Saturday, May 4, 2013

Five Favorite Blogs...

Giovanni Boldini, La Cantante Mondana, 1884

When people ask me my favorite anything I spaz out. For example Craig and I's first few dates, 3 years ago, lasted hours and hours of countless conversations because I could barely stick to my favorite ice cream flavor. I just love too many things. I just love that painting up there too. Today it's my favorite. I've always said I was an old soul...I wonder if that's why I love older paintings so much?!?

Anywho, naming my favorite blogs and narrowing it down to five is a daunting task for me. Have you seen my Bloglovin? I follow a lot of blogs and it's hard to keep up! But I do have my favorities....I have a MUST READ category and I am always a lil bit sad that I have wait until tomorrow or the next day to see the que fill up again! 

It's IMPOSSIBLE for me to pick 5 favorite blogs...I've been thinking about this all day and's unfair for me to only list 5 blogs. I've gotten too much joy, excitement, and learned too much from over amazing people! I can't pick 5...but I'll do 15...Hey that's 5 times still works! =)

Okay I know that's 15 but I have to add one more that gives me those 1pm smiles everyday. =)

I feel like I've left some of my favorites out. This is hard...Please take a look at my Bloglovin and who I'm following because there are so many favorites so many wonderful people that have made my life a lil bit better each day and I've learned from them lessons that I wish somehow I could give back to them  and say thank you. Blogging has made me realize that I'm not alone in the world...even if I don't have friends that are going through similar situations as me, I know someone out there in the blogging community is and it's so refreshing and I am eternally grateful! =)

What are Some of Your Favorite Blogs? 

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  1. Oh girl , it just made my day . Love you :') <3

  2. I'm with Noor - you just made my day! :):):) - Yours (and Noors and almost every blog you've listed) is among my very favorites, too! Thank you, Chloe!!!

    I'm looking forward to checking out some of the ones I'm not familiar with. I have a feeling they're going to be awesome!

  3. Thank you Chloe and made my Monday morning ;)

  4. Thanks for adding me - I definitely feel the same way! :)

    Also, I've been looking for some new blogs, so I'll definitely be coming back during free time and checking out some of your other favorites!!!!

  5. Ahhh! so so sweet! Thanks so much!! :) And yes you made my day too!!!


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