Monday, December 3, 2012

The Battle of Spritz Cookie Press Cookies...

Ah, Spritz cookies, I loved you so much as a little girl. My Mom made them all the time with the lil cookie press and they were always so scrumptious!! (I love that word!) Well now that I certain Kitchen Aide mixer has made it's way into my lil home I knew I HAD to try to make them myself for the first time...My Mom came over with all the ingredients and we were all set to make them tonight! I dug out my cookie press I think I got about 3 Christmases ago...and my new Wilton cookie sheets. I was so excited to push on! 

Remember, this post is called "Battle of the Spritz Cookies".  Well for starters do you have any idea how many Different recipes there are for Spritz cookies? I saw several and literally closed my eyes and picked one. I was going to use the recipe on the Cookie Pro box but I didn't have milk so I choose the recipe from Joy of Baking - Spritz Cookies. The recipe worked great & my beautiful mixer that I'm in utter awe of, combined the cookie batter perfectly. I'm impressed Kitchen Aide, very impressed!

Next order of business, the black handle on the Cookie Pro Ultra II is not functional. It's very misleading that it's only a grip. You almost think that there is a screw missing but then it dawned on me that I will have to push the top of the press instead to dispense the cookies. Out of the multiple times I tried to make the cookies I can't tell how you how many times I had to try again. Maybe I was having an off day but as you can see in the above picture the flowers are not the alike at all. I like the trees though...they came out great! My Mom and I took turns struggling & finally we got the hang of it kind of and came out with our 2 dozen cookies ready for the oven!

What was odd too was that only when we did the trees did the cookie press make a clicking sound to notify us that the cookie was fully pressed. The clicking helped me out, but I didn't know how to get it back?? Oh well...some of the cookies were made with little extra love. =)

One more thing that I can't stress enough: DO NOT GREASE THE COOKIE SHEET!!! I use Pam for everything even if it says don't grease things. However for these cookies, you can't grease the cookie sheet because the cookie press will be all over the place. I learned that the hard way, but wiped the Pam away and it worked great. You need a sturdy dry surface so the press doesn't slide & the cookie stays on the sheet!

They were totally delicious. I was so frustrated with the cookie press by the time I was done with them, but when I took that first bite I was hooked & in love. It was worth it all. I got to make the cookies with my Mom too so it made me really happy. That is Christmas to me...stolen moments that become treasured memories. =)

I'm supposed to make these Spritz cookies for a cookie exchange party in 3 weeks & Craig's Family Christmas party! I never back away from a challenge so I can't wait to make them again. Practice makes perfect! =)

Here are some more photos from the Battle of the Spritz cookies!

I love the last photo of my Mom and I!

Have You Ever Made Spritz Cookies? Any Helpful Tips? 
I'd love to hear...


  1. I love that your mom came over to make the cookies with you! Despite the struggle with the cookie press, they came out lovely and look delicious! I can only imagine how good your place must have smelled while they were baking! :)

    I've never made spritz cookies but now I want to try!

  2. I was wondering how did you make these pretty cookie shapes, I so want a cookie press!! I like the flower shaped cookies with pink sprinkles xx

  3. This is actually my first time hearing about Spritz Cookies, but ohmigosh how pretty are they?! The absolute perfect holiday cookie! :)

  4. love this idea!

  5. I haven't, but i probably need to. My cookies always look mishaped!

  6. They look like they turned out great! As you said, practice makes perfect! :)

    jackie @

  7. I have never had any luck with them. In fact I think I donated my cookie press because I decided to throw in the towel. Now I'm sad. You've inspired me to try again....

  8. Beautiful! I really like those shapes. And I'm glad they were delicious too, 'cause that's the most important thing of course:D

  9. These cookies are lovely and look so delicious! I can't wait to start making christmas cookies!

  10. These cookies are adorable. I have never used a cookie press before but I might have to try. Seems a lot easier and so fun. xx. McKenna Lou

  11. I haven't tried them...but they look SO fun to make!

  12. Mmmm, spritz cookies are the best. They're so sweet, buttery, and soft!I've never used a cookie press, but it sound like quite the battle, haha!

  13. I have a spritz press and I'm so intimidated, I've never used it.

  14. Ohh these look so so good, now I want to eat cookies too!



  15. I own a cookie presser too! It's a quick fun way to make express cookies
    although these cookie pressers are not very strong. I don't add more than 250 g of flour or the mixture becomes too firm and my cookie presser don't work.


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