Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hello December, I'm Chloe!

Honestly December, I haven't seen this much Christmas stuff in the past few years. You really are packing a big punch this year, huh? Making up for lost time I suppose. 

Since my blog is still new I thought I would share with you a little more about me before we get to the hustle and bustle of I can just feel it, another crazy week. 

Here it goes:

- My favorite Christmas songs is "Feliz Navidad" by Jose Feliciano & "Peace on Earth" by John Lennon. 

- I love manicures, even though I rarely get one. That lil 10 second hand massage is heaven to me.

I used to be obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel. I even have a fake wooden stake.

My first job was at a toy store.  

Edward Scissorhands & the Ice Sculptures

-. My favorite Christmas movies are March of the Wooden Soliders, Home Alone, Edward Scissorhands, The Holiday, Elf, The Nutcracker, & of course The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

 - I love parasols. If I ever have a theme-wedding it would have to include parasols.

- I got my driver's license at 22. 

- I have a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics & an Associates in Engineering Science

I have seen every Twilight Zone Episode. My favorite is #Number 12 looks just like you. New Years Eve every year I watch the marathon.

 - My claim to fame is that I was in The Birthday Massacre music video, "Looking Glass". I'm mask #3.

I was the captain of my cheerleading squad even though I wasn't popular in high school. 

I collect fortunes from Fortune Cookies. I keep them in a lil jar.


I'm going to go catch up on my Christmas Everything. I feel like I'm already behind, lol.
I'm working on Baking Post for tomorrow...Stay Tuned... =)

Tell Me A Little About Yourself...


  1. GAH! I collect fortunes and keep them in a small jar, too! :D I was also late getting my drivers license (25). And, I just watched The Holiday last night.

    Girlfriend, you sound like you have it together with a Bachelors and an Associates! I bet your parents are extremely proud!

    It's fun learning more about you, you seem like a very cool chick! :)

  2. I love that post and it's so sweet that you collect fortunes from the fortune cookies. I love that! Have a beautiful day, lovely.

  3. i enjoyed reading this post! home alone is one of my fave movies growing up and until now i tend to always watch it (if it's available) whenever i'm in a long flight. i love manicures too but sometimes ti'm oo lazy to actually get one. they're so hard to maintain! and i always bite my nails mindlessly. :)

  4. I'll be taking my driver's test soon - so if I pass I'll also have my driver's license at 22 :) Great Christmas movies -- love the Nutcracker & Elf too!

  5. Hello Chloe!!! Nice to meet you, I'm Molly. :) Theatre and children are my passions. I am going to school for early childhood education currently, but I am really hoping to move to Chicago within the next few years, and make it big in theatre! I work in retail, and though the customers can be annoying sometimes, I love them. I ADORE Christmas!!! :D I have always had a soft spot for "Silent Night". I love just about every Christmas movie that I watch! Lifetime and Hallmark are great entertainment over the holiday season. I have had a blog since July 2008, although I did take a 5 month hiatus at one point. I am 20 years old. I have an old soul, but I am a kid at heart. I love to study psychology, especially personality and dream interpretation. I enjoy your blog...I plan on coming back to read more. :) Do you have Twitter? Mine is @GoodGrlBadWorld You should follow my blog back! :D

  6. Great list! I love Edward Scissorhands and I bet working at a toy store was fun!

    <3 Meilssa

  7. Nice blog!! Maybe you would like to follow each other on facebook and gfc? Let me know dear ♥
    Kisses Demi
    Demi's Canvas on Facebook
    Demi's Canvas

  8. Great "facts"! I lvoe that you love Elf too! Such a perfect movie! Amd I have yet to ever get my first manicure

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  9. Fun post! It was nice to learn mor about you :) I'm so impressed by your degrees! I also love The Nightmare Before Christmas cause it was the first movie my husband and I saw together. And Elf is always a delight! Just watched it the other day. I'm Rowena and I like french fries and collecting vintage cameras. I've yet to get a manicure but a hand massage sounds divine.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  10. Really fun post! Such cool facts. Can't believe you have a BA in math-wow! thats impressive. i have to say, i've never actually gotten a manicure, but it sounds nice.

    xox, amber

  11. I think I've already watched Elf about four times since Thanksgiving, obsession!


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