Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

The Child's Bath by Mary Cassatt 

There is one person in the world that I could write an endless list of thanks to and that dear person is my  mother. She has always been my biggest fan, the shoulder to cry on, the ear to talk off for hours, the one who truly understands, and has made me who I am today. Without her help I never would have finished college or had the motivation to, I never would have went to dance classes, I would have never   learned not to give up, I would never have become such an independent and strong minded woman, and I wouldn't have had the experiences and learned the lessons that I'm trutfully grateful for. Thank you Mom for putting me first in so many ways that I don't know how I could ever give you enough thanks and love to prove how wonderful you are. I love that even at 27 you let me curl up with on the couch and you give me that hug that let's me know everything will be alright. Thank for showing me how important having my grandparents are in my life and thank you for teaching me the value of family and love. Thank you for sneaking out on Black Friday with me to get the best deals at midnight or waiting online at 4am for a computer for me in the snow a few years ago. I love that she would joke all the time when I would leave the house, call me if you need bail money, even though she knew I was just going for ice cream. I love that she threw me the most amazing graduation party from when I graduated college. I love that I can call her at any time of the night, no questions asked, and she would come get me if I needed a ride. I love that when I was sick a few years ago she never let me go to anything by myself. Not one appointment. Thank you for helping me buy my condo, my first real home by myself...I can't thank you enough. I love Mom so much. So So much. =)

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there today! 



  1. Thks for sharing the inspiring post! It was a good read :)

  2. What a beautiful beautiful tribute!! Wow.

  3. Such a beautiful post, Mel. :)

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  5. Big smiles!!! I hope you and your mom had a happy day!


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