Friday, May 10, 2013

Social Media + Travel Dream #BEDM

 DAY 9 - Social Media...#BEDM

Well I'm a self-diagnosed obsession with Pinterest. You can check out my boards HERE. It all started w/ one board of Black & Red things and it catapulted into a daily habit that I could get lost in for hours and hours. I love it...But it's so me. I was the girl with the posters all over her bedroom walls of the cute boys from 16 & Teen Bop magazine, I had the magazine cut-outs of dresses, I had the editorial photos that took my breath away and more all nestled away in trapper keepers galore. Pinterest has saved the lil space I have left in my apartment. I can virtually pin anything I want to my wall. =)

From Pinterest has spawned one of my favorite sites for a humor pick-me-up too. Pinterest Fails. I just love them. 

Please don't hate me, but I don't fully grasp the whole Twitter idea. I use Twitter to let people know when I've exercised, when I've posted a new blog post, and then I'll tweet a news article or two that I find interesting or funny. That's it. Every time I see the 52 new tweets or 35 new tweets notification after I've only been on it for mere minutes I get overwhelmed. Mostly the "new" tweets are people replying to other people but I didn't know the original conversation so I'm like "What the hell are people talking about?" It gives me great aniexty and FOMO (Fear of missing out) when a reply to someone else is fun and interesting. Maybe I don't use it enough or need to get the hang of it. =/

Day #10 - Travel Dream #BEDM
My travel dream is Paris, France. I wish I had Dorothy's ruby red shoes and could click my heels and be there. I'm not exactly sure where my Paris dream came from, but I have such an awe for Paris, the French language, and all trimmings. It seems like such a dream.

*Shaking my Piggy Bank* 

My best friend, Danielle and I have decided to go to Paris for our 30th birthdays. That's 2 & half years away. I think that's more than enough time to start saving up! When I break a dollar I put my change in my piggy bank, when I find loose change which somehow I ALWAYS do I put in there, and when I return my water bottles & soda bottles to the super market I've been asking for coins so it can start adding up.

 I'm hoping this Paris truly becomes a reality. I'm really hoping! =)

Another Reason to LOVE Pinterest - {Pin}

This post is part of the #Blog Every Day in May challenge from Rosalilum! =)

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  1. I have the same trouble with twitter but I am kinda obsessed with it . I use pinterest when I am hungry ;)
    Paris , one of my dream cities . I hope I could read your Paris adventure !
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. Oh goodness Twitter used to be something I didn't get and didn't see the appeal of but now I FAR prefer it over FB. But it does take a long time gettting used to :)

  3. I think Twitter is one of those things that you get obsessed with once you're used to it. Maybe, or maybe not - it's not for everyone and you certainly shouldn't worry that you are missing out on anything!

    Good luck with your saving for Paris, I'm sure you'll get there! :)


  4. i love the pinterest fails too! so hilarious!! your paris trip (and saving up for it) sounds amazing! i wish to go there one day as well~~

  5. I spend sooo much time on pinterest too. there is just so much good stuff. and i'm trying to get into twitter more, but I sorta feel the same way too. and good with getting over to paris - i'm sure you would love it!

  6. twitter is annoying me so i've been staying off of it for the most part. same with instagram!

  7. Ditto about twitter. Just don't get it. 4 people will see what you tweet, 1 might click and after a couple minutes your tweet is lost forever. Kinda useless to me. LOVE pinterest though, I love that things can roll on over indefinitely!

  8. I have a pinterest addiction, too and I'm not that into twitter with the exception of tweeting about a blog post or promoting others. 2 years is plenty of time to get to Paris! If you really want it you will make it happen. :D


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