Monday, April 22, 2013

How Are You, Chloe Moon?

Sometimes you need to take a breath of fresh air and step away from the computer. But then you come back and see all the wonderful things people have been up to and it motivates you even more to believe in yourself and be yourself. 

This Monday was a rush rush of work, emails, and deadlines. My mind wandered to the past weekend and exciting things to come...

#1) - The photo of a lady gazing at the Effiel tower has always been a favorite of mine and maybe just maybe I'll get to see that wonderful view. My best friend Danielle and I have decided that for our 30th birthdays WE ARE GOING TO GO TO PARIS, FRANCE!! We are turning 28 this year so I think that's more than enough time to save up and dream of french macrons and find the perfect beret to wear!!

#2.) - Let's face facts here...For any wedding, Either the Future Bride or the Future Groom will be LATE to the Rehearsal dinner. I have never been to one where both have arrived on time and it's okay. This past Saturday was the Church Rehearsal & dinner for my friend's wedding and the future groom was late. At least he showed up though...for my cousin's wedding...neither him nor his now-wife showed up to the dinner. Yea, it was awkward as hell. 

#3.) - The Lucky One - For starters, let's just say after "A Walk to Remember" & "The Notebook" I've pretty much ruled out EVER watching a Nicholas Sparks movie again. I didn't think my emotions could handle it. But then the Librarian saw me have this movie in my hand and she jumped for joy. She was like "Oh I just love LOVED that movie. It was so good. It's not exactly like his other movies. It's so much better." I'm not giving away the ending but it's a great lil love story that does make you cry but in a good way. I promise. =)

#4.) - All the things we do for love...Well, I'm going to see Rancid, the ska punk rock band this June and I'm actually pretty excited about it. I can't wait to see Craig in guyliner and be all punked out for the rock show. I might have to dust off a corset and my combat Hot Topic boots for it too!! The energy of this rock show is going to be insane! I will be bringing ear plugs though!! 

#5.) - My friend's wedding is finally here on Friday. This is the wedding I helped plan the Cinderella themed bridal shower for & the other lil dramas that ensued. The bridesmaid dress still fits thank god! I really hope they are happy. There are a few secrets on my friend's side she hasn't told her future husband and it does bug me but it's not my fight. I'm going to try and look at the positives and be there for my friend to ensure she has a great day. *Fingers Crossed* 

Here's hoping for a better week! Oh and Happy Earth Day everyone. If you can, try to use one less styrofoam cup for coffee a day, remember to cut the soda can 6-pack plastic rings so an animal may not get caught, plant a flower or a tree in your backyard if you can, don't litter - use a trash can, and remember to go outside and enjoy the beautiful sun on the days that you can! =) 

Until Tomorrow...


  1. Have so much fun at the wedding!

    It's an interesting observation you've made about the rehearsal dinner.

  2. Lovely post! Your Paris project is awesome! I did the same thing with my childhood best friend: when we were around 10, we decided that we'd go to Canada together when we reach 18. We didn't go until we were 28, but the project was awesome and the trip memorable. :)

  3. Your Paris plans are totally awesome . Paris is my dream city too and I can't wait to see it myself one day . Good luck Chloe :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. Ah Paris. It's long been on my list of places to see in my lifetime. I hope you're still blogging then because I would love to follow your French journey on here!!

  5. My husband and I were both totally on time for our rehearsal dinner!! YAY!

    OMG - I can't imagine seeing your bf in guyliner. You have to take pictures!!!

  6. paris is GORGEOUS!!!! you're going to love it. have fun at the wedding!

  7. How crazy fun would paris be with a girlfriend for you 30th?!! Pretty sure that would be freakin' amazing!

  8. yes ALL the things we do for love - well actually ALL the things Joe does for love - teehee -i'm so spoiled - i AT LEAST admit it!

  9. Sometimes taking breaks is the best thing to do for your mind & creativity!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  10. I had to take a break last week when I was out sick, was nice to have that time off even if I was ill. Paris always seems to magic - i've been to France a couple of times but never made it to the capital - maybe one day!

  11. Yay, Paris! I was late to my own WEDDING. Not the rehearsal dinner. The photogs got cute pics of my husband looking out of the church to see if I was coming. Oops.

  12. Where else could it be better to celebrate 30th???!!!
    I haven't seen the Lucky One but after reading this, I can't wait to see it.

    The Boyfriend Project

  13. You are a burst of positive energy! Thank you!! :)

  14. Rancid should be and awesome show!!! Looking forward to seeing photos from the wedding and you've sold me on "The Lucky One"!


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