Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to Save a LiL Extra Money at Victoria Secret...

How to Save Money Victoria Secret Style…

Oh the Victoria secret lingerie…how I covet you. However I will say that as a 36D or 38C lady I don’t really need as much padding, but they love to pad the hell out of their bras, regardless of size.  I don’t need my boobs to hit my chin and with all the padding it’s actually be hard to fit into the bra naturally.  Anywho…I did however learn how to shop in this scandalous pink store & not spend a fortune each time…

Confession: I haven’t spent a penny on new underwear in the past 2 years, I ALWAYS get them Free. 

How? Every time I turn around, Victoria Secret sends me a “Free Cotton Panty” or “Free lacey thong” or “Free Hip Hugger Panty”. I’m taken full advantage and as always thank you VS. You Rock for that! If a pair wears out I throw it out without guilt of Omg these were 20 bucks each!  All I did was give them my email address at check-out and continue to do so every time I make a purchase. It is that simple. =) If I have bought them, I got an email alert for their “7 for $26 panty raid”.

Confession: I haven’t bought a new bra NOT on sale in about 5 years.

How? Why buy a bra full price, when they give you a “$10 Off a Bra” coupon in the mail at least once every 2 months? Also, if you have your $10 rewards after accumulating enough points it will be $20 off the bra. USE THE COUPONS!! 

What’s really great too is that there is a long duration for the coupon’s validity so you are not scrambling in a week’s time to get the new bra.

Confession: Every Sale Email I pounce on it!

Email is the only way I knew about the Secret Reward Cards worth either $10, $50, $100 or $500 & a Secret Angel Reward Party. 

The mini clutch (Reg. $48) I got for free at the Angel Reward Party because I made a purchase. 

Tonight I went to that Special Angel Reward card party, used my Secret Reward to get $10 off my bra purchase, received TRIPLE POINTS from my purchase, AND received that free mini clutch. Now that's true proof that it really works! =)

I'm really not sure why coupons & sales get a bad reputation with some people. Maybe it's just that it seems overwhelming?  I don't know, but it really does pay to use the coupons in Victoria Secret & be aware of their sales. =)

Other coupons I've used recently... 

Have you done anything extra to save money this holiday season? 
I'd love to hear...


  1. For some reason I haven't gotten a coupon from VS in forever. Someone must be taking mine!

  2. You seem to really know the ins and outs of saving at VS! These are such great ideas. xx. McKenna Lou

  3. You've sold me!!! I'm in desperate need of a few new bras and I prefer VS despite the high price. I usually delete the emails from them but not any more. Thank you for posting this! :)

  4. That great, I didn't know that, I'm completely addicted to VS body milk and splash, the scents are Gorgeus.

  5. i envy the coupon people - BUT i usually always buy everything on sale - but i ALWAYS forget "in store" coupons - but on-line ALL about it! xoxo

  6. I'm obsessed with store coupons/emails. It's a little overwhelming and you can find yourself spending money just b/c it's on sale, but for the most part, I will NOT buy clothing unless I have a coupon. :)

  7. Chloe, what great tips on saving. I love Vikki's bras and I only buy theirs. I could totally use a few tips on how to save a buck on them. I havent' had to buy new bras for about three years because their quality is so great. Also, I agree on the padding thing!

  8. Victoria Secret underwear is so much cheaper than here in Australia that whenever i got home I buy the 5 for 25 cotton undies.

  9. Wow, thanks for the tips! You should almost be on that show "extreme couponers" specializing for Victorias Secret :) Haha and I literally laughed out loud when you said you don't quite want you boobs at your chin with all of their padding!

  10. It's the same reason I never buy full price at Old Navy. Gotta love coupons!

  11. VS isn't a place I shop at, but who doesn't love savings? :)

  12. I've never really found a good way to do this, so it's nice to hear a success stories! I'll need to just be more diligent about couponing. Do you do it with other stores too? How do you keep them organized?


  13. I totally got this deal this morning - well I mean the free clutch! I got a sleep shirt, which I needed, at $26. Added the free fragrance set and the free clutch, plus free shipping, then used my $10 off secret card and scored all of that for $16!

  14. Victoria's Secret have gorgeous lingerie but it's so hard to work out the size difference that I've never bought anything because it's too hard to return items! They really need to open up an actual shop over here! We actually don't really do coupons in Oz either, the stores just have sales or specials and that's about it. Man, we're getting gipped!:)

    xoxo Lauren


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