Saturday, March 9, 2013

Steam, Onions, & Spicy Mongolian Sauce Does the Trick!

When you get sick twice in 6 months you know something has got to change. Sorry for falling off the face of the earth a little bit, but some point on Wednesday I got really sick. Writing and reading blogs is one of my favorite past-times, but sometimes you have to take care of yourself and step back from the computer. I hate being sick...anything from a sinus infection to a cold makes me miserable. I hate having that one nostril that is clogged...Ugh!! I could literally throw a vase across the room I hate it so much.

Yesterday I was done...I know your supposed to wait it out when it's a sinus infection but it was 2am and I knew I had to be up this morning by 7am to get a cavity filled. (Oh yes, something else to drive me crazy). I got out of bed and did what I tell other hypochondriacs like myself NOT to do...I googled how to clear a stuffy nose. I fear neti pots so that was out of the question, but I knew I could boil some water, I happened to have an onion, and this Williams Sonoma Spicy Mongolian Stir Fry sauce. *Insert Lightbulb Above my head*

Somewhere in the madness of my tip-toeing not to wake up Craig and petting the cat so she wouldn't meow at my craziness, I made this concoction of an assembly line: Put my head over the steam for a minute, inhale onions for another, and then take a spoonful of Mongolian Sauce. No joke...FINALLY my left nostril was CLEAR after 3 days of miserableness. Thank God!!

I don't know if I was just at that hump of when I should start to feel better, or this medley really works, but yes I'm finally starting to feel better. My face is numb from the shot of Novocain for my tooth, my lips are swollen like a blowfish a little bit from it, but I can breathe out of both nostrils!! So what to do now?

I think I touch my face too much...I'm going to be extra careful not to do it and make sure I keep an extra jacket in the car because with this up/down weather I don't want to catch a chill. Spring really needs to get here...ASAP!!! =)

Here are some posts that I really enjoyed this week as well...

Weekly Links

One of my favorite Food Blogs called, How Sweet It Is, made the most delicious looking thing. Angel Food French looks mouth-watering good! See Post HERE!

One of my favorite Weight Loss Inspiration or rather Healthier Living Blogs, Infinite Life Fitness, did a very inspiring article EVERYONE SHOULD READ! See Post Here: Truth About Weight.

A blog I found recently, which seems to be a lot of people's favorites called Vmac + Cheese, has been doing this pretty awesome series called "The Man Behind The Blog". I'm absolutely loving what the boyfriends and husband's think of their leading Blogging ladies! What's interesting is she even asks what they would blog about if they had a blog! Click above link for posts...

The imaginative lady over at the blog, Design Love Fest, shared Four Awesome photo shoots showcasing Benefit Cosmetics where she was styled into her Dream Jobs...I just loved everything about them! See them All HERE! My favorite is the jazz singer!

Oh and if you need a laugh check this Hilarious video posted on A Cup of Jo about Goats yelling like Humans. It will seriously crack you up!!!


  1. LOL to your homemade remedy! Glad it worked. My cat and rabbit would chase me around like mad if I woke up and did that at 2am. :)

  2. Hey whatever works, right? I'm glad that it sounds like you're on the mend!

  3. wow what a smart concoction! having that ONE clogged nostril is always so so annoying. glad you're starting to feel better.

  4. I think you created your very own remedy! You better copyright it and make millions!!

    (I've been sick nonstop since January. I blame a snot nosed toddler!)

  5. Oh I'm glad you're feeling better and yay for the lovely concoction you made!

  6. Happy you are feeling better!!! I hate when one side of your nose is completely clogged, it's -the- worst. No neti pots! I used one for clogged sinus a few years back and ended up in the emergency room with a major ear infection that put me out for a week. Next time I will definitely try your home remedy. Also, thank you so much for the encouraging words and for the heads up on infinite Life Fitness!!! :)

  7. So sorry to hear you've been unwell - it's the worst feeling, I know.
    Very happy for you that that concoction worked!
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. Bri is one talented lady.


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