Tuesday, March 5, 2013

52 Lists: Week Nine // List The Places You Want To Go...

Watch the sunrise on a tropical isle
See the pyraminds along the Nile 
Just remember darlin', all the while
You belong to me... 
 - Dean Martin Oldie Song, 1952

Each one of MOOREASEAL's 52 Lists becomes my new favorite. No lie, this morning Craig asked me where I would like to go on vacation. Of course, in current situations I think a nice long weekend trip to Phoenix, Arizona to visit some friends will do us a lot of good...but where else would I DREAM of going...Well there is definitely a list of other places I want to go one day and things I want to see.

"Whatever they say, you can never have too much earth..."  

My Week 9 List =)

I missed last week writing out the list, so I went to back to writing out my lists in my lil notebook! I wish I had the power of teleportation because there is way too many places I want to go!! My bucket list is seriously too long. Once upon a time, due to a depressed ear drum, a doctor once told my mother I could never be a stewardess because there was too much noise and all the ear popping. Every since that day I heard that, I've wanted to be a stewardess and travel as many places as possible. I didn't account for a fear of flying though...Woops. I'm slowly getting over that fear so maybe, just maybe, some of this week nine list will be a possibility in the future! I hope!! =)

Easter Island, Australia, the Egyptian pyramids, Manhattan as often as possible, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa just to  name a few places....

Some of Other Places I Want To Go To:
- I want to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
- I want to go to Space and see the Stars
- I want to see Fall Out Boy in their Welcome Back Tour!
- I want to go on an Alaskan cruise through the glaciers
- I want to go and witness a flash mob or dare I saw participate? =P
- I want to go to a picnic in Central Park
- I want to go to all the places Craig tells me about that he's travelled to...
(His father was a bus tour guide)
- I want to go to more Broadway Shows
- I want to see the rain in Seattle
- I want to go to the Dominican Republic and look up my grandmother's family
- I want to go to the Vatican to see the Smoke Ceremony when they elect a new pope
- I want to see the Alamo in Texas
- I want to visit the West Coast of the U.S.
- I want to see as many "World's Biggest" as possible aka the world's biggest ball of twine. =)
- I want to go on a Hollywood Backlot tour
- I want to go to this year's NYC Comic Con 

And the list will continue...

More of my handwritten Week 9 list

The CHALLENGE of this week's list will be to actually plan my Phoenix vacation!! =) I'm already excited!!  


I'd love to hear!

Once again, I'm linking up at MOOREASEAL 52 List Project Week Nine. =)

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  1. i love these dreams you want to do, make them happen. i really want to travel the world more too so many places to go!,

  2. I didn't know that such a project was going on--the list challenge, that is. That's a fantastic idea. I personally love lists. I have them on my computer, though. I have a list of the movies I've watched in the last year, and movies I'd like to watch. I have all the books I've read for the last six years. Recipes to try. Places to travel. Books to read. All sorts of things. Personally, I think you would love Australia. I went there for three weeks back when I was seventeen, and I loved it. Loved it, loved it, loved it. I wish I could go back. My fiance and I always talk about traveling, and the tons and tons of places we'd like to go. I know he would like to visit some places in New Jersey, even, to where he has tracked his heritage. And me? I'm thinking more like New Zealand, Ireland, or even the Scandinavian countries.

  3. I was just thinking that I want to see a flash mob!

  4. a want to picnic in central park! and be in a flashmob! lol...i've been to Mardi Gras, and been to New Orleans..but not at the same time, it's not tempting to me--too much craziness! ha, great list!

  5. Chase those dreams Chloe!! I think Easter Island would be an amazing place to see. And also Stonehenge! Love your list. You are a hack of a list-maker on Blogger! :)

    Happy Wednesday my friend.

  6. Fun list. How on Earth did you miss Buffalo, NY on your list?? How could you not want to see Buffalo, NY!!!?? Hahahahaha.

  7. What a great list! I share some dream places with you! I'd love to picnic in central park- that sounds rather fun! I put Seattle down too- there are so many fascinating sights there! HAVE FUN IN PHOENIX! I can't wait to read about your adventure!

  8. such great picks! my list of places i'd love to go grows daily. right now i am planning my trip to cinque terre, tuscany, and venice - so i will be crossing three off in september. i'm also dying to go to iceland!

    thanks for stopping by my blog. i'm your newest GFC follower and would love if you did the same :)

  9. There are so many places I want to visit and France is definitely one of them!!

  10. what a great project! i love your list gotta start saving now right :-)

  11. i went to New Orleans - it's FAB - but for like 2-3 days that's it - but i LOVED IT!

  12. How exciting! There are SO many places we'd like to go. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful week! Xo, M&K at BT

  13. You'll definitely need to come to Australia then. They have The Big Pineapple, The Big Banana and a bunch of others :)

    I want to go to Easter Island, Safari in Africa, Faulkland islands! Antarctica!

  14. I've really been enjoying your list! I realllly want to go to Seattle too! :)

  15. I've been to Paris and the Vatican (but never for a smoke ceremony). For me it's more like where don't I want to go! :) I love your list! Rain in Seattle, the Alamo, Central Park for a picnic... It all sounds perfect!


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