Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stranded w/ Red Velvet Cake & 80's Music at a Farm

Once in a blue Moon you get to be that unlucky person who is stuck smack dab in Mother Nature's path. Getting let out of work today at 3:30pm was just not early enough. I live on the far eastern border of New York and New Jersey and have about a 30 minute commute not in snow. Today Ole Winter Storm Euclid decided to be my worse enemy. I wouldn't say I live in a snow belt but I live on that fine line between Rain/Sleet & Snow in the wintery months. You really have to wait out every storm because the forecasters are never right. Today they were actually right and alas I was out driving trying to get home in the worst of the storm.

You know those cheesy Rom-Com movies where the girl is freaking out because she is losing control of her car because of a storm and then magically the hunk of the movie is suddenly there to save her? Well I've seen enough of them to realize Oh shit, I'm in trouble and if I go down this mountain my car is NOT going to stop and there are too many people on the road so I could hit someone and I'm not going to magically pull this off without any scrapes or bruises & prince charming is not coming.  I took one look at the road off the Garden State Parkway, freaked when I skidded to a stop after several failed tries on my brakes, and realized I was not getting home any time soon. Luckily I stopped at a this farm/deli/market place that was open. 

I skidded around some more, learned out that 2nd gear wasn't working and had to go into 3rd gear, learned that my car was not going to even attempt to reverse itself when I tried not to spin out, and somehow landed at this market. One of the scariest things in the world is driving in a snow storm. There are these moments of pure panic and literally you have to make a split decision without even a second to make it. 

Oddly I walked into the market and shouted, "I'm stranded! I can't get home it's too bad outside, are you guys still open?!" in a panic. Literally the few cashiers and patrons just blinked their eyes at me a few times. One lady said yes we are open and then they all continued on their ways. I was furious because I was like does anyone realize how seriously bad it is out there??!? I wandered around trying to calm my nerves and went and bought a piece of cake in the bakery. The lady who sold me the slice was chirpy and bright as if it was a sunny day. For a second I thought I was having a mental episode but I guess this how people react to things or they just had snow tires?!?! 

I peered out the window and it looked even worse with at least 4 inches of snow on the ground. Some people were shopping like nothing was happening outside. It was so odd. I sat and ate my cake, while listening to the loud speaker shout out, "Africa" by Toto & "Last Dance" by Donna Summers. I felt like I was in a zombie movie except I was the one going crazy and everyone was too calm. It was surreal...I called my Mom frantic and my dad and they told me it was going to switch to rain & to chill out and wait. An hour later after too many 80's songs I looked outside at the weather. It switched to rain and suddenly the roads were clearish. Well there was black top showing not the full slushy snow like before. I took the chance and got home safe and sound. 

My point of sharing my ridiculous snow story today is that there is no prize for getting home through snow or other tricks up mother nature's sleeve. If you have to wait an hour...wait that hour. If you don't feel safe in these wintery conditions or even other weather conflicts don't take the chance. STAY HOME! STAY AT YOUR JOB!! It's not worth making everyone panic and IT'S OKAY TO STOP...that's why there are hazard lights in a car. I don't know what would have happened if I had tried to go down the mountain. I think I made the right decision to turn off that road & wait. 

Please be careful this holiday season and the upcoming months wherever you live!!

{Back to our regular posting tomorrow...I had to share this it was really hard getting home...}


  1. that sounds scary. now I want to know where you live - I'm from NJ and I'm so curious where the place is that you stopped!

  2. Agree with Dara! I'm glad you are ok!


  3. so scary! glad to hear that you are ok!

  4. Since I'm a Buffalonian and just traveled through unplowed roads with 7" of snow, I can relate. Except for us, this is considered easy traveling. :(

    I'm just glad I have a big heavy vehicle with AWD.

    Glad you were safe. And I love Toto by Africa!

  5. Driving in this weather can be SCARY! Glad you are ok! And my belief is that Toto can get you through anything:)

  6. oh jeez, scary! im not embarassed to admit i hate driving in snow, especially when it's still coming down and the roads aren't cleared/salted. good idea that you stopped! as i mentioned on my blog, i had to drive in the snow yesterday too. it wasn't as bad as your experience, but took me an hour and 15 minutes to get home (a total of 4 miles). snow is a pain, but glad you were safe!

  7. I've never driven in snow which might be why part of me is enchanted by the idea of having to stop and hang out at a little farm store while waiting for a storm to pass. But I do agree with you - In Florida, we get severe thunder storms. There have been many times I've pulled off of the road and let things pass before I attempted to drive again.

    And, ya, the fact that everyone was complacent and you had to sit through Toto is like an episode of the Twilight Zone. :)

  8. Safely is always best.. I found you through Aloha Blog Hop. Please stop by and say hi. :)


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