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52 Lists - Week Thirteen // List The Things You Want to Make

Source - MOOREASEAL's 52 List Project - Week 13

Hmm...This week's question is exactly what I need to figure out. My boyfriend has always said that he is "Good at everything, but not great at anything." I've always found that logic interesting & profound. I'm definitely not good at everything, but I do know what I am good at & what if I put my mind to it I'm great at...but how to go far & behind with it? Well, that's a question keeps me up at night...literally.

I've showcased here my abilities to decorate cupcakes, taken pride in my handwriting skills, shared snippets of a future novel I will finish before I'm 30, and have hinted at other talents that are just scratching the surface of my imagination. From here I dream to develop something that I can sink my teeth into and be proud to hand my business card to that curious onlooker. But again, what?

I'm hoping to find that answer one day soon...

For now, I think of myself as a talented person & someone who is ready to make those next mental steps that comes with being a woman almost in her late 20's. I'm thinking of taking the Michael Jordan approach & try EVERYTHING. Once upon a "Is he really playing golf?" times, Michael Jordan tried to be more than just a basketball player & dabbled in many different things. Anyone seen Space Jam? =) Well, for the literal "making" part of my list, I wish to make some new and different things. For the mental part...promises & dedication need to be my co-pilots.

Okay, let's get started:

Inspiration Sources: 1/2/3/4/5

Here is my List:
(Bits of Things I've like to Make both Mental & Physical) 

- I want to continue to make a lil life for Craig & me.
- I want to make more cupcakes & try making those High Heel cupcakes - Source #2 above.
- I enjoyed making the decorations for my friend's shower...Maybe I'll volunteer to make the decorations for my cousin's wife's baby shower!
- I want to learn how to make origami
- I want to learn how to make felt fortune cookies - Source #3 above.
- I want to make my budget & spending toned enough that I don't cringe when I receive my bills in the mail.
- I want to continue to try out new recipes like Pink Lemonade Jello Shots - Source #1 above. =P
- I received my ravioli maker in the mail the other day...I want to make my own pasta & try out the maker! - Source #2 below.
- I want to learn how to make throw pillows. My mother has 8 sewing machines, I'm sure she could lend me one or two?!?
- I visited a friend of the family today and she is creating beautiful artful jewelry. I would love to make some Steampunk jewelry.
- I want to make my vampire short story into a novel.
- I want to make life easier on myself by planning, not procrastinating, & following through with my intentions.
- I want to make cupcake toppers!

- I want to make a lil business for myself.

I want to make a new recipe for Craig & I this week!

Inspiration Sources: 1/2/3/4/5

Once again, linking up at MOOREASEAL's 52 LIST Project. Go check out this week & other week's past! This has been so much fun & I can't wait for next weeks!

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  1. such a fun list this week! i can't wait to do mine :)

    Harley & Jane

  2. The one thing you listed that hit home for me was planning not procrastinating and following through. I need to remember that as well. I think you and Craig will have a very happy, lovely life together! :)

  3. Seems a fun & Yummy lists ;) Can't wait to see what you are gonna do with the cup cake toppers ides!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. Ravioli maker? That is so cool:) I really need to get one of those. Happy day, lovely.

  5. Love the list! You seem very talented so I have absolutely zero doubt that you could rock every single one of these.

  6. love this list! and i love that you're so into cupcakes and baking :)

  7. ps - Chloe is ranked #10 in 2011 as most polular name - so there's gonna be A LOT of Chloe's now walking around - stinks you won't be rare :o(

    LOVE ur lists of things to do! - keeps you motivated!!!

  8. oh and your top professions: #1 Production designer and #2 XXX Performer, #3 actor and #4 writer .... please stay away from #2

  9. Pink Lemonade Jello Shots look delicious! Continuing to make a lil life with Craig and a business for you sounds lovely and I'm sure you will! :)

  10. Haha! Saw the comment about #2 xxx performer. I thought about thought as a great career option, too. Decided to be a secretary instead! :) Though many a movie starts with a secretary scene. ;)

  11. I really like this list project. Maybe I want to make some lists!

  12. You can tell you have a very creative mind. Your list is booming with artsy creative things. I love it!

  13. Great list! If you make those high heels cupcakes be sure to post a picture- I'd love to see them!

  14. What a great list, and I am dying over those high heel cupcakes!

  15. more cupcakes-YAY!
    OMG I never thought about making fortune cookies! Try it! :)

  16. oooh, your short story sounds so interesting!!

  17. Ravioli maker?? Wha wha?? I want one! xo

  18. Oh man! Raviolis sound like great fun to make! It's awesome that you added photos too! Great list!

  19. Fun list! My daughter is going to have a fit over those cupcakes.


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