Sunday, December 16, 2012

Here and There & This and That...

On this cold rainy weekend before the full force of the last minute Christmas rush, I'm finishing Girls Season one & reflecting back on my quiet lil weekend. Craig is in Florida visiting his grandfather, my parents were busy working & Christmas shopping, my friends were living their dramas, so I had the weekend all to myself to kick back & relax. I didn't answer my phone, didn't make any plans outside my cozy lil condo, & let out a breath of fresh air. Sometimes you need to press Pause...and I was ever so lucky to do that this weekend... BUT it was an eventful lil weekend after all.

- I have discovered Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade...Yum!!

- I ran into one of my past Cupcake class students in the, no joke, baking aisle of the super market. "Ohh, my Cupcake Teacher, " I suddenly hear behind me. I turned and she had 4 red velvet cupcake mixes in her hand. She then continued, "Ohh, Yes it is you. Omg thank you so much for teaching me how to make cupcakes! I make a batch like every other week AND I'm making them for my husband's Xmas party! Thank you!" I have never run into student and her be so happy I taught her a hobby she never she knew she would like. My smile beamed from ear-to-ear and it really made me feel good about myself. =)

- I visited my grandfather in the VA today w/ my grandmother. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have been able to know my 4 grandparents in my life AND got to hear 3 of them say I love you to me today. Watching my grandparents together is like watching the Notebook. They've been married over 65 years and even w/ dementia my grandmother still jokes to him that he wouldn't give her his pencils back in the 1930's...It's crazy to think about it. They still love each other after all these years...<3 p="p">

- Craig is in Florida and yesterday he called me up to say Hi & noticed he sounded like he had food is in mouth. I asked him what and he said, "We passed a cupcake store and I missed you so much I had to go in and buy one. I miss my cupcake." Cheesy yes, but cute...

- I'm trying out peppermint marshmallow brownies...I'm a little apprehensive because literally I just peppermint marshmallows in a brownie mix. They are in the oven now filling my house with it's yummy aroma. Can't wait to try them! =)

- I bought an 8LB kettle bell over the weekend to try and do work-outs at home.  Well, I'm a little scared of it. So far I've dropped it three times and shock the whole condo building. I hope the guy downstairs wasn't home. I have high expectations for it...If all it does is tone my arms even a little bit I'd be happy. Here goes nothing!

- I actually found a REAL SIMPLE magazine coupon for a $1 the next issue in the normal coupons I get in my paper. I love that magazine and it's a usual item I always throw into my super market shopping cart when I see a new issue. I can't wait for the January issue to come out AND I'll save a buck too! Woohoo!!

Cheers to a new week, new possibilities, & new reasons to smile! New York may even see snow this week! An extra day off would definitely be nice! Until tomorrow! =)


  1. Everything about this made me smile! I just watched Girls for the first time last night - I'm hooked! I love that you ran into your student and she praised you, it makes it all that much more worth while, doesn't it?! And I love that your guy called to tell you he was thinking about you (with a mouthful of cupcake, lol). Most of all I love the part about your grandparents still being together and still in love. It gives me hope.

    Have you ever considered writing a cupcake cook book? :)

    Happy Monday, Chloe!

  2. Love that Craig called you his cupcake. That is way cuter than Squirrel, which is what my hubby call me.

    Happy week before Christmas! :)

  3. I would love some of your peppermint marshmallow brownies right about now:) Have a beautiful start to the week and check out my morning post. It will make you happy for sure:) xoxo

  4. oooh love girls - even though it is slightly awkward/uncomfortable... it's awesome you ran into a student who was so excited about her new hobby!!

  5. KB workouts are the best! just be careful though; you have to get the form right otherwise you can really hurt yourself. and it DOES work :)


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