Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Numb Feet + Overload on Crystal Light...A Diet Post


Last night was the Alicia Keyes concert, which was seriously amazing, so I'm going to just jump in on this blog post! If your a fan of her music, it is a lovely concert and you can't resist the urge to get up and dance along with the crowd! She sang all the favorites as well as some cover songs that was so much fun! She was full of energy and did two encores!! Definitely a treat to start off the week!

Now...Onto Numb Feet! The Battle to be swimsuit ready this Spring has thrown me a few curve balls where I'm debating just how much is normal and what is not?  I've been walking at lunch time and hitting the gym hard during the week, which I'm super proud of. *patting myself on the back* I've been trying to time my gym time with my favorite TV Shows so I'm occupied sort of speak while on the treadmill or bike. I will increase my incline or intensity at the commercials! Hey it sounds silly but it's working kind of...

However when I wake up in the morning something odd is happening. When I step onto my carpet to take my first steps to the bathroom, my feet are numb. I step a few more steps and then the pins & needles sensation start to kick in. But after I say 10 steps my feet are back to feeling normal. My feet are not cold so I don't think it's a circulation issue...but it's odd. This has been going on for about a month.

Has that happened to anyone before?

I recently bought some massaging gel inserts to put in my sneakers that is supposed to absorb "shock" so I'm going to see if it makes a difference. If the numbing didn't fade way so soon I would be marching myself to the doctor but it's still pecuilar...

Here are some other things I've noticed happening that are driving me a little bonkers...

1.) I don't like the taste of just plain water...I think Crystal Light's stocks just went up by how much of it I'm drinking. They now have a liquid water enhancer which makes it so much easier than the powder. My favorite is strawberry lemonade.

2.) As I'm walking and exercising certain places on my body are getting cinched in but honestly in the wrong places. My face is the first place to look drawn and this odd place in my hips is disappearing but it's making other parts look bigger...All I can say to this is Grr...I think I may need a lil more of an all over body workout that does not just hit this odd area on my hips.

3.) I've noticed with the warming of temperatures I just have a desire to eat lighter and less. It's more refreshing at lunch to eat a nice salad full of snow peas and spinach then a burger or something heavy. I'm loving this new attitude.
On your weight loss journey, have you encountered any ODD things about your body?
I'd love to hear!

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  1. Agree about losing weight in weird places. Also, I gain muscle FAST and if I am not careful, I look like a body builder in a minute. Since I'm short, it makes for a stocky appearance. :)

  2. Sounds like an awesome concert! I'm really working on becoming more healthy by eating better and working out :)

  3. I wonder if there's a coorelation between the numb feet and your exercising. I get numb feet on the elliptical all the time - always have. I have no idea why. Ans as far as Alicia Keyes, she's one of my favorite artists. She is a true artist and her songs are so moving!!

  4. that is weird - and i'm NO WHERE near bikini ready - SCARY - it's like my body is going backwards - WTH man! - augh!!!!

  5. You are my water twin! I hate the taste of regular water. I love all the supplements. Crystal light energy is my favorite (packed with caffeine). One packet will keep me flying high all day!

  6. I also have to start do exercises but I cant motivate mzself

    wanna follow each other ? mayone also on the facebook?


  7. don't worry about your body changing/looking cinched in..that means whatever you're doing is working. we all lose weight differently in different places and your face/hips are probably the areas that lose weight the fastest. in the end, it'll all balance out, i promise. also, a full body workout is actually best to balance everything out. incorporate some strength training to put on lean muscle mass that will continue to torch cals even at rest.

    as for the pins/needles, do you do a full warm-up and cool down with stretching? as your muscles gain strength, sometimes it could pinch your nerves as you sleep which can lead to pins/needles or cramping. be sure to do a full warmup/cooldown and make sure to stretch your entire lower body.

  8. I always put lemon in my water, totally makes it work for me.

  9. yes! i love how spring-y salads are! especially when you add fruit like strawberries!

  10. I second adding strawberries to salads! I just had a strawberry, almond, and spinach salad earlier and it was SO yummy and refreshing! I've gotten numb feet after exercising before but I never looked into why it happened, and after a little while it just stopped happening.

  11. I seriously need to diet too!

    Hope you have time to visit my blog and maybe enter my chicnova.com giveaway! Thanks!
    Just Tututiny

  12. Only that I smell -really- funky when I sweat. Are you stretching before and after your workouts? Also, try stretching before you get out of bed.

    I'm right with you on wanting to eat less as the weather gets warmer (thank goodness).


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