Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pleased To Meet You March!

Hello my favorite month!! It's a close tie between March and April, but March wins the cake! 

Why, you ask?

Well, March is always the start of something new. This morning, after a horrible week at full of deadlines and stress, I felt the sunshine on my face and had a lil kitty purring all snuggled up with me in bed. My boyfriend was softly snoring on the other side of us and the sunshine was covering him too! The sun after all the grey is Chicken Soup for the Soul, literally. Remember those books? =) 

In March, I always manage to see the first blue jay that has come out of hiding, the daffodils spring up even though I know no one has planted them here or there, the winter coats start coming off, I think we start seeing the Canadian geese (Yes, I'm in NY but they are everywhere) sitting on some fresh eggs just waiting to hatch new lil goslings, and pastel colored everything start reappearing in the world. It's wonderful and it makes me so happy!!! It pushes my seasonal effectiveness disorder right out the window...Craig's too!

Besides the seasons changing, there is so much I have in store for March here on Ergo. 
So much!

1.) My best friend's "Cinderella" Bridal Shower which I'm helping to plan on the 23rd!

2.) My other best friend's 28th Birthday is on the 30th! We are going to take Manhattan by storm and spend some time pretending to be tourists! 

3.) I've decided to put a lil more time and work into this Blog and start having series each week! Right now it will be the 52 Lists each Tuesday, started by Moorea Seal and a Living Together Series, which I've had so much positive feedback already in! It's hard to live with someone for the first time! =)
I'm hoping to start a cupcake series too every two weeks! Oh and my untitled story will be present as well!

4.) There has been new developments in my Diet...Yes I said the "D" word that I'm finding is going to explain my unsuccessfulness. I don't know how I didn't see it before! But stay tuned!

5.) I'm hoping my cousin will announce his baby news soon, so I can share it with the world. My cousin is expecting a baby with his new wife and doesn't want to tell anyone yet....Well he told our grandmother so I hate to say...the cat is out of the bag!! She told everyone! lol =)

6.) OH and Easter is in this month!! I always remembered it in April, but oh well! =)

It's a brand new day and I can't wait to embrace it! I think I'm going to catch another Williams Sonoma demo at noon today too! It's quick recipes with this upcoming seasons vegetables!  It was so much fun last week! Craig and I, also, have his best friend's birthday tonight ahh I gotta go!! =)  Too much to do!! Have a great weekend everyone!!

BTW, If your looking for a new Spring dress, please check out eShakti!! They are offering Ergo Readers 20% OFF all orders until 3/10/13 with the Code: CHLEMNERG!!! They have beautiful dresses and other clothing items that can be CUSTOMIZED!!! I just received a sample dress from them, which I post about next week and it's gorgeous! I love it! Quality fabric choice and they even customized the length for me! Go check them out and remember 20% OFF! 


  1. Aww have a good month . March means fresh flowers around again ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. I must be going crazy because I always thought Easter was in April as well!!??

  3. Hey Chloe did you get my email? I nominated you for an award, the details are on my blog :-) x

  4. Seriously, I love March, too! I always said if I have another child, I want them to be born in March -- such a bright, fun month! Minus the overcast and gray sky right now. Boo!

  5. Wow! Beautiful post. Im sure that we can all agree that your month is about to be eventful! And celebrations always bring happiness - so I'm sure it'll be great having it linger in and out of each of your days! Funny thing, I woke up this morning showered in sun rays too, and it made me feel so happy and grateful for all to come. Best of wishes!

    Enjoy your March, Moon.


  6. I love march SO much!! It is just one of the best times of the year.

  7. You just made March so exciting for me!! Yay for all the upcoming events and parties and celebrations!! And awesome sponsorship!

  8. Aw, this is such a great post! I also love march too! I'm so excited for Spring/Summer! Also, I wanted to tell you about a giveaway I'm hosting on my blog =) It's a gorgeous floral maxi dress from ModMint! I'd love it if you could check it out!

  9. I'm super excited for spring! And with so many things going on, your spring seems extra special! Lovely blog, now following on GFC and Bloglovin! :)

  10. Also, both my husband and my birthdays are in this month. :) HERE'S TO MARCH!

  11. March is my favorite month as well. My birthday is March 13th!

  12. I was also wondering how you were able to do a product review for eshakti? That seems like something that would be fun to do! :)

  13. Loving your enthusiasm for March, Chloe! Very inspiring.
    Ronnie xo

  14. Your enthusiasm is definitely contagious! I can't wait for your new series here!!! :) Happy March pretty friend!


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