Monday, May 13, 2013

Go Green! #BEDM

Captain Planet Cartoon - Originally Aired (1990-1996) 

There are tons of posts about people saying how they wished they lived in this or that time...but frankly I'm ever so glad to have been born in 1985 because we had some SERIOUSLY AMAZING cartoons by the time I was of age to really understand what I was watching. One such show was Captain planet. You know the show with the the Planeteers that screamed "Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart" and then the blue guy with the 80's haircut showed up flying through the air? Yeah that cheesy cartoon that was always on...Well I have to thank the creators of the show for showing lil 5 year old me how important the environment is to us. Oh yes and the movie, Ferngully too. Mustn't forget Ferngully with Robin Williams as Batty & Tim Curry as the Nexus. I was just too young to understand the importance of the Batty Rap...but now I do. Oh and the Saved the by the Bell episode with the oil spill...

Ferngully, 1992

What I'm trying to say is that the environment is the most important gift that the world has given us. Without being preachy, I try to be green whenever I can and there is so many simple ways to be green that you don't even have to think about because they are so easy.

1. Do Not Buy Styrofoam Whenever You Can
- I always buy paper plates and paper cups
- I switched to Keurig so I didn't have to go to out for coffee everyday & Not have another Styrofoam cup. 
- I use re-useable mugs and glasses at work.

- Everyday I always get a red light right at my job and it's sad to see the grass near the exit is peppered with trash. It's disgusting and so unnecessary. Wait the few more minutes until your at a trash can. Come on, you know you can wait.

3. ALWAYS Cut up the Circular Plastic Holder for a 6 pack Cans of Soda
- When I was younger this was drilled into my head every time someone mentioned being green. It's real easy. Just use a scissors. It takes you 30 seconds Tops!

4. At Work, Have a Recycle Bin & Use It! 
My container is blue...What color is yours?

5. Public Transportation
- In the summer I try to use public transportation and walk where I can. =)

6. Look for "No Animal Testing" On Labels
- There are many popular sites, for example The Body Shop, that take pride in their cruelty-free products. It's a very valuable label to have. 

7. REUSE Product Bottles when You can... 

- Or if you literally have 1-2 items, forego the plastic bag all together. 

In What Ways Do You Try To Be Green? 

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  1. I am TEAM GREEN!! You go girl.

    And whatever happened to wonderful Saturday morning cartoons?? Do they even have them anymore?

    My favorite was Muppet Babies lol.

  2. our government has enforced green and recycle bins in the city. it recently changed the law so that every one putting out garbage must use clear bags and if there's something inside them that shouldn't be there, they don't take it so it forces homeowners to be diligent with what they throw in the garbage...and it's about freaking time!

    i hate people who litter, it's one of my biggest pet peeves.

    what we do:

    1. the food i buy (meats etc) comes in styrofoam (packaging) but we collect them and then bring them to a depot that processes them instead of tossing them in the garbage. same with plastic bags. i don't buy fast-food and rarely do take-out so no styrofoam from that.

    2. we use pre-set monitors for heat and lights to save energy

    3. we handwash all dishes to save energy/water

    4. we only use re-usable bags for grocery and regular shopping. we have them in our trunk and i carry one in my purse.

    5. i use a re-usable water bottle as does my entire family (we have one for kayla in her lunch bag)

  3. also, we teach kayla what it means to be green. when she was little (around 2yrs old), she littered and i got so mad and explained to her how wrong that was and she never did it again. to this day, she always throws things in the garbage or tells people not to litter. that may have been a bit overboard (when she littered and i got angry) but hey, it worked! LOL

  4. #8 is huge to me. I just recently went out and bought a bunch of reusable grocery bags. The amount of plastic bags in our house was unreal and so un-green.


  5. LOve these - thanks for the reminders! I try to do most of these things.....but sometimes it's "convenient" to forget -especially when it comes to public transportation! Audrey - This Little Street

  6. Thrifting. Plus all of the stuff you mentioned above, especially cutting up the plastic holders. I remember all of those cartoons because my oldest used to watch them. :)

  7. I love #6 - i always look for leaping bunny sign!

  8. Go green!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to remind myself that in 90's kids were all so used to recycle . Don't ask about new generation!!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  9. Hey, you! How's it going? I love that you have a "go green" post! I'm not the greatest or the greenest, but it is movement that I appreciate and want to do more. I HATE plastic bags. We have a collection of them, yes, but we typically take our fabric bags into the store in order to avoid receiving new ones. We use microwavable Tupperware and refuse to use paper plates/plasticware/etc. I even take my own silverware to work. I don't like wasting their plasticware there, either. We LOVE to recycle, and I really really really love that our recycling company here takes everything. Some companies only take certain types of plastic, but this one accepts anything and everything.

    Also, my brother was born in 1980, so I have some appreciation for things in the 1980s. He was a huge He-Man fan, so I know what that is. That and Thundercats.

  10. I miss 80s/90s TV sooo how much you learned about the environment!

  11. Hey Chloe :) I hope everything is okay! Missing your posts!


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