Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cold Turkey Just Won’t Work...One Week Down

Starting Weight on 11/5/12: 175 lbs
Last Weeks Weight on 12/7/12: 178 lbs
Current Weight: Pending…

Alright, the New Year is coming up and the resolutions are forming. For the past 10 years I have said, “Lose those last 20 pounds” and guiltily this year I’m going to have to up that to, “Lose those last 30 pounds.” There is only one person to blame and that is myself. I know what I’ve done and what I probably will continue to do some days. But, I’ve recognized another problem I have with weight loss and that is starting January 1st. It’s almost as if it’s doomed to fail if I start when everyone else is starting. I almost feel like I’m not doing it for myself, but because I HAVE to start whenever else is starting. Not this year, not 2013. 

When I start things cold turkey it fails. This year I’ve started a little bit earlier and started when I wanted to start. I saw this little 8 LB Kettle bell on the bottom shelf of Home Goods clearance for $12.99 and picked it up ready to begin. This was a week ago today and I’m already feeling different. I’ve mentioned the saying before that, “It takes 4 weeks for you to see a change, 8 weeks for others.” I’m going to debate that lil fact.

After 1 week:
1.       It was a birthday party at work on Friday and while eating I suddenly had to stop because I actually felt “Full”. This is a foreign concept to me and causes me to overeat. I actually had breakfast that day, but I didn’t finish all the food on my plate and I was content NOT to finish all the food…

2.       My pajama pants & underwear are looser.

3.  The cinch of my waist looks well more cinched. It’s making my hips look bigger, but it could just be an illusion. 

             4.  I feel less tired & for the past 3 days have not had the 3pm Crash where I’m searching for something sweet.  

   5.       I have a desire to actually drink Green Tea…That could just be stress & I don’t know if I will keep up with it.

6.       I’ve given up soda & am trying to drink only water.

Dieting is a struggle for the world, but taking those first steps in the right direction is the hardest part. I’ve resisted the cookies, candies, and chocolate covered apples so far this week and it’s only Monday, AHHH!!! But honestly it hasn’t been that hard. I ate some of an Edible Arrangement w/ Pineapple, Pears, and regular apples and it was more than sweet enough to satisfy.  I’ve been trying to work-out a bit right when I wake up. What’s great is that the weight loss infomercials are on so it gets me going…

It’s a process, but I’m not waiting any longer. If I feel this good or better after the next week, I’d feel amazing! =) 

Stay Tuned…

 Bridget Jones..


  1. I'm thinking about doing a "biggest loser" type thing on my blog starting janruary. I need to lose 30 lbs or so. I tried WW but didnt do so well. I dont know the details yet, but im ready for some changes. I think im going to do something similar and weight myself each week/show how many lbs i lost and let other bloggers link up or something and make it fun. idk yet.

  2. hmm weird... did you get my comment i submitted for this post?

  3. ...ok i guess not. it was a really good comment too!!!

    anyway, i basically said that you GOT THIS. taking baby steps is the way to go! and what worked for me in the beginning was focusing on the fact that i'm making a lifestyle change for the better. when i got cravings for bad stuff, i drank a tall glass of water and waited for 10mins. then if i still had that craving, i would make myself a fresh berry smoothie (throw in some berries into a blender, a dollup of plain greek yogurt, a splash of OJ, ice and blend). YUM!! healthy and kept me full/took the sweet craving away.

    what also helped was staying away from the scale and only focusing on inches lost. the scale is an evil, inaccurate thing -- the littlest thing can throw off the numbers. i took measurements and progress pictures every month and saw the inches disappearing.

    YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!

  4. It looks you have the determination! I have to find mine again. At few years ago I somehow gained 20 pounds and couldn't lose it for the life of me. I couldn't fit into my clothes and I hated the way I came out in pictures and was sooo tired of people telling me "oh but you still look good!" I think for me, it was just the fact that I was also not fit. I couldn't climb stairs without huffing and puffing. Earlier this year I changed up my diet. I stopped drinking coffee and ate veggies but it wasn't until I quit my job and just had a lot of time to rest and regain my strength that I finally was able to drop my pounds. I drank water only, ate healthier and spent an hour on the treadmill burning around 400 calories. For two weeks I was able to lose 10 pounds. I want to lose the 10 more but I started to work again and not finding the strength to hit the gym. But like you I am going to try! Thanks for the motivation!

  5. I am so proud of you!! I always have that goal. I feel like I have been so lazy lately. I finally renewed my gym membership last week and I am so excited to get back into the groove of gyming it up. xx. McKenna Lou

  6. that is such a good quote. I haven't been to the gym in a while, but in January, once I start work and I get into the routine schedule of working during the week, I hope to find a steady workout schedule. Best of luck darling!


  7. Yay! Sounds like you are doing awesome! It's so hard to start on a goal, but once you get going, I think it's harder to quit! I am so excited for you. It's fun to read about your progress. So inspiring! :)

  8. Yay to seeing results! :) Truthfully, I think you look amazing just the way you are but, as a woman, I also understand that you have to like what you see in the mirror. I have a feeling you will shed the last 30 lbs with no problem! Also, this is exactly what I needed to see and I am right there with you, the exact weight and amount I want to lose. Thank you, Chloe, you have motivated me more than you know.

  9. I can so relate with you on this one, dear! I'm also on the same mission myself because I wanna look and feel good wearing my bridesmaid's dress next year and my own wedding on 2014. It's so hard but I know it will all be worth it. Looks like you're doing a great job. Good luck to both of us! :)

  10. That is so great to hear some progress! For me, it helps working out with someone else so I have recently been taking spinning classes with a friend - it definitely helps me get motivated to go since I know there is someone there expecting me to be there.

  11. Hey Chloe, I've started a fitness/health feature on my blog, maybe you've seen it! It's in the recent posts...

    I wouldn't go in this thinking "Cold turkey", you have to think of it as a process, as something natural.
    "What, eating healthy? Yeah totally normal, no big deal" :)

    Also, how do you create a link to your blog in a comment on Blogger? You've done that on my blog.
    I don't know how :)


  12. You are making some very positive changes it sounds like. Giving up soda is a biggie - I gave up soda and it changed my life.


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