Sunday, March 10, 2013

My [Untitled] Short Story or Novel - PART IV

{It's crossed my mind that I will never get my feet off the ground if I don't get these ideas out of my head and onto paper or onto this lil blog of mine. This is a story that has been in my "Saved" documents as "New Story" for months...If I have deadlines I will write more...Please join me every Sunday as I continue my tale...}

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Darien grabbed Molly's wrist and moved her behind his back before she blinked an eye. She crashed into his back unexpectedly, which mimicked a steel door. The woman standing in the doorway gasped and took a step back at the blur of movement. Her hand instinctively went to rest on the regulation pistol assigned to every collector. Each pistol had a copy of the owner's handprints edged into the handle to ensure no mistaken identities ever happened. This pistol was hers and she knew how to use it.

"Mr. Wilson, please do not make this anymore difficult then it has to be. You've reached your allotted time slot. You must come with me." The woman declared sternly. Her instructions echoed loudly deep within her skull, muting her loudening and nervous heartbeat.

"There seems to be a mistake. I have one more week almost to the hour. Your fucking calculations are wrong lady. Tell Griffin he's off!" Darien stated through gritted teeth. Molly's ragged breathing was too loud for him to pick up this collector's thoughts. Changing his tone he murmured without turning around, "Molly, baby, please go to your bedroom. Don't ask questions." Darien heard Molly's breathing, but no answer.

Molly's lungs were pinching and she tasted the coppery taste she knew all too well. Darien knocked the wind out of her when he slammed her into his back. His movement was too quick, too sudden. She clutched her chest above her quivering breasts to try to calm herself down. She would not allow herself to have a panic attack now. But they were kissing a moment before? Molly heard muffled voices, the word vampire, and shook her head to erase the scene. She twisted her wrist in Darien's grip to see their intruder.

A young looking blonde woman with a tailored suit stood in her doorway clutching her hand on her left side pocket. The woman's ice colored eyes were fixed on Darien and she had a clipboard in her right hand. Her sneakers ruined business look of her outfit. She must need them for running, Molly thought.  Running from what?

"Molly, please go to your room. There is a situation I have to deal with right now." Darien spoke again louder with a rumble of anger piercing through his words. Molly sidestepped to stare at that man she's only known a few weeks. A blush to his cheeks was receding right before her eyes as if his skin was soaking it up like water. She looked at him like she had never seen him before. The handsome square jaw face was drawn straigh, his eyebrows were furrowed with visible rage, and his bright blue eyes were encased with dark circles that couldn't have been there a minute ago? Were they?

"I would listen to Mr. Wilson, Miss. Our matter does not concern you." The woman said, turning her focus to Molly. She then returned to staring down Darien. "Perhaps one of your skills would come as great service at this point in time Mr. Wilson."

Before Molly could retort her opened mouth was silenced by Darien's words, "You don't know me lady. Your so smart huh with your little clipboard. Does it say how many collectors I've been through? You can't fool me with your learned responses. It's all the same. I know every line you will read. That's what you are huh? And Sneakers too? You must be fresh off the diving board huh?"

Finally finding her guts, Molly squinted her eyes at the woman. "Who the fuck do you think you are, anyway? You think you can barge in here and for whatever reason take my boyfriend? Where the hell is your search warrant or arrest papers? If you take one step over that threshold I will call the cops before you can run to car."

Darien tore his predator like gaze away from the collector and turned towards Molly. Her act of protectiveness warmed his soul and tore it a little further apart. He had found the one he needed. The one who would step forward in the darkness and bring him light. The one who would make it stop. He glanced behind her at the perfectly placed sofa a few feet from where she stood. The collector began to speak but Darien's ears heard static. 

Molly screamed when she felt the ground fall out from under her. In her peripheral she thought she saw the woman step back with a pistol in her hand and Darien's hands thrusting forward in front of her, but the moment of free fall was cut short by the leather couch slamming into her back. She fell into a seated position, but her head snapped back and the her head of curls were not enough to brace her head from hitting the wooden plank behind the sofa cushions. The faint coppery taste was stronger now...turning into straight blood. Darien couldn't have pushed her...he couldn't have, her mind searched but when she opened her eyes blur was all she saw, then darkness. 


I've decided this will be the prologue...Novel to follow...


  1. have a true gift. A TRUE gift. This will make an excellent prologue...

  2. Okay, you suck me and then leave me hanging wanting more! I agree with Keith, you have a gift! :)

  3. This is one gripping prologue! You have a wonderful way of describing things.

    Rowena @ rolala loves


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