Sunday, April 28, 2013

One More Wedding Done...Bridesmaid Dress #2 Hung Up for Good...

Me in the limo ride to the reception of my friend's wedding...

I've finally realized why there are so many chick flicks showing when and how everything goes horribly wrong and others that show women how things are supposed to be on your special days. Well it's a tutorial. It's lessons from past experiences of the screenplay writers and authors. I feel like I can write a plethora of chick flicks and novels from the past 5 years of my life. Hopefully Lena Dunham will leave one or two stones unturned so someone else can shed some light on things people need to know but somehow it eludes daily conversation. =) 

This past wedding on Friday was such an eye-opener & the whole ordeal from start to finish was a learning experience that I have to share what might just make it into a story I HAVE to write one day...

1.) Future Brides - If you have hired a photographer and they are coming to your home or family members' home before the wedding to take pictures...DO NOT PUT YOUR DRESS ON! The photographer will  want to snap pictures of the dress.  I thought I was speaking another language when I said, "Don't get dressed yet to my friend". She was like, "Why not?" and didn't realize they want to take pictures.

2.) Bridesmaids - BRING AN EXTRA PAIR OF FLATS FOR THE RECEPTION! Also, for the hours of pictures you will take. Your feet will kill you...those heel inserts for cushioning only last so long. 

3.) Bridesmaids - If you will be taking a car or limo to the next location if the reception is another venue than the ceremony, bring one bag for the other Bridesmaids' belongings, cameras, and EXTRA SHOES.  Have One bag and give it to the most responsible person. It will cause less stress.

Craig & me from the Photobooth! Yeah we kinda gave the operators a lil show..Va Va Voom! =P

4.) Activities - Have something for the guests to do. Sometimes the DJ's are annoying and it's nice to have something at the reception for guest participation. I personally are a fan of the PHOTO BOOTH! It is always so much fun and it's interactive. Another wedding Craig went to had a casino night type deal as a guest interactive. It makes the time go by funner. I know it is an expensive luxury to have photo booths but makeshift ones work well too! =)

5.) Wedding Favors - GIVE APPROPRIATE &/OR USEABLE FAVORS - I love appropriate & re-usable wedding favors. I was relieved that my friend gave a very appropriate and monogramed goblet that I will definitely keep as a beautiful keepsake for the wedding. My cousin on the other hand gave us a mini plate & mini cup set that was pretty much a tiny tea set. I don't know when I'm going to use it because it's so small. The wedding Craig and I went to in November, they gave us all cheese plates w/ a knife. It was awesome! I have used it several times since then.

6.) Cameras on the table - We've all seen this in the movies and TV shows. DO IT! The bride and the groom will probably not be able to make it everyone to even say hello so definitely put disposable cameras at all the tables! =)

7.) Wedding Guests - DO NOT GET SLOPPY DRUNK! Open bar does not mean I'm getting wasted, especially to the cousins of the bride who have been dating the same guy for 8 years. Yes, we know you wish you would be the one getting married, but please hold back the urge to get tanked. IT WILL BE ON THE WEDDING VIDEO and they all will know it was you. 

8.) Bridesmaids - BRING YOUR ID'S. I almost wasn't served a drink because I didn't have my license on me when I went up to the bar. Luckily I had given it to Craig just in case before the wedding. I know I don't look under 21, but I still was ID'ed. 

9.) Everyone - REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN! I know there are lots of photos, lack of eating & drinking due to lipstick, but trust me...your up-do is not falling out, you don't have lipstick on your teeth, and please remember to breathe. =)

10.) Bride: Take the veil off at some point. It will just get ruined or matted to your sweaty face. The lights are bright so you will sweat and from all the hugs it will just be in the way. 

Here are few photos I have so far...I will post more when I have more!

My friend, the bride. 

Makeup check for me! =)

I feel like I'm at prom...Before the wedding. =)

Did I Leave Anything off that list? 


I'd love to hear =)

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  1. I love the photo booth idea. Your dress is lovely!

  2. you look lovely! and your friend made a beautiful bride! love the photo booth idea :) we made donations in lieu of donations (to the national arbor foundation and world wildlife fund) and gave our save the earth pins. they were surprisingly a hit with the guests!

  3. for the bridge/groom: go to every table and take one picture with them...although it's crazy and you're probably being pulled in all directions, you'll be thankful you did because when you finally have time to sit back and relax, you can pull out all the pictures and remember who actually came!

    for the bride/groom: pack a box of snacks and plenty of water for your entire bridal party. between waking early to get ready, ceremony, pictures etc etc, you'll be STARVING before the reception. we didn't even think about this and it was my BIL who whipped out the box when we all started to complain about being hungry.

    bride: don't be a bridezilla! although you want this day to be perfect, obsessing about every.single.detail. is just a waste of your time & frustration, not to mention the frustration of your entire bridal party. in the end, no one will remember what the tablecloth looked like, if the chairs were decorated, if the center piece was perfect etc.
    what the guests will remember: the food, how you looked, the music, the party. that is all.

    bridal party: if you can, try and space out the time between when the picture-taking is supposed to end and when the reception is supposed to start..give yourself at least 3hrs of rest time between these two - you'll thank yourself for being able to catch a quick nap!

  4. great wedding tips. there is really sooo much to remember for being a wedding guest or bridesmaid. i definitely agree that comfy shoes are KEY.

  5. Good advice. I know lots of people who need wedding etiquette lessons. :)

  6. Great advice and yes, to flats! They are so important for dancing. Btw: you look so beautiful! Happy Monday, lovely.

  7. Some good advice, lady. You'll be an expert for your big day!

    Also, love your makeup!

  8. I love a treat when you leave. In the winter, having a hot donut vendor or even hot chocolate, by the valet parking stand is such an awesome touch! In the summer, Having bottles of water for the road handed out as you leave is also a great idea!

  9. I've been married twice and both times it was at the court house... I don'y know if I could handle all of the stuff you've listed, lol. I love the shots of you and Craig in the Photo Booth!!!


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