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"Real People" Saving...Budget Friendly Weekend Tips!

An Item I'm Currently saving up for: 
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From time to time I will discuss budgeting, what I'm saving up for, and  how I'm making that extra push to save some real money. I see articles on top sites like Yahoo & Google where supposed "Real People" are happy to save $500 a year...Well that's not enough for my dreams, plain and simple. I need to add at least another 0 to that saved amount to even begin my dreams...especially when blogger wish lists are making me pine for more goodies too!

With the weekend upon us where most spending is done, I thought I would share some tips I've learned recently! For the past few weeks I've been asking several ladies and men that I work with &/or are friends with to see exactly how "Real People" are pinching some pennies...Some are old business where we keep telling ourselves we'll do this or that next time, but other people gave some interesting answers that I had to share today!

Here it goes:

 It fascinates me how a restaurant bill for a 2 for $20 Dinner Deal can turn into a $50 dollar bill + Tips. Oh I know, drinks. In Bergen County, NJ there are a lot of restuarants I'm just finding out about that allow you to bring your own alcohol into the premises. This could really bring your Date Night bill down! See if there are any in your town!

This one hurts a little to let go, but with all the great nail polishes out there it's okay to take a break from them for a while. A lady I work with, who now has a 1st time mortgage, is only getting a manicure once every two months to shape her nails and cuticles and the after the initial nail color fades, she is investing in a few core nail polish colors to last her through time instead of getting a new manicure every 2 weeks!

Instead of buying those eye-candy magazines at the super market, a lot of ladies in my lunchroom commented how they just go visit the magazine websites and are foregoing buying the latest issues! Even Cosmopolitan has a website! All the pictures, headlines, and diet tips we love to read are ALL ON THE WEBSITES! Also, others have bought magazine subscriptions per year and that saves more money than the  over-the-counter purchasing as well! 

4.) GAS
This is what I feel people spend most of their money on these days so...if you can save on gas, DO IT! If your in a relationship, switch off who drives during the weekend so one person isn't always driving. If you notice there is a difference in price from where you work & where you live, Buy the cheaper gas!! On Tuesday I got Regular gas at an Exxon station in NJ for $3.57...Where I live in a Shell station, it was $4.09 for Regular. That's a 52 cent difference per gallon! 10 gallons added up to saving $5.20. That's a lunch right there saved. =)

I'm going to try not to preach with this one, but my boyfriend recently quit smoking cigarettes and is almost completely on the electronic cigarette. He used to smoke a 1 - 1 1/2 packs of cigarettes a day. Now he can't remember the last time he bought a pack. At anywhere from $8-$11 a pack a day he is really seeing the difference add up in his bank account! Last month he realized he saved around $150...WOW!

How are You Saving Money & Budgeting this Weekend? 
I'd love to hear & Have a great weekend!

Another item I'm saving up for!

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  1. BYOB Restaurants?? I'm intrigued!!

    I have begun savnig a lot by cooking at home and taking my own lunch to work (saves a ton). Some days, I even leave my credit card at home so that I am not tempted!

  2. Good for Craig. I have family who smokes, so I get it, but he is saving so much money by doing that - not to mention health benefits too!

  3. We have turned our date nights into cheaper outings like hiking or picnics! Not only are the free (for the most part, we obviously have to buy our food to bring), but I find the bonding time is much better spent talking to one another about real stuff than the usual restaurant banter is!

  4. I save by taking my own lunch to work. At least once a month, we have a "stay in all weekend" weekend, which helps us bond, get stuff done, and save quite a bit. We're not "not trying" to get preggers, so I have cut down on my drinking which means saving on calories AND money. I still drink, just not a bajillion dollars worth. Ha!

  5. i usually do my own manicures too and will just go every few months to get them to really fix me up. i also try to pack my lunch most days of the week. i figure i'd rather spend the money going out to a good dinner on the weekend instead of getting a random subway sandwich. the little things really do add up!

  6. I'm visiting from Aloha Friday. Glad to connect. Please join me on my Friday Flash Blog on The Jenny Evolution ( as well and share your favorite post of the week. Happy Friday :-)

  7. These are great ways to save money for sure. I save $ by cooking most nights and packing lunch for my husband and myself.

    Happy weekend!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing them.

    Ugh, smoking - if the health reasons weren't reason enough for quitting the savings surely should be right? (of course this is coming from someone who has never smoked).

  9. What great ways to save money. We all could use a little bit of that.

  10. Luckily, my hubs can take a bus to work and I work from home, so our gas bill is manageable. Good for your boyfriend for quitting! Well done!

  11. What marvelous tips! It's so hard to work all the time and still not have much money left over after food, bills and rent. I think not shopping for cute clothing is the hardest of all! (Oh I'm your 100th follower!)

  12. BYOB restaurants are really interesting.. although we're not big drinkers.. actually Yangkyu really can't drink! :) Your tips are so helpful! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Awesome sharing! Just back from my vacation, certainly need some money-saving tips. Hahaha!

  14. Cooking at home is always a good way to save

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  15. Izzy and I are trying to eat at home more so that we don't spend so much money out. Good luck saving lady!

  16. Great money saving tips! I'm a big believer in saving and having a budget as well. I do at home mani/pedis for the most part too and luckily live in a city where my husband and I both walk to work so we don't even have a car!

    elle [wonderfelle world]

  17. I have a friend in Red Bank that told me about the byob thing. We have nothing like that here in Florida with the exception of a few after hour clubs (which I'm now too old to stay awake for). :)

    Could a Forman Grill be used the same way as the one from Williams Sonoma? (Love me some Williams Sonoma, just can't afford it).

    Last, I bring up the smoking thing to my boyfriend every time he grumbles about money.


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