Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So What Gifts Have I Actually Bought So Far??

There is just one word for this week. Craziness. I work in marketing & advertising and I place some newspaper ads for big retail stores into newspapers. It's not that interesting or glamorous, but this time of year it's one midweek, or 2-day sale, or last minute orders constantly. I buckled under pressure, so badly I lost my keys in my mall earlier this week. I got them back, but it's been hectic. Tonight after my cupcake class(I'll post my cake tomorrow), I sat down and really took a look at the gifts I got already and realized how many more gifts I need to buy...There is just not enough time for all of this! Ahh!!

Here are some of the few things I've purchased for gifts this year so far...

#1 - Girls: The HBO TV SHOW on DVD  (For my Best friend Helen) - At Target this week for $17.99 Online & In stores... Sale Ends this Saturday.  Check out the sale HERE.  Mentioned on A Cup Of Jo's Gift guide...

#2 - Propel Toys Stealth Flyer Indoor - (For my Boyfriend) Picked at Radio Shack on Black Friday...$14.99. He thinks the cats will go crazy w/ it...I hope so! See HERE.

#3 - American Eagle Scalloped Crossbody Bag - Picked this up over the weekend for $8.99 each in store. There was an Additional 40% Off Clearance Sale & I snatched up 2...A dark one for my best friend Hannah & a Light Blush colored one for my bohemian-esque lil cousin. Check it out HERE.
*cough* I bought a mauve one for myself too.. *cough

#4 - Wilton Tilt N Mix 3 Piece Bowl Set - ( MOM) I own a set of these bowls and they are wonderful. You can make  let's say a cookie recipe, then when it's all mixed, you can Tilt the bowl towards you to comfortably spoon out a cookie. I bought these at Joann's Fabric Store for $16.99. They were $32.99 and I had a 50% off coupon. Check it out on the Wilton Website HERE

#1 - Boardwalk Empire Season 1 - My Dad never saw it. I saw it at Costco & snatched it up!  Click to see it on Amazon: HERE

#2 - Pandora Beaded Babushka - I have a friend who collects Nesting dolls & luckily has a Pandora bracelet! =) Click to see HERE

#3 - Cards Against Humanity - I saw this over at Shannon's blog, "Sitting in a Tree" and had to get it! It's a raunchy hilarious more adult version of Apples to Applies. I got this for Craig.  To visit the website Click HERE:

#4 - The AMPLIFIEAR - I had to get this for Craig's Mom. She is attached her iPad nowadays and when I saw this at A Cup of Jo I knew I had to get it! Here is the website: The AMPLIFIEAR.

I can't wait to give people their gifts! Craig is going to Florida this weekend to visit his grandfather so I'm pretty pumped to take a lifestyle break for a few days. I will miss him like crazy, but we will definitely be Face Timing so it's all good!  I want to wake up early, finish shopping for a DIY I want to make for the rest of the gifts, wrap gifts (especially his gifts), really clean my apartment & finally finish decorating! Cheers to hopefully getting a lot accomplished for the rest of the week! 

Have you purchased any really cool & different gifts this year? 
I'd love to hear...


  1. Okay, you're way ahead of me when it comes to Christmas gift shopping! Not to mention you have amazing taste, good ideas and one heck of an eye for a good bargain!

  2. You are such a good gift giver! So much thought in all of them!


  3. Great gifts - glad you got Cards Against Humanity. You guys will LOVE playing it. :)

  4. Smart shopping and great gifts! Ugh I lost track of where we are with holiday gift purchases! lol

  5. Woah, you've purchased a lot of gifts this season! That bag and those measuring cups are adorable!

  6. oh my gosh, i just finished the first season of girls and have my calendar marked for the is SO funny

  7. Well done on your Christmas shopping. Such cute gifts! I love them :)

    That bag is super cute - and dvds make such good gifts!

  8. You done good Chloe! That scallop bag is so cute and what a great price. Who can blame you for picking one up for yourself :) I'm not all that that original with my gift giving this year. Mostly clothing, accessories, books and beauty products. Face Time is the best isn't it!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. How funny, I'm majoring in Advertising and Marketing at my college. Just wanted to point that out since you work in it lol. Oh dear...I need to finish my Christmas shopping!


  10. I'm such a sucker for Boardwalk Empire! This last season was real great.


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