Sunday, January 19, 2014

Stolen Moments Sunday...

Alexander Mcqueen  - Savage Beauty, Voss Collection
"There is blood beneath every layer of skin." - Mcqueen

There are two words ringing through my head to describe this weekend...


I'll explain...

~ I was proud of myself for not leaving a circuit training class at my new gym that to be honest I was not in shape enough to do. I should have left when I realized what type of "circuit" class it was...let's just say trampolines, bouncy balls you balance on & me don't mesh well at this point in my fitness journey. But the instructor realized I was in over my head & each exercise circuit she came over to me and gave me a modification to fit my pace. It was a small victory that I held through the hour! ~

My painting w/ acrylics inspired by Alexander Mcqueen's dress above

~ I am proud of myself for being able to paint this lil picture up here. I can't remember the last time I painted or was able to find the perfect inspiration. My friend that I've reconnected with in the past few weeks invited me over to paint and at first I thought it was going to be silly but it wasn't. It made me happy. I can't wait to get a lil frame for my picture! ~

~ Craig and I went to one of my friend's going away party and he dropped the "F" bomb that had my ears buzzing. I was behind him & he was meeting someone new and he said, "There is a brunette around here wearing a red shirt with a bow on it. She's soon to be my fiancee." I said "What?" out loud and he was like "What?" and pretended he didn't say it but he knew I was behind him. These hints are making me happy. Ever so happy. ~

~Also at this going-away party, I saw the cutest gift ever! My friend is going to work in Israel for 6 months so her best friend wrote her a card for almost every event that is going to happen in the next 6 months. A card for when it's raining, when it's valentine's day, when it's her birthday (all the party-goers signed this one), when it's a bad day, and then a couple other scenarios. My friend cried of happiness! It was such a thoughtful gift! ~

~I was proud of my self on Sunday morning that I got up and went to a yoga class. It wasn't hot yoga just normal yoga and wow it was intense! I had no idea it worked you so hard! =) ~

~Craig, me & his mom went out to Ruth Chris for dinner for Craig's upcoming birthday. I was happy to hear about Craig as a little kid. I've learned so much about this man in the past 3 and a half years and I love learning more. They also talked about his father, whom unfortunately I will never get to meet because he passed away a few years before I met Craig. I love that I have been able to paint of picture of the man. ~ 

Here's hoping this week isn't too bad. 
*Crossing my fingers*

What were your Weekend Stolen Moments?

*I love red and black dresses*


  1. re: fitness classes - modifications are key! even when you get tired and want to stop, instead of just stopping, modify. too tired for jumping jacks? march in place. can't do high knees anymore, march in place or lower your knees. that's what i do when i'm dead long as you keep moving, you're good.

    and love the painting!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Now that's one "f" bomb that would make you smile. :) EEEEEE!

  3. Sounds like a great week! Good for you with the exercise classes.

  4. nice work with sticking with the class and just doing the modifications. and oooh to the "f" word! :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  5. your painting is so fab!! and way to go on the circuit training, that sounds like a fun one. my w/e was good - i was a single mom with wesley while mark is gone....that was a tough one, he's like a tornado!

  6. good for you for sticking it out for the entire hour. and your painting is really great! sending smiles re: the f word~ :)

  7. Maybe Valentines will be the big proposal day???!!! I'm happy for you!!!!! :)

  8. Your painting is amazing, talented lady!! Fair play with the yoga aswell, I've given it a bit of a try and it is hard!!

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |




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