on why it was bought. Nevertheless, the herd of hungry people rushed in to hear the pop pop and get that warm bowl of buttery goodness. 

I now smelled the intoxicating aroma wafting onto our side of the building from the kitchen and continued to sit patiently in my chair for my 5pm exit. Yup! I didn't go for the popcorn and instead had a bowl of very delicious & crunchy carrots that made me smile to myself at my lil "Eating Good Today" victory.  =)

I hear a small swivel of a rolling chair on the plastic mat diagonally from my desk, followed by the telltale (I hate when erotic novels use this word, but here it fits) sound of a lid turning swiftly open, & then hear the rummaging fingers claim a peanut butter filled pretzel or a pretzel rod from the two pretzel jars on our lil blue table in the middle of the cubicle block. If it's my boss I hear the crunching on the other side of the wall...if it's my co-worker I am pleased that there is just enough distance to mute the chewing sound. 

Meanwhile I don't skip a beat on my spreadsheets. The sounds are heard but happily there is no swivel of my chair to mimic their motions I hear constantly throughout the day. I never thought I'd be able to resist free delicious sourdough pretzels...but I am gleefully smiling at the realization that it is not a weakness of mine! =) For my willing resistance this definitely counts as a mini victory. 

Today at 7:58am
As I finally put on the last dash of eyeshadow I gasped at the time. "Fuck" I said out aloud and the two kitties I now own as of yesterday looked at me like I was nuts. I went to pet one of them and slowly but surely the Pop 'em donut box left open by Craig, who left the house 20 minutes ago, came into my sight. I have to have breakfast, I thought and I have to put my hands on that dreaded box because somehow Craig doesn't get it that if you leave the box open they will be stale in a day. Three pop'ems is a serving and it's too late now to go to the super market and be at work by 8:30am....

I sighed and picked up that white & blue box to put it in the bag. I wrestled with the thought of grabbing just one, only one... I closed the box and a puff of that sugary tempting smell assaulted my nostrils. Yes, assaulted. As I glanced over to the clock I noticed a small lil coupon I had clipped right before the wedding for a $1 off of  (2) Quaker Real Medley oatmeal containers that I love so much. Thank goodness for the coupon. I snatched up the coupon, chucked the pop'em box on the fridge in a bag and ran for my dear diet's life out the door. 

It was a struggle, but still a victory. 


This week I've decided to celebrate mini victories in my diet and not be so hard on myself. I found the willpower to go to the gym everyday last week, even if it was just to walk for a mile on the treadmill. I hope to continue the stride and find that mental determination. The key is that I tried and was more active. It was a big victory to me that made that scale needle go left. Finally. =)

What's your Fitness/Diet Goal this Week? 
Have you celebrated any Mini Victories lately? 

Scene from the movie Fever Pitch, 2005


  1. just keep at it and it'll soon become a habit.

    i'm still dealing with another onset of my "issue" (totally kicking myself for jumping the gun to workout without fully recovering) so i took it a bi easy last week.

    i've had a few mini-victories: these capris i've always had that, since the day i bought them, we always tight on me are now loose! like i have to buy a belt loose!

    a dress i haven't been able to wear since i was 110lbs actually fits now! i'm not 110lbs but i can actually zip up the zipper and it fits like a glove!

  2. Your willpower is amazing. Work is always so tempting with extra food, snacks, etc. Way to go!

  3. awesome work. when they are tasty snacks at work it is always so hard to say no! you should be so proud!

  4. Kathy is definitely does become a habit if you keep with it. It's a wonderful habit to develop. Work snacks are the worst!! I can't keep them in my desk or they're gone in a day haha.

  5. great job girl! it's all about the little victories!

  6. Awesome! :) I made little bookmarks with this quote written on them. I inserted each in books inside my school library hoping someone could see it and get inspired and keep it in their pockets. :) I really like that quote! :)

  7. Good for you lady! The little victories are the ones that end up really counting. They add up!

  8. My goal? Eat lunch at work instead of going out to eat. So far, so good. Two bagged lunches down. 2 more to go. Yay to being off on Friday.

  9. I found your blog on the Grab a Friend blog hop and started following on GFC. I had to laugh when I read the popcorn story. That is such a big win!

    Ashley @

  10. I used to celebrate mini victories over the weekend by having things I wanted (of course in moderation). i haven't worked out in a while but I didn't recently start zumba.. (which kicked my butt btw)! i hope to make it a consistent part of my life but sometimes i'm just too tired after work.. boo...

  11. My goal is to review my goals... lol.


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