Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring is Here!

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Oh naughty trickster that you are! You have toyed with lower New York for the past month or so and I just don't know what to do with you! One day you bring warm gorgeous sit out in the sun weather...other days you are bringing rain and cold temperatures all day long! But I think finally you are evening out and it makes my heart go bitter patter for the days to come. 

My boyfriend Craig, my best friend Danielle, and I all suffer from severe seasonal effectiveness disorder. We are literally not ourselves during the wintery months. The spring brings us back...makes us come alive again. I'm feeling the desire to WANT to take long walks at my lunch hour, I WANT to sit outside at a local restaurant, and I can't wait to have a picnic this Sunday with a few of my gal pals at Rockland Lake. It's an incredible feeling.

There is so much more though that Spring means to me...

~ It's longer days of sunshine ~ 
~ It's times at the beach collecting precious seashells ~ 
~ It's people watching & seeing all the people emerge from the wintery slumber ~ 
~ It's carnivals popping up all over my county w/ cotton candy galore & Gravitons! ~
~ It's ice cream dates to Temptations creamery in my hometown ~
~ It's taking a power walk at lunch and catching that beautiful aroma whiff of fresh flowers ~
~ It's weirdly hearing a chirping bird at midnight from my back window ~ 
~ It's cute dresses that I can't wait to wear ~ 
~ It's going to Six Flags Great Adventure and riding all the rides ~ 
~ It's that beautiful day when it actually gets hot and then a sudden rain shower cools down the air ~ 
~ If I actually get a bike it will be bike ridding too! ~
~ Finally eating a nice juicy mango ~
~ Having a hot dog and a hot pretzel at a baseball game!  ~ 

I just find that I'm happier in the Spring...It's a wonderful feeling! =)

What Does Spring Mean to You?
What Have You Done So Far to Celebrate Spring? 

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  1. It's spring or summer here year round. It is worth putting up with the craziness of south florida for tropical weather. Happy Spring!

  2. i've officially shut off my heater (yay!), dug out kayla's box of summer shoes and in the process of washing and then storing all winter gear. good riddance, winter!

  3. It means less time staring at screens (computers, tvs, phones) and more time creating memories!

  4. Yay spring! Ugh, it's been way too cold here. It's supposed to be 80 this time of year, but it's almost 20 degrees to cool. I'm ready for some warm weather!

    Happy I found you through the Aloha Friday Blog Hop!


  5. It's hard for me to celebrate spring when it snowed out today, sigh.

  6. i can't wait for carnivals and fairs as well! we missed out the last two years but really hope to catch one this year. and also strawberry picking! we hope to go this weekend! :)

  7. I love your list - especially the part about a hot dog or a pretzel at a baseball game. Perfection!
    Spring to me is kayaking on the Indian river and visiting with the manatees and being surrounded by cabbage butterflies that like to flutter over the water. Fresh blueberry picking, movies in the park, etc... :)


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