Monday, March 25, 2013

The Liebster Award...The Ultimate "About Me" Post

I have been so lucky to have nominated for the Liebster award by Three Amazing bloggers! I have been nominated by Eleanor of the blog, Mirror of My World; Lynn & Lou of the blog, Lynn + Lou; & Allison Leighann of the blog, Allison Leighann

So, here is how it works: 

1. When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself
2. You must answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
3. Pass the award onto 11 other blogs
4. Ask them 11 questions.
5. You are not allowed to nominate the blogger who nominated you!

11 Random Facts About Me:
1.) I graduated #20 out of a 151 students in my high school.
2.) I got my first real kiss at 18. 
3.) I have an irrational fear of accidentally leaving my house & not realizing my cat has gone into the closet & can't get out. 
4.) I actually got to meet my two great-grandmothers. They died when I was 8, but I remember them vividly.
5.) I have an abnormally sharp photographic memory. I can still remember the streets of Chicago even though I've been there once.
6.) I danced tap, jazz, pointe, & ballet for 8 years.
7.) When I was 9 I accidentally slit my wrist on a jagged piece of metal & have slight nerve damage in my thumb.
8.) I internalize people's problems & it spikes my anxiety because I have not one ounce of control over other people's decisions.  
9.) I'm a severe hypochondriac.
10.) I always try to take all my groceries into the house in one trip even if it's too heavy & there are like 8 bags. 
11.) Craig is my real boyfriend's name & my real name is actually Melanie.
 (I changed my name so I could write more freely about my life.)

An "About Me" Collage of some of my below answers...

 ~ Questions from Lynn + Lou ~

1. When did you start your blog and why?
I started my initial after seeing Julie & Julia in theaters. I also thought I was going crazy from a bad relationship & needed something to calm my nerves. That was 4 years ago. This blog is me...This is where I share everything that's floating around in my head. Welcome to my world.
2. Where is "home" to you?
Home is Pearl River, NY.
3. Do you collect anything? If so, what?
I collect old Victorian figurines & lil trinket boxes. I used to collect Beanie Baby bears. 
4. Where is your happy place?
Stepping foot on the beach & hearing the waves is my happy place.
5. What is your favorite go-to outfit?
Jeans, my converse, & a black overshoulder blouse I have that makes me feel like a million dollars
6. What/Who/Where inspires you the most?
My Mom inspires me the most. 
7. Solids or prints? What is more dominant in your closet?
8. Favorite childhood memory?
Picking strawberries in Conneticut w/ my grandparents & parents
9. Favorite fashion trend?
I'm the worst fashionista. I'm happy a black v-neck top never goes out of a style.
10. What is your favorite book, magazine, or author?
My favorite book is The Great Gatsby, fav magazine is The Simple Things, & author is Emily Dickinson & Kate Chopin
11.  Who is your go-to person for advice? 
My Mother, my friend Danielle, & all of you. 

~ Questions from Allison Leighann ~ 

1) what's your favorite tv show?
Right now it's American Horror Story, Big Bang Theory, & Bewitched reruns...
2) what inspired you to start your own blog?
See above...
3) what's something that has shaped you as a person? a person, a realization, anything.
I realized that I make my own future and I have the power to make choices. 
4) what's your favorite thing about blogging?
That I have found people that "get me" and are or have been in similar situations as me. Since day 1 blogging I have never again felt alone in my world. 
5) where do you want to be in ten years?
I want to be married, have 2 kids, a big house, a career & I want that picket fence. 
6) facebook or twitter?
7) if you had one million dollars, tax free, what would you do with it?
Tour Europe & Asia, then wind up in Australia
8) are you a morning or a night person?
A night person
9) what is one principle that you hold to? one moral that you would be willing to die for?
No turning back...
10) what's something that you do every day?
Straighten my hair & drink coffee
11) tell me something that you like about yourself. :)
I love my eyes. They are reddish brown w/ a blue rim. 

~ Questions from Eleanor ~ 

1. If you could live in any country other than the one you are in where would you live?
2. Chocolate or marshmellow?
3. If you could buy clothes from only one shop for the rest of your life what would it be?
Forever 21
4. What is the coolest place you have travelled to?
It's a tie: Chicago & Quebec
5. If you had a pet what animal would it be and what would you name it?
I pet leopard & I would name it baby like in "Bringing up Baby"
6. Which celebrity would be your ideal lover?
Josepeh Gordon-Levitt
7. If you could be a 1950s film star who would you be and why?
I can't pick just one...Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Anne Margaret, or Kathryn Hepburn
8.  What is your favourite song and why?
The Pretenders - "I'll Stand By You"...It's such a powerful song & it's everything I want to tell my boyfriend. 
9.  What songs would make up the soundtrack to your life?
There is too many to list...Some No Doubt songs then some Alanis Morisette & there is really too many..
10. Can you speak a foreign language and if so which ones?
I can speak a little Japanese, Korean, Spanish, & French. However I stress the "Little"
11. If you could be a fruit, what would you be?
A mango

If you would like to take part in this award, please feel free to nominate some of your favorite blogs on your own blog. There are too many great blogs that have been nominated already so please take this all deserve it. 

What's Something Random About You? 
I'd love to hear...

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  1. Congrats on your well-deserved Liebster Award!! I have to admit, I accidentily left my cat in the closet once. She held a grudge against me for a week!

  2. interesting to learn more about you. i had no idea chloe wasn't your real name! but i get the anonymity thing. i wish i had a photographic memory. there are some things i remember very vividly and others that i can't remember at all.

  3. My husbands the same with shopping bags, like the other day he carried in a huge poster frame, a 12 pack of loo rolls and about 4 shopping bags, haha.

  4. fun to read this =) that is hilarious about your cat. i always walk out my door, then turn right around and check that my straightener is off!

  5. I'm glad you said your real name. I get so weirded out knowing it (from past blogs) and then hearing you refer to Chloe. I totally understand why you do it, but it still confused me every time. ;)

  6. Whoa this was a ton of questions!! LOL! I read every single one though. I love knowing everything about you! (Wait, is that creepy, since we've known each other a few years now?).

    Now I totally have that Stand By You song stuck in my head!! Which is way better than the Thrift Shop song which has been stuck in my head for months! So, thank you for that. ;)

  7. Woot! Congrats on the award!! Loved reading snippets about you!! :)

  8. How scary to have accidentally slit your wrist!! We are way too fragile!

  9. so lovely to read about you. thanks for answering my questions!! :)xxx


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