Thursday, December 13, 2012

I Want To Be The Girl With The Most Cake...

Yesterday night was my last cupcake class, so I thought I would decorate a cake for my students. The class was originally supposed to be a cake decorating class, but after you decorate one what are you going to teach for the other 7 weeks?!?! Cupcakes are so much better to teach on,  and then you can incorporate the decorations onto the top of a cake like I did here. Remember the Christmas Tree Cupcakes? Well I improvised.

The stages of my cake...

What fascinates me about cakes is that it can look so messy & disorganized one minute and then with the right tools and patience it can look beautiful in another minute. I made a lemon curd filling for the center of the cake. I wish I could write that I used my handy dandy cake saw to make the layers but alas it broke last semester and I have not had a chance to replace it, which is why two identical cake pans are definitely better than one. I made two identical flat cakes and placed the lemon curd between them. It seems like it's a cheat way to make a layer cake BUT you don't have to worry about the crumbs of the cake going up into your filling that was left behind by the cake saw wire. 

I love making the little stars on top of the trees...I used Wilton Tip #21

I STILL could not get the "Christmas Red" really red, but at least it was deeper than the Santa hats!

I went a little too crazy w/ the sprinkles, but I still love my little cake. I'm more of a cupcake girl but once in a while a cake can be just as pretty! =) job from 8:45am - 12pm ate almost the entire cake. All that was left at the end of the day was the portion with the trees. I was pleasantly surprised. =)

People's reactions to me bringing in my cupcakes & cakes to work have been "Oh My God, my wife would never let me have a cupcake, thank you!!" or "My son loves the cupcakes that I bring home to him. He wanted me to tell you thank you" or "You Made this?? WOW!!". Other people are like "Why don't you work in a bakery??". I always answer, "Oh it's just hobby" but I'm really starting to think about branching out with what I know. Maybe teach more than just my little adult education class like a Wilton class at my local craft store on the weekends or something bigger...It's a thought...Hmmm...

I'm all ears...

Title of the Post: "Doll Parts" by HOLE


  1. What a fun looking cake!
    I'm not a baker at all, so unfortunately no tips from me on making layers in a cake... :)
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. Appreciate you visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments.

  2. Yummy yummy cake. Sadly I hate baking but i love to eat :-)



  3. That is really amazing! I want to make more cupcakes of my own and cakes as well! You have definitely inspired me! Your cake looks great!

  4. i wish i could decorate cakes like the pros. i have friends who make the most awesome cakes just "for fun" and mine come out looking like blobs. at least you made adorable christmas trees :) when i tried to do that, mine looked like green blobs lol.

    thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    -kathy | vodka and soda

  5. I love this!! I want to take a cake decorating class with you. xx. McKenna Lou.

  6. looks so awesome and delish!! i'm not much of a baker either, but i can occassionally get away with making cookies or something that doesn't require anything too complex.

  7. It looks pretty and DELICIOUS!!!! :) Good Job!

  8. That looks so lovely and delicious!! If I worked with you, I'd definitely eat the tree section for you. :)

  9. I would be so fat if I did what you do. How do you not eat everything in sight?!

  10. cake looks so good and its so nice to bring smiles to people xx

  11. Just found your blog, amazing cake! YUM! Check out my blog sometime!


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