Sunday, December 30, 2012

Almost There...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...Pucker Up!

I lost my New Year's Kiss virginity in 2010/2011 & I was 25 years old. You can't count the kiss on the cheek or the hugs I received years past & I can't count the kiss after midnight I received from my Drummer Boy ex-boyfriend who purposely kissed me AFTER midnight because he was an asshole. I remember sitting next to that ex on a couch in the winter of 2008 at one of his friend's friend's couches in some Soho, NY apartment and he purposely kissed me the whole night but refused to give me a kiss on the stroke of midnight. I will never understand that guy, but luckily I never will have to figure him out. 

Craig on December 31, 2010 took me to a friend's party and held my hand ever so tightly as we watched Dick Clark finish the count down and gave a me a kiss I can still feel 2 years later. Mariah Carey afterwards belted out something on the TV but the fuzziness of my new love made me oblivious to everything for a few minutes after. Craig for 2011/2012 gave me a bubbly kiss after a sip of champagne that tinkled us both to the tips of our toes. A little while later that night I asked him "Why he loved me?" and he proceeded to give reason after reason after countless reason...It was the sweetest thing anyone ever said to me that I hugged him for several minutes after not wanting to let him go.  I hope he's always my New Year's kiss. 

There is something magical about the midnight of the New Year. A reset. I remember in 2000 people buying all the red tape for I can't remember what reason & stocking up on water because all the computers in the world were going to crash. I don't know why you needed water for this?!?! It didn't happen. On my MANY tag sale & estate sale runs I will glance upon a roll of red tape or a huge role of the gray tape and secretly wonder if these people holding the sale bought it way back when... 

This year it is just a new year...a new chance to try subtle changes for your life. I'm so excited for 2013 yet cautious. I wouldn't be human if I wasn't cautious for new beginnings. that I have my New Year's eve kiss lined up what will my resolutions be...*Writing*

I'd love to hear...

Until Tomorrow...


  1. Aw. I am so glad you found the perfect New Year's eve kiss. That is so sweet. I am still looking for mine :-/ I dated a guy for 3 years and only spent one New Years with him and don't even remember if we kissed at the stroke of midnight, pretty sad. I am really excited though for the new year to begin. Bring on new adventures!!!

  2. What a lovely post! My first new year's eve kiss was with my now-husband and now I get to kiss him every new year's eve. It's the best.

    Lovely blog!!

    Catherine (your newest follower)
    FEST (food, style, travel)

  3. oh so sweet..
    I first nye kiss was also with my now husband.. it was also our first actual kiss... :)

  4. happy new year love - GREAT story - i dunno if i have a 'memorable' New Years kiss - hummmm

  5. He never kissed you at midnight?! So weird!!!!

  6. Woah , great to hear about your story . Well I haven't been through "it" and still not-kissed-yet type lol :D
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  7. what a sweet story!!

    happy new year :)

  8. Love this story!!! Happy NEW YEAR!

    My favorite New Years kiss? My husband :) Last year. Because it was my first official at midnight kiss. I never felt like kissing anyone else. Even once when I had a boyfriend... I somehow avoided him at the strike of midnight. Ooops!

    Love, The Skinnys

  9. That’s such a sweet story!! Happy New Year! My first New Year’s kiss was my husband, and he’s my favorite too :)

  10. I love NYE kisses too! Something about it is so magical. I'm superstitious though, so I probably take it way too seriously. I'm glad you got your kiss :)

    P.S. I got a really surprising, yet great, one this year ;)

  11. My favorite was last year with my boyfriend, it was pretty awesome.

  12. I read this last night but couldn't comment from where I was at. I love the story about your kisses from Craig! Every girl deserves that. Wishing you much happiness, love, luck, laughter and adventure in 2013!!!


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