Sunday, April 7, 2013

How Are You, Chloe Moon?

~ Watching lil white poofy tailed rabbits run around my backyard...sneaking shenanigans on a Sunday night while I retrieve my laundry. ~

~From my current bridesmaid experience that will be over in a month, pondering just why I said "Yes" to being a bridesmaid at all for this wedding. When money, fake aires, and lies are heard...I'm debating how much I really care about a friendship that I might have to realize has been over for years. ~

~I think Tea houses that serve real tea not from bag are completely underrated. I had the best scone ever in Silver Tips Tea in Tarrytown, NY. Ever town needs a tea house. ~

~The Sex & the City tour was fun, entertaining, and if you saw the TV Show you would love it. Our guide showed us the clip of the episodes and the movie while we passed by the places. I had no idea that some of the MANY restaurants they ate at were actually furniture stores, clothing stores, and pet stores that removed the front displays so they could film. Actual Restaurants wouldn't "Close" for the day so the show could film. How crazy is that?!?! ~

~At 4am on Saturday night, Craig came home from his guy's night and hugged me ever so tightly for a few minutes & then told me the next best words besides I love you that a girl in love could hear..."I Missed You So Much Tonight Baby!" ~

~ I'm listening to the infamous show, "Girls" on HBO's Volume 1 Soundtrack of all the songs from the first two seasons. ~

~ Bought my first baby gifts for my cousin's baby girl that is due in August. I got so excited to purchase lil bootie socks & lil pink pacifiers. This is the first baby in my family since my lil cousin was born...25 years I guess you can say I'm really excited! ~

~Tonight I'm relishing on how clean Craig & I got our lil home today. We even washed the outside windows, vacuumed, cleaned every ceiling corner for cobwebs, and *gasp* wiped down the radiators! It felt so good to stare at a clean kitchen floor. Thank you Swiffer! Your my new best friend! ~

~ I even saw Oz: The Great & the Powerful...Please ONLY GO FOR A MATINEE. It was beautiful and the graphics were amazing but it's a once in a lifetime movie watching experience for me. I'll pass on the second time. I understand why they made it...but sadly I think it pales in comparison to it's 70 years ago counterpart. You can't compete with the original The Wizard of Oz. You just can't. ~

~Oh and lastly I stole a glimpse of daffodils trying to bloom nestled deep within Times Square. One day soon they will... ~

How was your Weekend? 

Me enjoying a Cosmo on the Sex and the City Tour at the "Aiden & Steve's bar Scout" formally known as "O'Neils."

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  1. It sounds like you had an amazing weekend :)

    Erica of

  2. Now THAT sounds like a fun weekend indeed my friend :)

  3. Wow - that sounds like one busy but fun weekend! Let's hope for a quick painless week, eh?

  4. i have the flowers from the movie - when he left her at the chruch and she threw the flowers at the limo - Joe was working there and grabbed me up a bunch :o) ... LOVENNNNNNN this weather!!!!

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend~ I've been so tired the past two weekends! Napping in and out and not wanting to lift a finger! Eep! :)

  6. Weddings have this ability to cause a lot of drama, whether people realize it or not. Hold strong lady, you're almost there!

  7. That is so cool about SATC!! Furniture stores...who knew?

    p.s. YAYYY for August babies!!

  8. That's so sweet of Craig, and no I didn't know that about the restaurants in Sex in the City!
    Ronnie xo

  9. so sweet! i've been doing some spring cleaning here and there but it's dragging on way too long!

  10. lovely blog :)

  11. Really white fluffy bouncing bunnies? Yes I helped a friend with her wedding and it was stressful. I cried.

    Ali of

  12. So sorry about the drama of being a bridesmaid. Yuk! At least you have a nice man that will make you feel better and loved (even after a guy's night!).

  13. A Sex and the City tour?! How cool is that! There is nothing better than a clean home, except maybe to have your boyfriend hug you the way Craig did. It sounds like you had an amazing weekend!!!

    As far as the bridesmaid thing, if it's not making you happy then don't do it. No regrets. :)

  14. Whaaat a Sex and the City tour?! I'd go on that in a heartbeat. Very cool!
    Isn’t That Charming.


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