Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fit & Health...#Blog Every Day in May

Ever since I started this blog I've made a strive and a goal to become fit and healthy. I've been to going to the gym, doing crunches, resisting the pretzels & popcorn, and fitting into more clothing that has been hanging dormant in my closet for far too long. But throughout this journey I'm learning that there is so much more to being fit and healthy that have nothing to do with exercise and eating has to do with you, and how do you feel and what do you need to be healthy... I'll explain.

It's hard to wake up and know exactly what you need for the day. I scurry around my house for an hour  every morning to try to collect myself...but let's go deeper then what we show the world on the outside. Like I mentioned in this post here, I was not always the healthiest of people once upon a nightmare. Life changes came out of nowhere and I was forced to make decisions for my health & well being. Ever since then I've had to look outside the box & take a look at my life almost from an outsider point of view to get the real picture. 

At those hard times a few years ago I realized I was in love w/ a man who could never love me back who oozed toxicity, I had shitty friends who could barely give me the time of day when I was sick, and I was in a dead-end job that was depressing the hell out of me. I knew something had to change. In order to be healthy I needed to change. Healthy is more than just your waist size, it's your life. I was not happy and was drowning in my current situations. I did happen to wake up one morning though and vowed to change my current everything. It was the best decision I've ever made. 

You need to have encouraging friends that will hear you rant and give you POSITIVE feedback, you need a significant other in your life that will bring out the best in you not chastise you for the worse, & you need a job or career that makes you a better person. Life is not perfect and you have to make your own decisions on what's right for you and making those decisions are the most important! 

Today I went to a local 3.5 mile lake to meet up with a bunch of gal pals and a bunch of new girls that I hope to become friends with in the future. I've been going to these meet-ups for quite some time and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've met people that I knew I'd never get to meet by chance and have opened my horizons to meet people who are in my same frame of life so it's incredibly awesome to relate. This meetup killed two birds with one stone too because all 7 of us went for a walk around the entire lake after the picnic! =) I can't wait for the next meetup. 

I keep saying that life is a process and it seriously is. Becoming healthy in all facets of your life is a process too. One you have to keep working at to see results. But trust me, sitting around positive people and coming home to a positive enforcing man playing a zombie game is the best feeling ever. =) 

What Do You Need to be Healthy? 
I'd love to hear...

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  1. Hey! This has been my goal for a while now, except this time around, I'm actually taking it seriously!!
    I pretty much walk from place-to-place whenever I can, but the biggest difference is altering my diet, doing pilates and running! I follow a fellow YouTuber called blogilates and she has tons of amazing and strenuous workouts as well as a workout plan for each month and many recipes/diet plans! She is worth checking out :)

  2. Positivity makes a WORLD of difference in life. In every facet. Truly. And healthy living is good for the mind as well as the body. Sounds like you are choosing happiness my friend :-)

  3. Exercise seems mission impossible to me. The only exercise I do is shopping. Lol! Thks for sharing this inspiring post! It's certainly good to be back blog-hopping after a month's absence! Hope u're well.

  4. Such a true post. And I think you have it nailed. Healthiness means SO MUCH. Good job identifying that!

  5. having great and positive people around you is SO helpful! now, i'm working on the whole career thing and hope to move into something soon that makes me happier. good luck keeping up with your fitness/health goals!

  6. my definition of healthy is being healthy all around - mental and physical.
    when you have that balance in your life, it makes life so much easier and you're much more happier! i'm glad that you've been meeting great people! it totally helps when you have a good support system.

  7. I need balance in my life to be happy. And also to find at least one thing to laugh about everyday!

  8. You are absolutely right about health being about more than just diet and exercise. That's why I love going to yoga class with a friend or two; it's good for the body and everything's better with friends around. =)

  9. i definitely need to be happy at work. happy with what i do, with my co-workers and also challenging myself to do a good job but knowing when to say when (meaning not going overboard and burning myself out..) -- lately i haven't had this balance and i've been bringing home a lot of venting and work stress and our home was feeling gloomy. it was like this a few years back and it's happening again. i hope to better control it this time around... and not have these pented up frustrations!

  10. I love this because it's SO true!!! Healthy is a total package kind of thing. Good for you for going to the meet ups and making POSITIVE changes.


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