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Pets - #BEDM

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I remember getting my junior year high school creative writing paper back and literally saying WTF quietly in my head. There was a D written in bold Red "Error" marker and a little note under it. "Please re-read the assignment's question and come see me after class." I'm going to try not to gloat but I had never gotten a D before in my life, especially in writing. In high school I was very proud and confident about my hard-earned grades. A big "D" made me eyes see only red. 

The assignment, I remember so vividly because I was so mad, was "Write about your favorite experience with your pet." I perfectly understood the assignment, but the thing was that at 16 I had never had a pet before. Somehow I just missed it. My aunt had a cat so I would play with hers, my friends all had doggies so I would play with them, and I didn't really give it a second thought. I wound up writing about my mother's experience with her cat because I couldn't draw on a personal experience of my own pet. 

After class I went to my teacher and she seemed very confused of my story choice. "Chloe, is everything alright? This is not like you to not answer the assignment question etc.." I told her I never had a pet and she was shocked. She couldn't believe it. Well being that I was 16 years old at the time I told her to speak to my mother and ask her if I had ever had a pet. 

Long story short...my paper got upgraded to a B after the incident. I was 16 and had never had a pet and I don't think it was a crime at all. 

Truthfully, I didn't get a pet until 3 months ago...

Craig and Angel

She has such crystal blue eyes. 

I don't regret not having a pet all these years, but I never thought I could feel such love from a lil adorable animal. When I wake up and she is all curled next to me, my heart melts. When I see her put her paw on Craig in the middle of the night or lick his hair like he's one of her kittens it's so unbelievably cute that I seriously have to hold in the gigantic Aww! 

A lil video of Angel baby...that's are lil pet name for her. =)

I leave her every morning like this...She's my adorable lil kitty in the window!

As you can tell I'm a cat person...

Do You Have Pets? 
I'd love to hear about them!! =)

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READERS: Oh and please forgive my lack of commenting this week & last. My job blocked blogger & bloglovin so I'm scrambling on a way to read my favorite blogs at lunch time and have barely had a free moment to post. I'll be back to normal by next week! Love you all so much! 


  1. She's so cute! Congrats! I grew up with a LOT of pets all the time so I feel weird if I don't have a pet around... even if it's just a rat. The biggest reason (for me) is that I feel like if you can take care of a dog/cat that you should rescue one (or two) because so many get put down :(

  2. Aw Angel baby is gorgeous! Love her little meow in the video. I have a lovely kitty called Smudge (his secret name is chicken-pie). He sits and looks out the window like that too! When the blinds are down he tries to climb right through them hehe.

    Enjoy your kitty!


  3. aw, your cat is so beautiful! i'm a pet junky, i think i've always had them growing up!

  4. Angel is BEAUTIFUL!! Yes I have a pet...a pet cat named Ruby :) I post Twitter pictures of her all the time if you're on my Twitter. She has my heart lol.

  5. Aww...what a sweet post! She is so adorable!!! We have two dogs and I love them so much. Kisses, darling.

  6. It may have taken quite awhile for you to get a pet, but your (and Craig's) kitty takes the cake in cuteness!

  7. this post is too cute...i have two cats and love them to death!

  8. Angel is adorable!! I can't believe a teacher would just assume everyone has had a pet before. That is sort of nuts. I am a dog person - mainly because I am highly allergic to cats, and only semi allergic to dogs. My miniature doxie sweetpea is pretty much my child, haha.

  9. she is so so adorable! i grew up in a family that loved dogs and always had dogs! and my husband loved dogs but only him and his brother (rest of the fam weren't fans). we have a furry one right now who lives with us and basically claims the bed, futon and actually entire apartment as his!

  10. sooooo cute!! I hav a chihuahua. he's kinda fat :(

  11. We have a cat named Angel, too. Yours is a beauty and so sweet! I love that little purr of hers. She obviously loves you.


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