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A lil April Fun: Sock Monkey Cake Pops

I decided to kick start April with a lil fun by writing about a lil project I did two weeks ago for one of my friend's son's 1st birthday! I personally never got bit by the "Sock Monkey" Bug but alas the lil guy still weasels it's adorable way into the lives of modern day youngsters!  First things first...These Sock Monkey cake pops were a lot of fun & ridiculously cute to make, but THEY ARE NOT EASY TO MAKE!! Especially in a hot kitchen & when chocolate covered raisinettes melt in your hands...FAST. I would label these cake pops as Advanced...unless you are a pro at melting chocolate, have constantly cold hands, patience of a saint, & at least two hours of time just for the decorating.


~ Always dip the cake pop stick into melted chocolate FIRST before piercing the bottom of the cake pop. Then FREEZE the newly sticked cake pops for at least 5 minutes to harden the chocolate. This PREVENTS the cake ball from falling down the stick & allows to you twirl the cake pop for decorating without fear of disturbing the area where the stick is inserted into the cake ball.

I can't tell you how important that step is. Even if you are not using chocolate to decorate still use at least melt a few candy melts & use them to ensure that ball won't move. Now enter the sock monkey decorations!

Top: Inspiration from Bakerella & Ingredients
Bottom: "Sticked" cake pops to harden pop stick in freezer (Pardon the messy fridge) & the melted chocolate cake pops!

"Sock Monkey Cake Pops" 
 What you will need:
(Depending on how many you wish to make)

A Dozen Chocolate Cake Balls
A Dozen Lollipop White Sticks
1 Package of Pull-apart Red Twizzlers
2 Package of Chocolate-colored Chocolate Melts
1 Package of White Chocolate Melts
Red Icing
2 packages of Rasinettes

Step #1 - Bake a dozen or cake balls. I used my Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker, purchased from Kohl's.

Step #2 - Melt your chocolate/candy melts in the microwave or a double boiler. A fondue pot will work as well.

Step #3: Take the cake pops out of the freezer and make sure the chocolate has harden where the cake ball meets the stick.

Step #4: Dip the Cake Pop into the melted chocolate & twirl. Make sure to drip dry the chocolate. If there is too much chocolate on the cake pop it will drip down & dirty the popsicle stick.

Step #5: Let the dipped chocolate cake pop dry completely...

Step #6: Using your white candy melts & an unused popsicle stick...dab the bottom of the white candy melt with some chocolate and place it on the top of the cake pop for the head.

Step #7: Repeat Step #6 but place the candy melt on the front of the cake pop. If it doesn't seem to be sticking, place cake pop in the freezer again or hold on with your fingers until the chocolate hardens. Be sure to leave room for the eyes as well.

Step #8: We used sprinkles for eyes but red icing works well too. Using the red icing pipe a mouth onto the big front white candy melt.

Step #9: Cut small pieces of the pull apart Twizzlers, not the theater candy Twizzlers for the red hair on top. We dabbed some white chocolate on top of the white melt head to stick things on. If your Twizzler pieces are too long they will fall over.

Step #10: Dab the raisinettes with some of the left over chocolate & place on the sides of the sock monkey cake pop. Be sure to hold the raisinette in place with your finger, so it will not slide off.

*STEP #10 is the HARDEST STEP! My friend Erin & I struggled with this step, especially me. I have very warm hands & the outside chocolate on the raisinettes kept melting on my fingers. Patience is a virtue with this one.

Step #11: Before Placing Plastic bags around them, I placed them in the freezer one more time so the dabs of chocolate would officially harden. This could be paranoia, but I wanted to make sure they were dry before we packed them up!

 See...I wasn't kidding when I said they are a lot of work, but the end result is cuter than cute in about #11 or more steps depending on how you made the cake pops initially. 

The Sock Monkey Cake Pops & the Sock Monkey Cake to go with them! I cannot take credit for the Sock Monkey Cupcake Cake. It was all my friend Erin and honestly way to go!!

They tasted delicious and it was a great success! It does seem like I freeze my cake pops a few extra times & I don't believe it is listed in cake pop decorating recipes, but it really is a game changer. 

All above photos were taken by me, except of the sock monkey cupcake cake. 

Here was the initial Inspiration:

Has Anyone Ever Made Cake Pops? 
What were your Experiences with Them? 

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  1. These are SO CUTE!!! Love them.

  2. These chocolate and cake so cute and nice i love it
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  3. Ok I printed this out so I can at least attempt to make them... :)

  4. I've never made cake pops before but you're totally inspiring me. Thanks for this how to!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Those are amazing but WAY above my skill and patient levels. :)

  6. these are incredibly cute!
    Stop by and say Hi!!

  7. these turned out so cute, but probably too advanced for me! i rarely bake, but you did such a great job! i'm sure your friends were all really impressed :)

  8. Wow you made these? What a good job you did, very nice!

    Ali of

  9. How adorable! I've been meaning to try them but haven't yet... mostly due to laziness!

  10. I would never stand a chance at these but they are so cute! My nephews love all things sock monkey. : )

  11. They turned out AWESOME!!! Thanks for the heads up about dipping and freezing! (There is always some little trick needed that people leave out of the recipe, ya know?!).

  12. This is great! I love them!! I always heard they were super hard to make and wanted to give it a shot. I am more aware now through your tips! Thanks for sharing!

  13. SO cute!! My roommie would LOVE these! Awesome post. Thanks!

  14. Wow it is very nice and informative blog. Love to see it.
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